The Week in Radical Leftism, 10/1/21


Welcome back to Day 255 of the Harris* Occupation! October is here, which means that it’s time to start decorating the house for Halloween. Of course, if I wanted to make Chateau D’ Bob truly terrifying I could just decorate our yard with the latest headlines. For example:

9/23 – An equal right to be unequal

Good essay by a former citizen who lived behind the Iron Curtain

9/24 – TikTok Traders Are Using Nancy Pelosi’s Financial Disclosures To Position Their Portfolios

This is sheer genius, and as the end of the post points out – worrisome on a different level. And one person was kind enough to post in the comments Stock Watchers for the House and Senate. Follow the inside traders!

9/25 – The Biden Administration’s Blame Game and the Sad Fate of #NeverTrump

Brace yourself; this great post by The Other McCain features some intelligence from Jonah Goldberg

9/25 – House Democrats introduce bill to abolish the Space Force

Becasue history has proven that not defending a strategic interest causes bad guys to ignore it

9/26 – It’s fake news that the Maricopa audit proves Biden won

One almost has to admire The Radical Left’s ability to ignore obvious facts that oppose their belief. If you want a beautifully profane analysis, check this vid from AZ resident Razorfist.

9/27 – Top 10 Progressive Icons to Tear Down for Their Racism

I’ve been wondering why such an easy target like Che hasn’t gotten attention, especially on college campuses

9/28 – BLM Now Supports the Police (If They’re Communist)

The reason behind it will surprise nobody.

9/29 – YouTube Announces It Will Ban All ‘Anti-Vaccine’ Content

This is even worse than the article suggests. Now how are we going to show the anti-vaxx rants made by Biden* and Harris* when there was a different president in the White House?

9/30 – Every Republican Is ‘Literally Hitler,’ So Stop Caring What Libs Say

There was a time when I would have shaken my head at stories like how Crowd Boos as Biden Interrupts, Delays Congressional Baseball Game. I used to believe in respect for the office of the presidency, but after how The Radical Left has behaved since 2016 all I can say is, “You called down the thunder. Now reap the whirlwind.”

10/1 – Hochul’s New Religion: God Gave Us the Vaccines

Finally, a religion that Leftists won’t ridicule. No wait, there was Obama worship, And Climastrology. And The Religion of Peace (TM). Never mind…

Have a great weekend!

Brother Bob is no longer on Facebook (although you can see his archives there), and is winding down his presence on Twitter, but is ramping up on Minds and Gab, as well as Parler, and has his biggest presence on MeWe.

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“9/23 – An equal right to be unequal” This is something those who simply don’t want to try but want all the goodies don’t understand. Becoming wealthy is extraordinary, not common or “equal”. Equality (or, as the liberals term it, “equity”) means there is no extraordinary achievements, only existence.

“9/24 – TikTok Traders Are Using Nancy Pelosi’s Financial Disclosures To Position Their Portfolios” I’m sure she uses unfair advantages to become richer so she can pay more taxes.

“9/25 – The Biden Administration’s Blame Game and the Sad Fate of #NeverTrump” You have to look at things with the proper perspective. Even though every metric of benefit, growth, progress, health and safety are in negative territory since idiot Biden took over, we should all be grateful that Joy Behar doesn’t have to endure a mean Tweet any more.

“9/25 – House Democrats introduce bill to abolish the Space Force” I’m not at all surprised to learn that these people are so stupid that they don’t know where ICBM’s and satellites fly. Anything that Tlaib and Waters is involved in is guaranteed to contain vast quantities of stupid.

“9/26 – It’s fake news that the Maricopa audit proves Biden won” OK, so Trump won Arizona. It is also pretty certain he won Georgia. Now, on to Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.

“9/27 – Top 10 Progressive Icons to Tear Down for Their Racism” I keep throwing Elihu Yale up in front of liberals whenever the opportunity arises. As not just a slave owner but a slave TRADER, why is his name-sake university not torn down? It seems that when it gets right down to it, the left is pretty comfortable tolerating and accepting racism.

“9/28 – BLM Now Supports the Police (If They’re Communist)” So, I guess they can get behind the Capital Police, huh?

“9/29 – YouTube Announces It Will Ban All ‘Anti-Vaccine’ Content” Idiot Biden cited the imaginary pressure Trump was putting on the developers to produce vaccines. Yet, for months and way before the FDA and CDC advisory board completed their evaluations, idiot Biden was promoting booster shots for everyone. So, that’s not pressure, I guess. But even when they competed their evaluations and BOTH recommended against booster shots for all, the CDC director just ignored the science and, in full agreement with idiot Biden (who is, it must be noted, married to a “doctor”), declared everyone should not only be vaccinated, but should get boosters.

“9/30 – Every Republican Is ‘Literally Hitler,’ So Stop Caring What Libs Say” I always thought that was Trump’s secret weapon; he didn’t care what they said because no matter what he did, they were going to tear it down anyway. He simply went ahead and succeeded for the American people. Sadly, the corrupt leftist propaganda machine known as “media” was still too powerful. Them and election fraud.

“10/1 – Hochul’s New Religion: God Gave Us the Vaccines” I think she was considering Trump “God”. Let’s go with that.

News Flash: the moronic biden admin added a new scope of depravity for useless degrees:

Gender Studies is a growing field with many fulfilling career opportunities! We find more and more genders every day, and we need professionals to sort through them all with their gender sorting machines so they can be placed on the correct gender shelf. That’s where you come in! If you think gender studies is for you, here are nine exciting jobs you can get once you graduate:

1) Burger flipper at McDonald’s, but a socially conscious one: You can spread the gospel of gender identity to your coworkers!

2) Sign spinner in front of Little Ceasars, but a socially conscious one: Your manager might let you listen to your favorite gender studies podcast while you do it.

3) Foreman at the gender factory: You know, where they manufacture all the genders. Good pay and benefits, especially if you join the gender union.

4) Portland Citizen: Portland is a paradise for gender studies experts. If you play your cards right, they might let you become a professional stabber for Antifa!

5) Professional toxic coworker: As an expert in gender studies, you can become a cancer in a large corporation, slowly wreaking havoc on all relationships and infrastructure from within. Cool!

6) Alyssa Milano: Unfortunately, this position is currently filled.

7) Screenwriter for the next big Marvel or Disney movie: No actual writing skills required, as long as you are really good at gender stuff.

8) Army General and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: General Milley did it, so can you!

9) Unitarian pastor: Unitarian pastors are pretty much gender studies professors with fancy collars, so this should be easy for you.

The Bee

To the mounted border patrol now riding desks.

The fall colors are at peak at camp, a huge Tom turkey strutted through. Chipmunks dashing around cheeks stuffed with acorns. Geese going south in formation, good bye to summer.

We dont get those type insects this far north. Beautiful Indian summer here 70s in the day low 50s at night. Squirrels are all fluffy with their winter coats filling in. Sweetie is gaining on the storm damage from a couple years ago. Chain saw blades on the shopping list again. Will rent the back hoe next year to bury the upturned stumps, 100+ year old oaks make tons of split fire wood, the tops get burned at night, every night a big fire.
1 more week then winterize camp, all water must then be hauled in. My last trip this year will be for deer hunting