Biden has put this country in peril for another 9-11


Joe Biden is a one-man clusterf**k. He is a chronic pathological liar and now he’s an old frail chronic pathological liar. This video has stuck with me for more then 30 years. Three lies in but a few seconds.

There is a reason former SecDef Bob Gates said

“[Biden] has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past 4 decades.”

Now his mendacity is putting the United States into grave danger. Afghanistan has collapsed and he alone is to blame. Trump had wound down the military presence to about 2500 troops but the Taliban was kept at bay because Trump threatened to bomb the hell out of them and their villages if they reneged on the agreements they made.

“We’re going to come back and hit you harder than any country has ever been hit,” Trump said he told Akhundzada, recounting the threatened consequences if the Taliban failed to make peace. “And your village, where I know you are and where you have everybody, that’s going to be the point at which the first bomb is dropped.”
A few hours after that March 2020 call, Trump put an insurance payment down on the threat. When the Taliban attacked an Afghan checkpoint shortly after Trump hung up, U.S. fighter jets rained down fury on the attackers. A stung Taliban immediately called for de-escalation, saying it was committed to the “plans to implement all parts of the agreement one after another to prevent conflict escalation.”

It worked. Trump, who effectively wiped out ISIS, maintained order with only 2500 troops.

The plan was to remove the military assets and the people in an orderly fashion. Biden, as has done with everything else, f**ked it up. He swore he would stop or change all of Trump’s policies and he’s done much of that to the detriment of America. He took us from energy independence to being dependent on Russia and OPEC for oil. He illegally shut down Trump’s remain in Mexico policy and thrown the borders wide open, leading to a crisis of epic proportions but a boon to human traffickers and smugglers.

And now he’s f**ked us again.

The collapse of Afghanistan is a failure of monumental proportions and it could easily lead to another 9-11. When base in Bagram was overrun by the Taliban 5000 high value detainees were freed from prison.

The prison in Bagram — called Parwan Detention Facility — housed 5,000 “highest value” al-Qaeda and Islamic State (ISIS) and Taliban terrorists captured on the battlefield. It also includes senior drug trafficking figures. According to Taliban representative, the prisoners were “being evacuated to a safe place.”

Hold that thought.

The Taliban captured billions of dollars in weapons left behind by Biden’s stupidity, including MRAP’s, Humvees, an F15 simulator, tanks, specialized drones and thousands and thousands of automatic weapons and handguns. Biden has made the Taliban one of the world’s best-equipped militaries.

All of this has a cost.

Mark Milley, the feckless Chairman of the Joint Chiefs- the guy who made white rage his priority- told Senator that terrorism will return and soon.

America’s top general said Sunday that the United States could now face a rise in terrorist threats from a Taliban-run Afghanistan. That warning comes as intelligence agencies charged with anticipating those threats face new questions after the US-backed Afghan military collapsed with shocking speed.

Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told senators on a briefing call Sunday that US officials are expected to alter their earlier assessments about the pace of terrorist groups reconstituting in Afghanistan, a person familiar with the matter told The Associated Press.

Ya think? Any of us could have guessed that. Milley is a pathetic jackass and so is Lloyd Austin. Together with that effing moron Anthony Blinken they could be the end of this country. Milley was so consumed with domestic white supremacy and Austin was so preoccupied with rooting out enemies who “lie within our own ranks” that they neglected the little thing known as national security.

So let’s paint the picture. The Biden regime has been consumed with virtue signaling about all else, national security included

No doubt the Taliban will be respectful of that.

Our military leaders are occupied with social justice, LGBTQ flags, pronouns, and Trump supporters. Afghanistan has fallen and it will lead to a new strong Islamic jihadist state. Five thousand dangerous high-value prisoners were freed. We do owe Afghan cooperators and translators assistance but thanks to Biden in the confusion we’re likely to bring over some highly undesirable elements because of the lack of proper vetting. Failing that, all these high-value ISIS and Al Qaeda operatives need do is find their way to Mexico.

After all, the border is wide open.

You do the math. It’s coming.

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Hay, maybe the gay flag can now protect all those loyal patriots that were left behind from death, and torture? like superman’s cape, they can wrap this gay material around their bodies to prevent bullets, knife attacks, hinging, dismemberment and immolation. Forgot: muslims and jihad HATE gays, to bad so sad. looks like the gay flag will not work to well.
milley, the closet gay, should be held accountable for weapons cash lost. His blatant stupidity and ass kissing political maneuvering for a retirement job in he private sector is treasonous.
Welcome to Saigon 2021.

The gay flag was flown in honor of the bacha bazi practice of the Afghanistanis, especially the Tolleybahn. Of course, Comrade Greggie doesn’t have to worry as he is too old for the Afghani Tolleybahn. They like young pre-teen/early teen boys to pleasure themselves with. So as stupid Americans in charge fly a gay flag, the Tolleybahn says to our idiot foreign service “Here, hold our beer.”

I see the Taliban collected up a cache of M-16’s. So, what if they begin smuggling them into the country. It wouldn’t be difficult; they could send them to Mexico and drive them across idiot Biden’s border in a truck marked “Smuggled M-16 fully automatic rifles, COVID and people just looking for a better life” and they would be waved through.

Then, the Taliban operatives that walked across our open borders could begin distributing them in cities like NYC and Chicago. I’m sure there’s some folks there that would love to play around with them. With this regime of idiots in control (except when the shit hits the fan… then they all go on vacation at the same time).

“Milley was so consumed with domestic white supremacy and Austin was so preoccupied with rooting out enemies who “lie within our own ranks” that they neglected the little thing known as national security.”

Make no mistake, they were consumed by protecting their jobs in a regime that will fire people because they don’t have the correct ideology. Those who scramble to survive in a regime that puts ideology before competence and capability perhaps are not the best to keep around. As we’ve seen.

With these morons in charge, the entire free world should “shelter in place”.

It wasn’t Joe Biden who sent Pompeo to cut a deal with Abdul Ghani Baradar in Qatar last fall, set a May 1st departure date, and then pulled out all but 2500 of our forces weeks before Biden took office. Got any theories about that?

Biden, you know, INCREASED our troop level and EXTENDED the withdrawal date. Not that it helped much. Trump had already given away the farm, with no advance plan for the evacuation our local allies. No plan for ANYTHING, actually. By what magic did he expect us to leave by May 1st, but still have something to say about anything that happened after we left?

Yeah, he’s REALLY increasing them now, isn’t he? He’s got 8,000 troops surrounded by 10,000 heavily armed and equipped (with US equipment) Taliban in there to try and un-f**k what idiot Biden f**ked up.

Unlike the idiot moron Biden, Trump wouldn’t have left if the Taliban was conquering provinces and killing our allies. He made that clear and he backed his words up with actions. The best idiot Biden can do is beg the Taliban not to hurt us as we run away.

So Trump was going to reverse course and take back what he gave up to the Taliban with 2500 remaining troops. He must be a VERY good general.

Haven’t you thought about the reality of the Afghanistan situation that Trump turned over to Joe Biden on January 20th? Or WHY he left things that way? The draw down to 2500 took place AFTER the election, didn’t it?

Trump had full access to ALL intelligence about the situation all along.

He hadn’t given anything to the Taliban. That was idiot Biden that just handed everything over without conditions. Trump had conditions and when the Taliban violated the conditions, he smacked them. Idiot Biden smacks them, too, but he smacks them on the ass with his lips, both cheeks then a long, wet kiss right in the middle.

Trump wasn’t expecting to hand ANYTHING over. He led in the polls and, ultimately, won the election. The Democrats wanted this so badly they employed fraud to get it.

But, let’s use your fantasy for a moment, so it can be totally destroyed once and for all. Let’s say Trump’s plan was terrible. AWFUL. Just like his border policies. So, why didn’t idiot Biden change them, just like he upended all the border policies and agreements with Mexico, Honduras and El Salvador? Why didn’t these “foreign policy professionals” say, “This plan is terrible. Damned Trump. Let’s put something professional in place instead.”?

I’ll tell you why. Because Trump’s plan was a good plan. He had the Taliban on their heels. Would they abrogate the deal as soon as we were gone? SURE! They’re Islamists; lying is what they do. But Trump’s plan, to orderly withdraw, remove the civilians and our aides, and keep air superiority in place, would have worked. If the Taliban had acted up, Trump would have ended the deal.

But idiot Biden… he ain’t smart. He ain’t smart at all. Even his sycophantic underlings told him he was screwing up, but his leftist advisors, pulling his strings, guided him along the path of disaster. Idiot Biden, as he always does, chunked the intelligent parts of the plan and kept the “run away” part.

The catastrophe is his. The failure is his; that’s why he and Jen are in hiding. He put the same morons that contributed to all of Obama’s foreign policy disasters in their usual places to guide their usual failures. It’s all him. Give it up. Defending him just makes you look stupid. Well… stupider.

So what about Trump’s quiet withdrawal of all but 2500 troops just before he left office? Did that somehow put us in a stronger position?

You don’t seem to want to think about that. Nor about the fact that there was NO plan of any kind for the evacuation of our local allies.

It was either abysmal stupidity, or a case of deliberately setting up a disaster for the guy Trump just lost the election to. Take your pick, because ANYBODY could have told you what the likely result would be.

Why don’t you ask the Taliban? Those 2500 kept the Taliban from sweeping across all the western and southern provinces. Of course, we had AIR POWER there, too, which idiot Biden brilliantly removed. Would you fight the Taliban without air cover? Well, apparently neither would the ANA.

There was a plan. That’s why Afghanistan didn’t fall apart under Trump. Idiot Biden failed to follow the plan. That’s why Afghanistan fell apart due to his stupidity.

But, again, IF there was no plan, why didn’t this genius band of “foreign policy professionals” put one in place? If 2500 wasn’t enough, why didn’t idiot Biden put more boots on the ground? WHY did idiot Biden just shut down Bagram one night, without any plan?

Not only did Trump not plan to lose the election, he in fact DIDN’T. So why would he, for the first time in his career, create a “mess” he was going to have to clean up? No, he had a plan and it was a working plan. Idiot Biden simply f**ked it up. Just like energy independence. Just like the economy. Just like the border. Just like “unity”.

It was abysmal stupidity, alright. And that began January 20, 2021. Idiot Biden was too interested in creating the “white supremacist” boogieman to set the stage for his totalitarian regime.

Oh, and idiot Biden hasn’t spoken to ANY world leaders since he created this disaster. NOT A ONE. He’s hiding. Goddamn, what a complete loser and failure.

Your blaming argument simply falls all apart when you have to consider the facts. Idiot Biden is, after all, an IDIOT.

Yeah, and Trump is a turd floating in the toilet that didn’t quite go down with the first flush.

I guess that was just one “IDIOT” too many.

Trump succeeded where idiot Biden failed. Idiot Biden said his butt’s been wiped. Now, it’s been kicked. By the Taliban.

What an utter, complete, unmitigated, embarrassing failure. All yours.

Time and time again you fail to argue any of your I’ll conceived points.

Trump success in most areas as president is fact. Support for your install dictator is tanking.

So what about Trump’s quiet withdrawal of all but 2500 troops, He did not just abandon an airbase, full of expensive tax payer funded supplies and equipment, everything from flack jackets to armored humvees and toyotas.
Afganistan has alot of rare earth minerals. Just wait Afgan little children will be mining for China.
Biden needs to be impeached.

greggie, get off the pot is you want anyone to take your comments seriously! Maybe I am wrong. Maybe it is LSD

ec Advisor Jake Sullivan: Joe Biden Has NOT Spoken with Any Other World Leaders Since Afghanistan Fell to the Taliban (VIDEO)

Google it to read. Biden also ignored his own intel people who warned him for over a month that the Afghan army showed no signs of being ready to resist the Taliban. He continued to say they were ready to secure everything. Blaming Trump doesn’t fly, it just shows desperation.

But is was idiot Biden that totally screwed up the plan, left before getting the civilians and allies out and didn’t hold the Taliban accountable for breaking the deal. The entire catastrophe is on idiot Biden. That’s why they’re all hiding.

There was no plan. What conceivable plan could have tidied up all loose ends satisfactorily by May 1st? Trump’s Afghanistan plan was as imaginary as the “cheaper and better alternative to Obamacare” that was ready to roll out, but never revealed.

It’s Biden without the plan. That Trump made me do it excuse from Joey Dementia doesn’t pass the smell test. It’s like the dog ate my homework excuse.
Pompeo would disagree with you about your no plan claim.
Leon Panetta called this Biden’s bay of pigs. Only in reality it’s worse.

There was a clear plan and Biden changed it.

Why don’t you grow up, be a man, and onw your mistakes.

Biden was not a viable candidate.

And our federal government has been taken over by a one party police state.

It is time for greg to sit down and shut up. His propaganda is not flying here

Yeah, so why not tell us about that plan? Feel free to speculate. All you have to do is suggest something that actually makes sense to anyone with a brain, who isn’t also one of Trump’s cult-like followers. (Those two mutually exclusive conditions are actually the trick part of the question, in case you missed it.)

THERE WAS NO DAMN PLAN. Any idiot can see that. After a surprise draw-down to only 2500 remaining boots on the ground weeks before Trump slipped away from Washington, refusing even to attend the inauguration, what conceivable plan could have tidied up all loose ends in Afghanistan satisfactorily by May 1st?

Trump’s Afghanistan plan was as imaginary as the “cheaper and better alternative to Obamacare” that was ready to roll out but never revealed.

You people are like dogs that can be fooled every time their master pretends to throw a stick. You learn nothing. You never wonder why there’s no stick there after you run to fetch it.

You do not know shit, zipperhead.

I’m not the one who can’t come up with an answer to the question, am I?

Why would anyone waste time talking to you about fake information

You can NEVER come up with an answer to a question.

Unfortunately for you, Trump’s plan to pull out of Afghanistan is pretty well documented.

Also, biased hangers on like you can’t argue against the vast success of Trump’s administration and building a strong economy infrastructure and culture.

He didn’t do much with healthcare, and that just doesn’t matter a goddamn bit.

Biden is an unelected disaster and needs to be removed so we can restore democracy in America.

Well documented? But you CAN’T EXPLAIN a damn thing about it, CAN YOU? No more than you can outline the details of Trump’s cheaper-and-better alternative to Obamacare.

Frickin’ idiots.

When the Afghani’s we’ll be flying out by the thousands start turning up in the United States, you’ll all start whining about lack of vetting, and how Biden is letting in a wave of potential terrorists. As if you ever actually cared about them in the first place. They’re just part of your propaganda meme. You think you’ve finally got The Big One.

biden fu€kup iraq with his butt buddie obama. So weak he could not negotiate a status of forces agreement
Now with a previous track record of failure he does it again in Afghanistan

That’s not an intelligent answer, moron. That’s an attitude. A three-year-old can have an attitude. Has it occurred to you that you HAVE NO ANSWER? None of you do.

comrade greggie poo: I see your mommy let you out to play today. how short is your leash? your intel is from cnn and the other bogus media propaganda mills. you need to invest in some accurate intelligence. now you can go back into the house and hide

Trump had a plan to safely leave Afghanistan.

I changed the plan like you changed everything good that Trump did.

This is Biden’s failure and Biden’s failure alone.

Who approves of Joe’s Afghan strategy?

Among Democrats, 48.2% disapprove, compared to just 39.8% who approve of Biden’s Afghan strategy.

Among GOP voters a stunning majority at 88.8% disapprove, while just 7.1% of Biden’s actions.

Numbers for political independents tilt closer to GOP figures, with a total of 74.8% disapproving of the handling of military operations, and 19.8% giving a nod of approval.

National Issues Survey – Afghanistan

And they weren’t even asked if Joe put our nation at higher risk for another big terror attack.

FBI’s Terrorist Screening Database lists people who have been allowed to cross our border recently, under Joe’s liberal open borders’ policy. According to the head of the Border Patrol, Rodney Scott, four men on this list were caught at the border just in a few days in August.

Yeah, we’re in new, worse peril.

This is what election fraud causes. The majority of American voters knew better, but Democrats used fraud to multiply their votes.

It is obvious that greg is desperate. His ramblings indicate he knows biden is on life support

biden should resign immediately to put this country out of the misery he alone has caused

Trump was the clear choice in 2020. Biden’s abject failures, as evident in his plummeting approval ratings, is even further validated by the fact that a federal judge has reinstituted the stay in Mexico policy from Donald Trump.

At this point it feels like Trump is still president, ultimately, because even the Democrats can’t deny that his policies were better and they are falling back on them.

I think Trump should start making weekly statements to the country and continue leading us in place of this imposter Biden.

That must be why Trump lost by a margin of 7 million votes.

Getty Images (08/17): "A man carries a bloodied child, as a woman lays wounded on the street after Taliban fighters use guns fire, whips, sticks and sharp objects to maintain crowd control over thousands of Afghans who continue to wait outside the Kabul Airport for a way out."— Ryan Saavedra (@RealSaavedra) August 17, 2021

@ Greg, That must be why Trump lost by a margin of 7 million votes. Prove it is all we ask.

“Biden admin depends on Taliban to give Americans ‘safe passage’ 6 weeks after Biden said he doesn’t trust them” -Fox News

Six weeks ago Biden trusted and lauded the Afghan army but said he didn’t trust the Taliban, getting angry when questioned about it.

Today, with his trust in the Afghan army utterly betrayed he now puts Americans at the tender mercies of the Taliban!

Who was Trump depending on when Pompeo cut a deal with them and Trump announced we’d all be out by May 1st? The 2500 troops he left?

No doubt Trump had a plan to get them all out by May 1st.

Pentagon says up to 22,000 ‘at-risk’ Afghans could be transported to US:

“Dem Senate Panels Demand Answers on Biden’s Failures in Afghanistan”


Democrat panels will hold a sham hearing and come to the conclusion that it was all Trump’s fault.

Your installed god had failed, greg.

This isn’t a joke anymore.

Biden’s regime is destroying the peace in the world, a peace maintained by Donald J. Trump.

You were/are wrong…about everything.

They knew this guy was a shitbag. They just had to stop the exposure of the establishment corruption. They don’t care what happens to the country or citizens; just protect the cabal.

If you thought Trump would fail as dynamic as your buddy Biden, greggie, you should have voted for Trump. You have no idea what Trump’s plans were. At least he had a plan compared to Biden’s no plan.

NatSec Advisor Jake Sullivan: Joe Biden Has NOT Spoken with Any Other World Leaders Since Afghanistan Fell to the Taliban

‘You Will Not Pin This Sh*t on Me!’ Kamala Harris Refused to Face American People as Afghanistan Collapsed

Jen Psaki Not Sure When Hidin’ Biden Will Return to the White House

Biden evacuated 800 last night and only 165 were American

ABSOLUTE HORROR: Biden Admin Sends Out Message to Thousands of Americans Trapped in Kabul – “We Cannot Guarantee Your Security”

Same goes for Americans at home.

Who Could Have Guessed it? Obama’s “Taliban Five” Were Instrumental in the Overthrow of Afghanistan

joe biden’s afghanistan legacy…
comment image

Excellent interview with John Solomon. biden is an outright liar…