The anti-Semite Squad is running the show in Congress


There are some virulent anti-Semites in Congress and they are clearly in control of the democrat agenda. They go by a catchy name- The Squad. They have a long and glorious history of anti-Semitism

Squad member Rashida Tlaib under fire from anti-Semitism watchdog

Squad Members Called Out for Anti-Semitism in Fellow Democrats’ Letter to President Biden

Why won’t Dems slam their anti-Semitic fellow congresswomen?

Ilhan Omar and AOC accused of inciting anti-Semitic attacks as Republicans move to punish The Squad

Despite this obvious and obnoxious history The Squad has managed to wrestle control of democrat plans. They demanded and got Pelosi to cut $1 billion in funds for the Israeli Iron Dome.


Progressive Democrats on Tuesday successfully pressured the party to remove $1 billion for Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system from a bill to keep the United States government funded.
The funds are widely expected to be approved, but at a later date. A Congressional aide, speaking to The Times of Israel on condition of anonymity, insisted that the Iron Dome funding would eventually be approved, but instead would be attached to the 2022 Defense Appropriations Bill.
The clause approving the $1 billion to restock Israel’s Iron Dome interceptors — crucial to protecting Israeli towns from rocket attacks and which became somewhat depleted during May’s Gaza war — had caused a hangup in the House of Representatives, as party leaders sought to push forward a bill to raise the debt ceiling.

The Iron Dome has saved countless Israeli lives but it also saves Palestinian lives:

However, there’s one other way that the Iron Dome saves lives that cannot be overstated and certainly is not stated enough. More than any other Arab initiative, ever, Israel’s Iron Dome protects Palestinian Arabs’ lives. If we didn’t have the Iron Dome, and the terrorists’ rockets hit their intended targets freely—schools, apartment buildings, community centers and so on—Israel would probably be left with no alternative than to strike back at the terrorists in a way that would be punishing, and inevitably leave a trail of civilian casualties, not one that can be counted in the dozens, but in the thousands. It’s because the Iron Dome protects Israelis from the terrorists that the Palestinian Arab gravediggers are not working overtime.

But The Squad doesn’t care- not about Jews and not about the USA. Then again that is no surprise. They are in truth nothing but a collection of pathetic phonies who seek control of everything for their own selfish desires ( stuffing your pockets with money from your campaign, talking poverty and living the red carpet life, wearing masks only for the camera, etc.). Nancy Pelosi has surrendered to them. It is they who must be defeated at the ballot box and squeezed into a very small box of obscurity and irrelevance.

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There is no form of bigotry or prejudice the Democrat party does not approve of, endorse and practice. Oh, sure, they will use it as a weapon against an opponent and pretend they find it abhorrent, but inevitably they always reveal their inner racist. Anti-Semitism has always been one of their favorites.

None of these pigs objected to idiot Biden making a $85 billion gift of high-tech military hardware to Taliban and ISIS terrorists. This is because, in addition to anti-Semitism, these pigs support terrorists and terrorism.

The anti-American character of the Democrat party is unmistakable and impossible to hide.

They are in good company. American blacks are virulently anti-Semitic, too. Jesse Jackson set the tone long ago, calling NYC “hymie town.” And its not just black grifters. The NAACP expelled Jews from its leadership positions during the Civil Rights Era, even as Jews were dying on Freedom Rides.

the amazing thing is that the squat has two muslins who hate america, a blm, race hustler and a classless piece of shit from nyc who is pure anti-Semitic trash. the nyc trash gets $179,000 salary /year ( house or rep salary), so who footed the bill for $30,000 ticket to the elites, caste mandering, phoney gala? the two muslim strumpets would love to see Israel vanish. Just as the jihads/taliban turkish gov. did to the Armenians in 1894-96 and again from 1915 to 1919. muslin terrorsit, over the ages, rape, plunder, burn, enslave and engage in slave trade, destroy but never manage to create a stable social structure that is run by fear, tyranny, complete slavery of its captors and total dehumanization of the populus.
There are two good books out: “Measuring Mohammed” by Dr Bill Weiner, and the “Sword ad Scimitar” by Robert Ibrahim. You might want to read both of them.

Some C4 in the dais would be awesome…..