Do Black Lives Really Matter? It Depends on Who You Ask…


Do black lives really matter? Apparently it depends on who we’re asking. In what seems counter intuitive in 2021, the answer from conservatives is generally yes, in that they believe all lives matter, regardless of color.  They will tell you that society and government should strive to be colorblind and that someone should never get less or more based on the color of their skin. The goal is to get government out of the way and let all citizens pursue freedom and opportunity equally, regardless of color.

For liberals however, the answer is quite different.  They say “Yes! Black Lives Matter!” But like the man who kisses his wife goodbye and tells her he loves her before he flies off to Miami for a “business meeting” that’s really just a premise for a romp with his mistress, it’s a lie. And it’s not even close.  Liberals don’t care about black Americans – other than their votes.  Three issues demonstrate it clearly.

First:  Murders:

The “Defund the Police” movement took center stage last summer.  The claim is essentially that police are killing innocent black men across the country, that white cops are hunting down black men and killing them. That is of course a fiction.  It’s not an exaggeration, it’s not hyperbole.  It’s fiction created out of whole cloth.  In 2019, there were a total of 1,089 people killed by police in America, 877 of which race was known. Of that 877 number 259, or 29% were black, 9 of whom were unarmed – although unarmed is not synonymous with innocent.  Given that blacks make up 12% of the population that 29% seems disproportionate.  At the same time however, given that black men make up 6% of the American population but are responsible for approximately 55% of all murders, the 29% of those killed by police doesn’t seem so disproportionate after all.

But facts be damned!  So Black Lives Matter, Democrats and Antifa got together and pushed the Defund the Police movement.  Across the country police forces faced budget cuts, manpower shortages and the Ferguson Effect where officers subtly pull back from enforcement activities because they’re worried about being scapegoated by administrations that don’t have their backs.

The result of this insanity? Crime is up around the country and, surprise, more dead black people… How many?  A lot.  Murders increased by 25% in the United States in 2020, more than double the increase in any year since at least 1960.  The total was 20,480, an increase of 4,056 over 2019, and given that blacks generally make up approximately 60% of murder victims, the leftist attack on American policing cost the lives of 2,474 black Americans.  That’s 2,474 funerals, families devastated and opportunities lost.  Those 2,474 black lives didn’t seem to matter.

On October 1st the New York Post ran a piece about the 21 children who have been murdered this year, triple the number from both 2019 and 2020.  The cover image was heartbreaking… but one notices that of the 18 faces shown, at least 17 of them are black.  Apparently those black lives don’t

Nor for that matter do the average citizens of urban communities who for years decried the lack of services in their neighborhoods.  Given the rampant crime in cities across the country, hundreds of thousands of small businesses who serve those communities have closed and large businesses are following suit.  In San Francisco the shoplifting has become so rampant that Walgreens has just announced it’s closing 5 more stores, which comes on the heels of 17 already closed due to shoplifting.  That will no doubt make life easier for the elderly black Americans who need to get their medicines or citizens looking for snacks or Band Aids or Halloween candy.  Their black lives don’t seem to matter.

Second:  Schools:

Education is one of the most important elements of the lives of Americans.  School is often where young people learn to socialize, follow directions, work hard, pay attention and maybe be part of a team.  Of course all of that is secondary to the primary object of schools, which is teaching math, reading, writing, science and history.  On all of that, public schools in America are failing black students miserably.

Here’s proof.  Below are the 2019 scores in math and reading for black 8th grade students in eleven of the largest school districts.

Black 8th grade students proficient in:






















Los Angeles






New York






Washington, DC


14%″ rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>Source (Scroll to bottom of page and select the city then 8th grade)

What are these numbers?  They are the number of black 8th grade students who are PROFICIENT or above in math and reading.  The average rate of achievement of proficient or above is 10% for math and 12% for reading.  That means that literally 90% of the black 8th graders fail math and 88% fail reading.

This is a staggering level of failure on the part of schools.  Education is one of the most fundamental elements in equipping a young person for success in life and the public schools across the country are failing black students, criminally.  And just to be clear, it doesn’t have to be that way.  Watch Stand and Deliver or Lean on Me – both based on true stories – to see that it doesn’t have to be that way.  Or read about the Harlem Success Academy in New York or the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta.  Sadly, in most of America’s school systems young black lives don’t seem to matter.

Third:  Open Borders

Employment is the single biggest driver of prosperity and financial success. Many, if not most Americans start out working at entry level jobs, often making minimum wage or somewhere close to it.  From there generally, as they gain work experience, confidence and skills, most people advance to different jobs or get promoted in ways that see their incomes increase.

To the degree that many of the ill educated black students America’s government schools are producing can get jobs, those jobs are likely to be entry level jobs.  But for decades the opportunities for those entry level jobs has been undermined by unfettered illegal immigration.  The result is that many of those entry level jobs are filled by illegal immigrants rather than by young black Americans.  As such, the opportunities for employment leading to advancement and financial and social success for those unskilled and uneducated black youth are curtailed dramatically.  Without such entry level jobs, the kind one would use to acquire the skills and experience needed to achieve the American dream, their opportunities are largely nonexistent.  Apparently their black lives don’t matter.

All three of these areas are owned, lock stock and barrel by Democrats.  Democrats are the ones who want to defund the police.  Democrats control the teachers’ unions and almost every major city in the country where the schools are so bad.  Democrats are the ones who want open borders and refuse to enforce immigration laws.

There are other things as well, like Democrat social programs responsible for the dissolution of the black family and keeping generations of families on government handouts, but these three alone are enough to demonstrate that indeed, black lives don’t matter, at least not to Democrats.

They want black votes and they use black faces and black stories to increase budgets, grow their bureaucratic ranks and strengthen their regulatory power, but they don’t actually care about black men and women and children.  And that’s the irony here. The worse conditions get for black Americans, the more black Americans vote for Democrats, the very party that played such a central role in the destruction of the black American family in the first place.  It reminds one of the ironic saying: “The beatings will continue until morale improves”.


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Whether or not your life “matters” is between you and you alone. No one can convince someone of their own worth.

BLM is a white Marxist movement using black Americans as pawns to undermine white people who are Christian and don’t drink the Leftwing Kool-aid.

It’s now been normalized to call a black non-Leftist a “white supremacist.”

Let that sink in.

“Do black lives really matter?”
Hmmm Survey says “Nope!”
(At least not to the left)

The failure of education is the worst. This dooms blacks to poverty and want for the rest of their lives except for those with the courage and gumption to fight to overcome a bad beginning to take control of their lives.

The federal government insisted on taking control of education through their funding; to get federal funding, you had to submit to their curriculum. Because leftists control the development of the curriculum and we’ve seen, more and more, the curriculum go from the basics and a focus on education to victimhood, social justice and now, confusing students by denying the existence of biology and teaching the value of racism.

The further damage done by the federal government is their prohibition of discipline in schools, especially for minorities. We saw that tragically play out in the Parkland school shootings, but more widely, it simply allows students to go through their best chance for education without applying themselves to their future or learning how to behave or treat others. We’ve heard behaving, paying attention and getting educated described as “acting white”.

Where I went to school (Democrat Texas, then), blacks were segregated. They were actually bused to schools in another city. Not until I was in junior high did we see blacks in our school. That I can remember, only one was an unruly thug. The others were always well behaved and determined to get an education, as if someone had emphasized upon them how important an education actually was. If someone was a white supremacist, their academic accomplishments would have been an embarrassment. I played football with them and considered them my friends; it formed my opinion (not having any experience with other races up till then) of blacks from then on. But, obviously, this outcome does not further the leftist agenda, where racial divisiveness, victimhood, racial animus and dependency are the goal.

This is a tragedy that liberals are in full control of.

Do Black Lives Really Matter?

Well, a few days ago there was a shooting at Grambling. 8 shot and one dead I believe.

The shooter was black and in turn coverage of a so called mass shooting almost immediately disappeared once the description of the shooter was revealed.

BTW: Did I forget to mention Grambling is basically a black institution (with one of the greatest marching show bands I’ve ever seen)

Between that and the genocide in Chicago (Moron Alert! Fact! 92% of the shootings in Chicago are Black on Black) and our other big cities, I find it hard to believe that Black Lives matter, especially to the very people that cry and moan about it.

Ask Jesse or Reverand Al, what are they doing about this? Answer! Not a damned thing but they sure want to destroy the very institution that could at least protect them if they were allowed to do their jobs!

BLM blasted the “nuclear family,” as an extension of “white supremacy.
They took those remarks down from their web site after blacks themselves were outraged by that idea.
But it is back in the news as a thing taught in CUNY among other colleges and unis.

International Leftist group claims a family with two parents represents “family privilege” and is an extension of white supremacy

If you keep up on reports from doctors and researchers demonized the Biden Admin you know there are tons of reproductive complications from the covid vaccines.
Blacks are lagging in getting “the jab.”
But the Biden Admin knows what buttons to push and is tying welfare and unemployment benes to getting that jab.

The last election involved many blacks playing the parts of useful idiots for the DNC, but after Dems won many blacks started to notice the dems weren’t coming thru for them.
(Joe just announced his “promise” of free college” is off the table now.)

Blacks see that dems only want their votes and, until recently, dems came thru afterward, but that changed.
So, enter the replacements.
Illegals whose gov’t requirements are sustantially lower than the black community’s collective demands.
Blacks are being thrown under the bus by dems.
There, they find whites and Asians.
A backlash is being organized under that bus.
If dems have great cheating set to take over in 2022 they win, but it looks like they might lose if enough blacks wake up.

no more or less than any other creature on the planet.

i suspect that Compton, Calif is the model for what we are seeing. Compton was ~100% Black with approximately 100 homicides per year. The Hispanic population and their gangs moved in so that Compton is now ~70% Hispanic with virtually no violent crime. I’d guess that the crime in the Democratic urban hellholes is being allowed to drive out all the “normies” before the “Illegal” alien population is moved in. The chaos about gun control is designed to demoralize those suburbans who might act to defend themselves, their families, and their neighbors so they will not discourage the migration of the “ghetto people” from the urban cores. Similarly, the attack on single family zoning in the suburbs will allow the construction of “affordable”, multifamily, “ghetto ready” residences for the surviving African American ghetto refugees. Black Lives only matter when they are sent someplace else. When the Corruptocrats talk about “rebuilding”, they are talking about the replacement population in their centers of grift and profit. No lives matter except the thickness of their wallet. Enjoy your neighborhood while you still can.