Joe Biden: Not Feeling The Love


It just dawned upon me this morning that Joe Biden, our current resident of the Oval Office, (60% of the time-maybe) has actually accomplished an amazing feat:  HE HAS UNITED THE ENTIRE COUNTRY IN MOCKING HIM. That feat is very difficult for me to wrap my head around but more and more people across the fruited plains, from sea to shining sea, are waking up and realizing just how much Biden and his minions hate America and want to destroy it forever. Even the folks at the G-20 photo op did The Time Warp: JUST A JUMP TO THE LEFT of … Joe.  Well, that wasn’t awkward at all!

Wreck It Biden has only been in office for nine months but in that time he has:

  • Refused to close the southern border. In 2021, 1.7 million illegals crossed into the U.S.
  • Invited poor, sick, uneducated, unvetted, immigrants into our country and then dumped them in cities in the middle of the night (or the early morning according to Peppermint Patty).
  • Abandoned Afghanistan and 85 billion dollars of our sensitive military equipment
  • Abandoned stranded Americans in Afghanistan and left them to the whims of the Taliban
  • Launched a Hellfire missile from a Reaper drone and vaporized 10 members of an Afghanistan family, including 7 innocent and beautiful children
  • Initiated a botched rescue attempt in Afghanistan. 12 brave Marines and 1 US Navy Medic  perished and returned home in body bags
  • Mismanaged the supply chain
  • Allowed the continued incarceration, without representation, for many patriots who attended the January 6 rally in Washington D.C.
  • Built a wall around his 2.7 million dollar beach house for $455,000
  • Been confused and surprised that China was developing hypersonic weapons
  • Ignored rising gas prices (including natural gas) that negatively impacting hard working Americans
  • Ignored the rising price of groceries and inflation across the board that negatively impact all Americans
  • Done nothing to stem the tide of violence in our cities
  • Allowed justice to disappear from the land. Police are defunded and criminals are set free to loot, maim, kill and rape without fear of consequences
  • Refused to condemn China for COVID
  • Sent billions of dollars of our money to other countries but ignores our wonderful, homeless veterans sleeping in the streets-You know the ones who bravely served our nation!
  • Done nothing to ease the national debt which is approaching 29 Trillion dollars

I could continue but it would be pointless.  Biden is intentionally destroying our country right before our eyes.  Conservatives knew in 2020 that Biden would be a disaster and tried to warn others.  No one listened. Liberals hated Donald Trump with a passion and voted accordingly.  The Democrats could have run the Queen of Hearts (Alice-in-Wonderland) against Trump in 2020 and liberals would have voted for her.  Sure, she has a temper “a blind fury,” but she is female (box checked) and she ain’t Trump (another box checked).

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However, the wind is shifting. Recently, I asked an extremely liberal relative (who voted for Biden) to elucidate some of Biden’s accomplishments and she said, “Oh, I can’t stand him. He’s terrible, but I HATE TRUMP!

Biden is uniting the country because conservatives and liberals love this country.  Sure, the far left and the far right will never be satisfied but everyone in the middle is coalescing.  “Let’s Go Brandon,” is ringing out passionately across the land.  We are united in our hatred for the destruction wrought by Biden and his sidekick Kamala.

The two questions on the mind of every American:  How much can Biden destroy during his tenure and will all the King’s horses and all the King’s men be able to put America back together again?

According to my Magic 8-Ball:


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biden is an unmitigated disaster. A complete failure and an embarrassment to the world. He has no mandate and whatever political capital he may have had is no longer. He is for all intent and purpose, lame duck.

democrats do not want him to run in 2024 and they do not want camel-la to run either. Last nights Virginia win sealed the democrats fate, they are toast. Their marxist platform was resoundingly rejected.
The democrats bought into the marxist platform and now they own it.

Say good bye in 2022 to the House and Senate…

Embrace the suck, greg…

Let’s go Brandon…

They didn’t hate Trump; they hated the caricature of Trump the Democrats and media had to create in order for Trump to be properly vilified and hated.

He’s not a racist, so they had to event his racism.

He’s not a misogynist, so they had to create the lie he was, built around an old tape of him talking dirty boy talk.

He’s a devoted patriotic servant of the United States and the Constitution, so they had to create another Trump that was a golden showers loving Russian asset.

He put his own business and fortune on hold and took no salary, so they had to manufacture the emoluments scenario where he was making money off his Presidency.

What was really, really ironic and hypocritical is that all those are established characteristics of the Democrat party.

But, because every one of the possible candidates the Democrats had were garbage (look at the performance of those that were paid off with positions in the regime) they needed Trump to be Snidely Whiplash, so they promoted their lies. Lies are always the first and most important component of any Democrat operation (see McAuliffe’s campaign). No one viewed idiot Biden as competent or capable of performing the duties of President of the United States and we got exactly what everyone expected; DISASTER. A disastrous failure unprecedented in the history of this nation.

If Republicans can turn both Houses of Congress in 2022 and achieve enough of a majority to accomplish it, I pray to God they have the guts to impeach this miserable failure that only cares about the name and accoutrements of the President of the United States. It’s not about vindictiveness or revenge; it is JUSTICE. You can take your pick of high crimes AND misdemeanors. He won’t even break a sweat trying to serve the nation and his entire regime is equally incompetent. Impeach this moron then expose the empty vessel Kamala truly is. Then, she can be Constitutionally disposed of and guess who the Speaker of the House would be at that point?

Hint: NOT the drunk Pelosi.

Trump’s lies, egotism, authoritarian intentions, and disregard for ethics are obvious. He will tell you whatever you want to hear, in service to himself.

Yeah, they are so obvious that, like the State Farm Arena scam, you never have viable examples.

How about “you can keep your doctor”? How about “I’ll shut down the virus”? How about “I had no classified information on my server”? How about “It’s all paid for”? How about “We won’t leave until all the Americans are out”? How about “Trump said Nazis were fine people”? How about “We have the evidence Trump colluded with Russians”? Good Lord, this could go on forever… yet you want to pretend you object to lies.

What’s that got to do with Biden’s performance, Mr. Deflector? Join the real world, where Trump is just a private citizen, and Mr. Poopy Pants tries to find a fresh diaper.