First, you see them then you don’t. Now appearing at the White House for a limited engagement, Joe Biden and his sidekick Kamala, just performed a magic disappearing trick that would make David Copperfield jealous. One day, 13,000 Haitians were crammed under a bridge in Texas, waiting for entry into the good old U.S.A. Night fell and the curtain came down. When America awoke the next morning everyone was surprised to discover that the Haitians had vanished. Where did they go? Only the shadow knows.
They disappeared right before our eyes. When queried by the crack White House reporters, Press Secretary Peppermint Patty said, “Haitians, what Haitians? I don’t see no Haitians. I’ll circle back to that later-HEY, Joe says free ice cream for everyone!” Some theorize the Haitians were abducted by aliens (no pun intended) and were swiftly placed in stasis like the movie The Matrix. They are now in a virtual reality simulator and think that they actually live in Chicago. They are totally loving the deep dish pizza but the drive-by shootings, gang warfare, and terrible traffic not so much.

Another excellent theory is that they were transported, in the dead of night, into Kohler, Wisconsin, and were give free passes to watch the Ryder Cup golf tournament. Sure, that sounds crazy, but try to find an open hotel room anywhere near the Whistling Straits Golf course. A coincidence? I thinketh not. Handlers were accused of discrimination because they forced the Haitians to wear blue and yellow outfits and pretend that they were from Europe. In another dramatic moment, two Haitians were ejected from the course because they were observed holding a large, red banner that read: TRUMP WON IN 2020! That was embarrassing. An angry DHS Chief, Alejandro Mayorkas, said those two Czechoslovakian dudes would be immediately punished, banished from Wisconsin forever, and immediately sent to …wait for it…California. That is tough love baby. No more beer for those dudes and Alejandro even confiscated their complimentary cheesehead hats.
Another theory is that all the Haitians went home. Sure, they travel 2,000 miles and finally arrive in Texas, under a bridge. Then, the wives turn to their husbands and start yelling, “This is it? You dragged me 2,000 miles to stand under a bridge? What a moron! We have bridges in Haiti-it’s where we hid during the 7.0 earthquake in 2010 that destroyed our home. Ringing any bells? Our island was totally devastated. We waited in vain for Bill Clinton (Mr. Hope and Change) to build houses. All we got:

“…were structurally unsafe trailers with high levels of formaldehyde and insulation coming out of the walls. There were problems with mold and fumes. The stifling heat inside made many of the Haitians sick and many of them abandoned the trailers because they were ill-constructed and unusable.”

Where are Haitians? Another theory is that they are headed to New York to remind Bill and Hillary Clinton that “It’s one thing to rob from the rich but quite another to rob from the poorest of the poor.”
Wherever the Haitians are today, Wisconsin, Zion, or New York, I wish them God speed and good luck.

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Complain about the Enemy and Biden all you want, but there is no cogent GOP pushback. In fact, Republican governors are embracing illegal alien migration and unvetted Migrants all over the USA.

Really? How about an example.

WASHINGTON — Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Friday became the first governor in the country to refuse to take in refugees, but 18 of his 26 Republican counterparts have chosen to open the door to refugees, much to the surprise of the Trump administration.

In a September executive order, President Donald Trump gave states and local governments the right to reject refugees, but instead of saying no, most state and local officials have blindsided the administration by opting in, according to two former officials familiar with the matter…


Uh… and?


Abbot is thinking for himself.

Why do you always default to the “everyone else is doing it so you have to as well” mentality?

That’s tyrannical and against our American values.

Trump was much better at handling the intentionally induced waves of immigration, gaining Mexican support and helping the home countries of refugees so they wouldn’t leave.

This clown Biden is allowing a virtual invasion by his own stupidity.

He needs to be removed now, and out Republic taken back from this unelected autocracy that is the Democrat Party.

Gee, Greg.
Have you ever heard of “Never-Trump” Republicans?
The idea that 18 of 26 GOP govs is a never-Trumper is no surprise, not even to Trump, who does know how to play that he was surprised.
Here, in Utah, our never-Trump gov wants more, more, more immigrants.
His church needs the genetic variants that come with them.
People joke about the deep South as a place where people marry relatives, but, here in Utah, the vast majority of all the Mormons here are from only three settler families!
DNA tests are mandatory for marriage here because of this. Having alternatives to partners from those three families is so important here that converting immigrants is a very high priority.

The GOP is not your friend either.

Political parties themselves are the problem, and they should be outlawed.

All candidates are “independent.”

It’s shockingly STUPID. If the debt ceiling is not raised, default follows. If the government defaults, interest will rise dramatically on ALL loans for businesses, for all consumers, and for government entities at every level. This could wreck the entire economy.

The upside? There would be no upside. Absolutely NOTHING would be gained. It couldn’t even be rationalized as an encouragement for fiscal responsibility—something that republicans showed no interest in whatsoever while Trump was president—because the default would be on payments due against debt already outstanding.

“If the debt ceiling is not raised, default follows.” Then Democrats should learn to back off of their demands that they always get their way 100% or there is no deal. Democrats want the debt ceiling raised so they can fill it up immediately? Well, they can pass raising the debt ceiling on their own. What are they afraid of?

Either Democrats back off their insane wasteful spending or they pass the debt limit raise on their own. Democrats don’t mind wrecking the economy; all their policies lead to that end.

Trump added nearly as much debt over 4 years as Obama did over 8, and Obama was dealing with a crashed economy.

How much of that “insane wasteful spending” have YOU depended on to pay your bills? Do you receive Social Security? Do you have Medicare? Did your parents and grandparents, or did you support them in their old age? Does your state receive more funds from the federal government than its taxpayers pay in?

Biden just ended a 20-year war that cost American taxpayers $300 MILLION PER DAY. He didn’t just talk about ending it. HE ACTUALLY ENDED IT.

The War In Afghanistan Cost America $300 Million Per Day For 20 Years, With Big Bills Yet To Come


You aren’t too smart, are you? DEMOCRATS added the debt. DEMOCRATS controlled the House and DEMOCRATS proposed the spending bills. Then, idiot Biden’s masters, the Chinese, gave us COVID19 and we needed spending for aid to those made idle. But the bare minimum wasn’t good enough for the goddamn DEMOCRATS. They had to load them with all the pork they could think of because they knew the citizens couldn’t wait for the arguments.

Your DEMOCRATS are the debt villains, as always. Now they want to throw another $6 trillion on the fire.

The way idiot Biden left Afghanistan in a disaster will cost us dearly in the future. Of course, the Democrats will find someone to blame.

Trump leverage that and had billions in income being either brought in or saved by way of superior foreign policy.

Stop blathering on about things you don’t understand.

Democrats are marxists who use other people’s money to make money for themselves.

Trump spent a billion of his own fortune to become president, and he didn’t take a paycheck for 4 years.

That’s the kind of fiscally responsible person we need in the White House.

Not an installed puppet makes millions by being bought by our greatest enemy, China.

Trump wasn’t lining the pockets of the tech billionaires or the banks.

That’s why they had to rig the election.

Trump lined the pockets of the wealthiest–self and family included–with HUGE tax cuts that added to the collective debt.

That such cuts somehow “pay for themselves” is an absurd republican fairy tale, repeated so often since the days of Ronald Reagan that people believe it. The TRUTH is that nearly as much new debt was added during Trump’s 4 years as was added during Obama’s eight–and Obama was dealing with the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.

Another truth is that the GOP—aka The Party of Trump—will inflict pain and hardship on America to regain power. That’s all that would come of a default.

Dems don’t even have 50 votes. If they had 50 votes they’d pull “the nuclear option.”
Rather than embarrass themselves, Dems will come up with a compromise to their spending spree.
Even they are not dumb enough to think “only the rich” will pay for it all.

Tax cuts benefited all across the board. Idiot Biden will be taxing the middle class into oblivion with his catastrophic spending and inflation. He’s a dumbass as is anyone that defends him.


Tax cuts do not have to be paid for. That is a democrat party myth. Tax cuts more than generate revenue in excess of the amount of reduction. Even JFK supported that concept

OF COURSE they have to be paid for. We’ve been “tax cut” into a $28.8 Trillion national debt.

Fairy tales don’t become true just because people choose to believe them. The point where tax cuts automatically generated more revenue than they cost was passed a long time ago. You need only look at the history of tax rates and the rise of the national debt to see that.

The truth is that tax cuts have made the richest ENORMOUSLY richer, but THEIR individual shares of the national debt is no greater than any other citizens.

Another truth is that they don’t give a good g*dd*mn if social programs average Americans depend on crashes as a result of unsustainable. THEY don’t depend on those programs.

Which category do you imagine yourself to be in?

You need to repeat that to yourself over and over. You would benefit greatly from accepting that as a truth.

Trump’s economic policies benefitted blacks, Hispanics and women more than at any time previously. Unemployment and poverty in those groups took a nosedive. All Democrats do is offer a temporary handout to make people feel good for a short time, but they remain in poverty. Democrats were losing their slaves which they mined for votes, so they tried to destroy Trump. They are still deathly afraid of his success.

Obama raised the debt and Biden is raising it more.

To suddenly take issue with Trump using debt while increasing our revenues is just…well…what an uneducated idiot would say who can’t bear to question their failing narrative.

Blacks suffered under Obama, and now Biden.

Not so with Trump.

Trump was merely running the country as it’s designed: as a free market capitalist Constitutional Republic.

Career bureaucrats like Biden and other just pass laws and give inside deals to line their own pockets and their crony conspirators.

China didn’t pay Trump…they paid Biden.

And now Biden is in office after a man-made cold was released with drooling morons like you ready to propagate the false narratives your master’s tell you.

Trump built a good economy and had a good economy. The poor were getting less so.

It’s fact. That’s why he siphoned more black and every other minority off you slave-owner’s plantation.

The American people are the DIP lender. This time they say no. It is time for us to get our financial house in order. The current waste in the federal government alone could pay outstanding debts.

biden is well on his way to having the lowest approval and highest disapproval of an modern American president.

This accomplishment biden was able to garner in just 8 short months

Eight short months don’t define a 4-year presidency. What have republicans accomplished over those same 8 months? They don’t have any objectives, other than thwarting Biden and regaining power. They’ve become The Party of Trump, and a reflection of Trump’s dysfunction.

Idiot Biden has packed more failure and disaster in 8 months, all of his own doing, than anyone in history. 8 months of that moron is like 8 years of anyone else… WORSE. Idiot Biden needs to be gone NOW. He is poison.

Oh? You *ssholes defined Trump’s Presidency before he even took office.

Republicans can’t “accomplish” anything when they’ve been shut out of government, illegally.

This is about you having a one-party police state. It’s already failing, and you are already blaming your failure on those you deposed by devious means.

The death, the war, the financial ruin that has come after Biden’s installation is a reflection of that party’s complete fall into atheistic Marxism, failing as it always does.

If a “party of Trump” actually formed, Dems and Reps would not hold much power at all.

That’s because most people knew Trump was a fraud and grossly unqualified before he announced his candidacy. We totally underestimated the gullibility of the FOX News and right wing radio audiences.

If Trump was a fraud, give us more like him. He restored the economy Obama had in the doldrums, he restored our allies’ confidence in us, he strengthened NATO, he made us energy independent, he provided blacks, Hispanics and women with economic opportunity and the lowest unemployment, he reformed prisons, he secured our border, he stopped most of the illegal immigration, he battled COVID, he had three vaccines developed in record time and he developed a plan to leave Afghanistan with honor and dignity.

The idiot Biden, installed by fraud, has been an unmitigated disaster, totally destroying all Trump accomplished and failing to provide ANYTHING benefitting the American people.

So, is massive and widespread success is what you consider “fraud”, we’ll take more of that. You can keep your socialist disaster.

You’ve already got a party full of frauds. How many more do you need?

You might want to take a look at the performance of your own party. Do you actually believe a $3.5 trillion pork farm will be “free” like idiot Biden and drunk Pelosi say it will be? Doesn’t it insult you to realize how stupid they assume (with evidence, I might add) you are?

The proposed funding allocation for Biden’s Build Back Better Plan is $3.5 Trillion OVER TEN YEARS. It’s NOT free. It’s no more “free” than Trump’s tax cuts. Corporate and high-end taxes would be INCREASED to pay for it.

Idiot Biden said it would cost ZERO dollars. So, are you saying he is lying? The spending isn’t spread across 10 years, but the taxes are forever. They are lying there, too.

The tax increases, disregarding the massive damage they will do to the economy, are projected to raise only $2 trillion.

They also want to fine companies $700,000 if they have employees that aren’t vaccinated! Does that extend for 10 years, too? Goddamn Democrats just LOVE punishment and control; how does this “build back better”? It doesn’t; they aren’t building anything, they are lining pockets.

Once again, Obama can see idiot Biden helping his legacy. This bill would remove Obamacare from the position of Worst Legislation Ever.

biden surrendered in disgrace.

Vacated a strategic air base

Gave the enemy 83-85 billion in functional military equipment

Left Americans stranded

Caused the deaths of 13 service members

Droned a family of ten with seven children and then lied about it

Imported the worst the Afghans had to offer and plopped them in the heartland of America

Biden ENDED the war. Unfortunately he had Trump’s screwed up “plan” to deal with—but he ended it nevertheless.

Idiot Biden created a disaster. His Sec. of Defense, Joint Chiefs Chief and Centcom commander all threw him under the bus today. The Afghanistan disaster was all his. Had he actually followed Trump’s plan, just like with the border, energy, the economy and COVID, he would have come out smelling like a rose instead of smelling like something you stepped in.

Trump would have succeeded; idiot Biden failed.

Biden changed Trump’s plan, and thus failed on his own.

It’s fact.

Exactly how much of the debt incurred during the Trump administration was caused by “tax cuts”

If tax cuts cause debt surely there is a tangible dollar amount.

Subtract the total of all tax cuts from the total of yearly deficits for the same four fiscal years and you will have your answer.

Surely you can do your own simple arithmetic.

That’s about how simplistic leftists view the complex economy. All you can envision is how much money can be taken from those who earn it, and then wasted. Tax cuts INCREASE revenues through increasing economic activity. Tax increases suppresses the economy and REDUCES activity, jobs and revenues.

The shutdown and potential default is on the democrat party.

democrats hold the house, senate and WH.

They have no plan for a budget

A majority of Americans do not want the debt ceiling raised.

democrats own this.

Even with controlling both Houses, they talk about a continuing resolution, not a budget. All they want to do is spend money by the truck load, not do any planning or budgeting.

Senate Republicans Block Attempt by Schumer to Suspend Debt Ceiling… AGAIN

The democrats need to come to the table with a budget plan to operate the federal government, hard stop.

biden did not get 81 million votes

That’s another fairy tale, just like the claim that tax cuts always pay for themselves. There’s NO evidence for either.

Yeah, idiot Biden “winning” is indeed a fairy tale.

Biden is President. Trump isn’t. You aren’t dealing with this reality very well. Neither is Trump.

Yeah, we can tell. All the failure and disaster gave it away. But idiot Biden used fraud to bring this catastrophe upon the nation.

FLASHBACK: Joe Biden Says “No One” Advised Him That His Afghanistan Withdrawal Plan Was Pure Lunacy

The only “plan” in place when Biden took office was Trump’s. and it was well underway. Trump had ALREADY cut US troops to 2500 and agreed with the Taliban to a May 1st departure date for those that remained, with NO PROVISIONS MADE for the evacuation of anybody else.

And Trump’s plan was working. Only when the Taliban saw they had a weak, incompetent idiot opposing them did they dare abrogate Trump’s deal (so, there was then NO deal) and force idiot Biden to run from Afghanistan with his diaper full.

Boy oh boy. Soy boy woke greg sure is push the fecal matter tonight.

Things are not going well for the democrat party. Government shutdown on their watch looms in a little more than 48 hrs.

It was republican senators who UNANIMOUSLY blocked raising the debt ceiling, and Loser Trump who encouraged them to do so. He doesn’t care about the enormous, pointless damage that default could do to the economy, or the enormous pain it would cause for American businesses, workers, and consumers. He sees every disaster as a potential means for getting back his Golden Ticket.

They should be applauded

the democrat party needs to have a plan for a budget

No to the CR

No to the debt ceiling

No to the 3.5 infrastructure

yellen says the tomato soup cans of cash are gone on October 18.

Gives the democrat party time to come up with a sustainable plan

How do they imagine debt default and suddenly escalating interest rates would “fix the budget”? All it would do is wreck the economy.

Democrats can pass it alone. They provide the debt, they can be responsible for raising the debt limit.

They will. They’re the responsible party, but not in the sense that you mean. They’re RESPONSIBLE ADULTS.

No, they are irresponsible children. The go on wild, wasteful spending sprees, throwing hard-earned taxpayer money down the drain, then expecting Republicans to carry the responsibility of destroying the US economy.

“It was republican senators who UNANIMOUSLY blocked raising the debt ceiling” No, they blocked WAIVING the debt ceiling. They blocked Democrats being more chickenshit than they already are.

greggie, maybe instead of raising the debt ceiling like irresponsible teen agers, they recommended spending less like a responsible adult, but you would not know how a responsible adult would act.

I have a prayer for biden.

Psalms 109:8
“Let his days be few; and let another take his office.”

Well, you’ve got Kamala Harris second in line, and Pelosi third…

Deal with them in turn.

The GOP can’t even deal with raising the debt ceiling to pay bills already incurred. They didn’t hesitate for a moment when Trump was running the debt up by $7.8 TRILLION in only 4 years.

Democrats ran up the debt, they can take responsibility for raising the debt limit. They do nothing but waste and steal.

TRUMP ran up the national debt by 36% in 4 years–the fastest increase of any president in US history. The man was a fiscal disaster. Trump claimed he would ELIMINATE THE DEBT in 8 years. He had a secret plan, remember?

We should all be thankful that he didn’t get a second term.

President Trump’s Impact on the National Debt – https://www.thebalance.com/trump-plans-to-reduce-national-debt-4114401

Democrats ran the debt up, using COVID as an excuse to blackmail the American people.

Maybe you need to look up that word, “blackmail”.

I did. A picture of Pelosi was shown.

Milley, McKenzie Say They Recommended 2,500 Troops Remain In Afghanistan, Biden Claims He Was Never Told

The Obscene Gaslighting on Afghanistan Begins as Dear Leader Biden’s House of Cards Comes Tumbling Down

McKinsey looked like Gen. Buck Turgidson after he was chewed out by President Merkin Muffley in “Dr. Strangelove”.

Greg get off the Trump plan Biden was stuck with myth. Was Trump stuck with the Paris rip off? How about the non treaty with Iran? Its a lie every thing coming out of this admin is a lie.

Senator Dan Sullivan chews out Milley to his face… ‘Why hasn’t anyone been fired!


Because this isn’t the Trump administration. Scapegoats aren’t routinely selected and fired for political cover.

Sullivan, in 2016: “We need national leaders who can lead by example… The reprehensible revelations about Donald Trump have shown that he can’t. Therefore, I am withdrawing my support for his candidacy.”

Democrats fire and vilify members of their own administrations far more than Republicans.

Compared to Obama’s Military and Intelligence Purge, Trump doesn’t even come close.

That said, Trump held people to standards, and fired them when they failed.

As it should be.

Democrats build and populate a government with loyalists, not competent members.

That’s why they fail….publicly.

Trump led by example and was good at it, hence the “opposite world” propaganda by losers like you.

Trump fired anyone who crossed him. Those he had no power to fire, he attempted to destroy. People who put the country first often had to work around him.

They could have easily said “Trump holds his administration accountable for their actions, and puts his country first by expecting competence and results from those earning their keep on the taxpayer’s dime.”

If they said that…and Colbert and CNN said Trump was good, you’d vote Trump.

You’re mind and your ideas are weak, and merely a product of a propaganda network.

“Democrats fire and vilify members of their own administrations…”

You’re just making things up.

Per Politico:

“Top generals told lawmakers under oath on Tuesday that they advised President Joe Biden early this year to keep several thousand troops in Afghanistan — directly contradicting the president’s comments in August that no one warned him not to withdraw troops from the country.

The remarkable testimony pits top military brass against the commander-in-chief ”

McKenzie and Milley not only threw Biden under the bus today, they then drove the bus over Biden.

But being the lying Commie bastid you are, you will find a way to deny the fact that Biden is nothing more than a demented liar.

I just see what you and yours don’t want to me to see.

No one purges their administrations so fully, and so quietly (aided by the media they own) than the Democrat Party.

It’s fact. Just because you’re too indoctrinated to know it means nothing.

Biden was advised to leave troops in Afghanistan, at least 2500 like competent Trump planned, but ignored them and then lied on national television to his own propaganda agent, George Stephanoupolos.

This Biden guy lies so much…it’s chilling.

“Scapegoats aren’t routinely selected and fired for political cover.”

Unless they are non-Democrats, of course. That’s all they know how to do: scapegoat.

Hell, old unelected Biden is scapegoating Trump right now.

You are such a f*cking idiot.

In a regime of failures, no one is held accountable. They all fear whomever gets the shitty end of stick will begin spilling their guts on the rest of the corrupt enterprise.

If no one is held accountable for the massive and expansive disaster in Afghanistan, it only means one thing: it’s all on idiot Biden.

He needs to be impeached.

You mean the lies created by Hillary, the DNC, the corrupt liberal media and the FBI?

Border Patrol agents will be FIRED if they don’t take the vaccine.

Meanwhile, illegal immigrants are given a CHOICE. If they refuse, are they kicked out? Nope. They are shipped around the country and handed paperwork and directed to those who would help them receive US taxpayer funded aid. This is what idiot Biden thinks of America, Americans and laws.

Outrageous! Biden State Dept. Refuses Entry of Private Rescue Flight of 28 Americans and 83 Green Card Members from Afghanistan

Ro Khanna (D-imwit CA) just thanked Milley, et al, and our military for keeping our nation safe for three decades. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that 30 years and didn’t the terrorists bring down the Twin Towers 20 years ago? Perhaps those running for Congress should be required to take an IQ test to see if they know the difference between 20 years and three decades.

Matt Gaetz dresses down benedict milley and sec def austin…


Five minutes of exceptional entertainment…

Senate Parliamentarian Shoots Down Schumer’s Second Bid to Include Amnesty in Reconciliation Bill

Senate Parliamentarian Shoots Down Schumer’s Second Bid to Include Amnesty in Reconciliation Bill

Firebomb attack on Travis County Texas Democratic Headquarters by Fat Bastard Caught by Outside and Inside Security Cameras


“employees in the neighboring businesses called 911 and put out the flames with a fire extinguisher.”

Got that, peckerwood? The fire was so bad it was put out by a person with a standard fire extinguisher

What a pathetic idiot you are.

An act of political terrorism doesn’t count unless the effort to burn down a building is successful? Is the same true of assassination attempts?

There’s an idiot present, but it’s not me.

“An act of political terrorism doesn’t count unless the effort to burn down a building is successful? Is the same true of assassination attempts?”

So how do you know it was an act of political terrorism? How do you know it wasn’t a dedicated left wing Democrat (Austin is rife with them) trying to make Republicans look bad? How do you know it wasn’t just another false flag like many of the noose incidents? You don’t, Mr. Pathetic Scumbag.

As to assassination attempts; it is your side of the aisle that has set Sirhan Sirhan free, not mine.

“There’s an idiot present, but it’s not me.”

Denial is not just a river in Egypt. All you are is a useful idiot.

I know it was an act of political terrorism because I’M NOT A FRICKIN’ MORON. What do you think it was? The act of a disgruntled janitor?

It was just a peaceful demonstration. Move along, nothing to see here.

You know, it wouldn’t be the first example of a Democrat staging an attack on a Democrat propaganda center to accuse Republicans or a leftist staging a “hate crime”. You should probably reserve your hyperbole, but I have long ago abandoned any hope you might possess such wisdom.

Ask your Clinton masters about assassination.

They’ve been at it, and political terrorism (Paying Russians for made-up intel on the candidate who defeated Hillary) for decades.

The idiot?


An invasion caravan of 30,000 are moving up through Panama right now. Idiot Biden has been warned. Keep this in mind when it hits our border and it collapses under the strain; let’s see what the idiot Biden regime does to prevent what we all know will happen.

I read the hottie from Panama said 60k were coming

Panama official tells U.S. another 60,000 Haitians are on the way

As long as people are coming in and being released into the country, they’ll keep coming. No mandates for the border, like a mandate to enforce our laws.

Looks like they will need to reopen bidenville TX

If the Hatians are in the frozen tundra they wont stay long, Wisconsin doesnt have the climate of a tropical Island and NG has more than doubled thanks to Creepy, its going to be a long expensive cold winter.