It Doesn’t Matter Who Wins the Election – America Is on Borrowed Time


Four years ago, just prior to the elections, and I was among the many who believed that Hillary was most likely to win the election, I wrote The Moral Argument for “Let it Burn”. It’s a somewhat long piece, but in my humble opinion I’d argue was one of my best posts. The quick summary is that if our country is in an inevitable decline (which was slowed down, but hardly stopped by president Trump’s election), then we have a moral obligation to rip the band aid off as soon as possible rather than compound the amount of repair needed afterward. Our country has too many people smart enough, patriotic enough, and with the will to ensure that the idea of America endures. So why am I so convinced that we are on borrowed time?

The gang at Right Angle made an excellent video on a Politico piece pointing out that even if Biden wins he’s still screwed. I could have written a simple three-word summary, “He has dementia.” But of course they laid out may more practical reasons, such as GOP control of the Senate, the fact that Beijing Biden didn’t win by the sweeping mandate they promised, etc. Luckily, all the headaches President Trump would face are nothing different from what he’s been enduring for four years. And this time he’ll have enough DC experience to avoid the growing pains of his first year or two of adjusting from private sector to government. But America’s inevitable downfall goes beyond this election.

The Radical Left has overrun education, the media, and entertainment. Crushing American culture is huge, but not the end. Look at the Democratic Party and how far they’ve radicalized over the last two decades. Five years ago I pointed out that by 2015 standards Bill Clinton would have been branded as a Tea Party radical by Leftists. Since then, they’ve gone even more off the deep end – getting rid of the police while demanding that citizens disarm, the completely insane Green New Deal, supporting the destruction of predominately black neighborhoods, killing our energy industry, etc. Jim Geraghty offered some constructive criticism yesterday that will come off as hate speech to most Leftists. The flow of history tells us that at some point Democrats will come back into power, as in having the Presidency and both houses of Congress.

Look at what they did the last time they had this power in the first two years of Obama’s presidency – Obamacare, Dodd Frank, etc. A decade later Democrats don’t even try to hide how much they despise half of this country. And when it comes to pushing their radical agendas, they are smart and disciplined. Us Normals like to crow about the electoral bloodbath that Dems faced in 2010, but so what? They got Obamacare, and the feckless GOP has shown they have no stomach to repeal. The next time they come into power you can look no further than recently turned states like Virginia to see the destruction they’re ready to unleash on America. “So Bob,” you may be asking, “Are you saying we just give up?”


America is the greatest country to ever exist on this Earth. Have we been perfect? No. But no country has done more to spread freedom and prosperity in its relatively short existence than the USA. Even when the Democrat pathogen spreads across the country, the Normals will start exercising the power of “No.” We’ll start pushing back, for that matter we already are in terms of shunning the institutions that they’ve destroyed and building our own. I’m guessing that a Kurt Schlicter novel-esque split will happen into Red & Blue America. And eventually people will see which side governs better. Only this time Leftists will not be allowed to uncontrollably migrate from the states that they ruined, only to then vote in the same policies that ruined the s*** holes that their votes created.

There is a lot of pain ahead, but it won’t be the end of America. And we’ll be ready. But for now, we can start by following the sage advice of Warren Zevon. Because as David Mustaine once said, this one ain’t over ’til the fat lady dies.

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I don’t hear any kind of celebration or adulation from the Left. They know any “victory” they have lacks moral character, and if they somehow push their fraud election through, they really have nothing.

Trump is the outsider. That’s what informed, thoughtful Americans wanted as he started to reverse the corruption in our own government.

If the alligators in the swamp are that numerous, that large, that they could actually stage a sham election, than this is a bigger problem than we thought.

raBve Americans are going to roll up their sleeve and get to work, pulling these traitors and scum from our government. It won’t be pretty, but it will be done.

Trump is just the beginning.

@Nathan Blue: They have been staging sham elections for a long time The Disputed Election of 1876.
The news had to stop calling elections before the west coast polls were closed cause people were catching on.
There wasnt a single vote counted when the entire west coast was put into the Biden column.

@kitt: There’s too many cases now of potential voter fraud, on tape, so this election isn’t going to be valid…unless it goes to Trump. Yes, I said it.

All of this is the Democrat Party/Chinese coup that’s been building for years.

Covid was a convenient “disaster”, wasn’t it? LOL.

This was all a set up to hobble or even take over our nation.

I tell Left-wingers to just step back and look at the big picture. They don’t, but I still try.

It was clearly a coordinated attack in the swing states to ballot harvest and falsify the votes.

“Tell us how many votes Biden is down, and we’ll find that many votes overnight”

Any attempt to install Biden as President must be considered insurrection and stamped out, immediately.

At least it appears we have held the Senate. This should effectively prevent all those “fundamental changes” the Democrats were planning that would have put the final nails in the coffin of this nation. Pelosi, instead of expanding her majority, LOST seats, which should be viewed as a strong rebuke of her failures.

After two years of Biden, we’ll see another massive flip, or should. Then again, Biden should have never gotten close. A heavy dose of liberal failure and oppression should do the trick, but we actually have people that believe the liberal propaganda of the booming Obama economy. Breaking the hold of liberal propaganda on the populace is the key.

But, at least we know Democrats expect nothing short of perfection and success from a President, so we will as well. No mistake, no matter how minor, will be forgiven. No gaffe will be ignored (that could be a full time job) and the slightest hint of impropriety will be leapt upon with ravenous vigor. That should be pretty easy as well.

But don’t expect the media to honestly cover their massive mistake of installing Biden.

Yes, this nation is on its last legs. The assault of leftism is relentless. Their acceptance of unconditional means and methods can’t be defeated with Queensberry rules. When your opponent can cheat and be protected by a corrupt media, the game is pretty much up.

@Deplorable Me: We dont have the senate yet

What’s the real reality here. Over 50% of the electorate voted for a hard core Communist ticket that is going to try and strip our freedoms and finish turning us into a third world dictatorship.

That’s the reality and worse is in fact the end for this country as our forefathers fought for

@joetote: Don’t forget, most voters are uninformed and left intentionally ignorant my what passes as media, the propaganda provided by the Democrats. They’ve been told 93% of the time that Trump is bad and socialism is the cure for all our ills. Free means free and defund means…. not what it means.

The rigged election narrative has been promoted by Trump and his toadies for months now. It was a republican standby long before that. What it’s coming down to at the moment is an assertion that if Trump isn’t winning, the election is rigged.

It has come to the point where Trump is publicly demanding that the count be stopped. If you look closely at where the suits have been filed, however, you’ll find that the demand is more nuanced than that. What they want is for the count to stop in critical states where Trump has a lead, but continue where Biden has a narrow lead.

You can’t figure this out?

@Greg: No, when the AG of a battleground state says that no matter what, Biden will win, it kind of SCREAMS “voter fraud”. Then their foot soldiers do everything they can to verify that impression. Here’s some advice: when people give you example after example after example of their corruption, it probably indicates they are corrupt. The Democrats, unafraid of media exposure or being held accountable for ANYTHING, don’t even hide their corruption.

If it wasn’t for corruption there wouldn’t even be a Democrat party.

@Deplorable Me: #4
It doesn’t matter if we keep the Senate, if Biden is anointed.
In two years, the Democrats will turn their cheat machine on the Senate races, and they can concentrate their efforts in just a few states.
Keeping the Senate this time will only be a temporary bump in the downhill slide.

@Deplorable Me: #10
Two districts in Milwaukee had over 200% voter turnout.

90% voter turnout in Wisconsin explained as seven Milwaukee districts report higher than 100%

Yeah, totally legit.

@Deplorable Me, #10:

No, when the AG of a battleground state says that no matter what, Biden will win, it kind of SCREAMS “voter fraud”.

No Attorney General of any battleground state actually said that.

@Petercat, #12:

Two districts in Milwaukee had over 200% voter turnout.

That isn’t true, either. It’s disinformation. That’s the reason no documentation or source of any sort is provided to support the claim.

@Petercat: Hate to ask the writer for a link to the clerks page on that, I can believe 80 % for Biden in Milwaukee the pattern since the 60s is upload their numbers after the rest of the state. Our voter rolls are not clean by apx 250K voters.

@Deplorable Me:
Ah Greggie,

As Deplorable pointed out. Another mind numbed robot. Nothing changes with you does it?

As all leftists, you are correct and no one else matters. and forget the fact that you openly (although in a mild mannered way) express your distaste for the American ideals and free thought and speech. Oops. Unless it’s you and you’re like speaking

sometimes I wish I had more time to comment but as I have a working life, time is short. none the less I do miss his and the other leftist drivel

@Greg: #13
Here it is:

Suspicious! Milwaukee Voting Wards Reported More Presidential Votes Than Registered Voters

Feel free to deny and explain it away.

@kitt: #14
See my reply #16 to Greg above.


No Attorney General of any battleground state actually said that.

Yes the AG of Pa did.

Saying “nuh uh” isn’t a compelling argument, you communist idiot.


The rigged election narrative has been promoted by Trump and his toadies for months now.

The rigged election narrative was telegraphed by the Dems and their outlets when Hawkfish said Trump’s win would be a “mirage” and suddenly Biden votes would magically show up and have him winning. The point was to tell the American people they were going to cheat, but project this knowledge by asking Trump if he’d “hand over power”. Thus, they made their cult think Trump was seeding this idea, when it was them all along.

@Petercat: We are to believe the Democrat racist narrative that the Black vote (70% of Milwaukee) is totally suppressed by voter ID.
Yet they can scan their ID and get it to the Clerk via email to request an absentee ballot and turn out breaks all previous records when they cant (according to democrats) find a DMV for a free ID.
Your link only shows the guys own spreadsheet I was hoping for something a bit more official

@Petercat, #16:

That’s not documentation. That’s the source of the lie. There is no data graph, nor is there a link to the data such a graph would be based on.

@Nathan Blue, #18:

I’ve noticed no one has provided any links to any such statement made by the Pennsylvania Attorney General, either.

If this fraud is allowed to stand I have one hope for Trump and his family. I hope that he has his personal jet warmed up at Andrews AFB on January 20. I hope that he and his family immediately fly to a non-extradition country. If you think the last three years were bad wait until they can bring the full power of the gov’t against him. We are indeed headed to a banana republic.

Non-Extradition Countries: The Best Place To Run To

I’m sure there are a number on the long list where he already owns property and has assets stashed.

@Greg: Check the link in comment 20 all the information is public. Search away to your hearts content, not that you want proof as it could debunk your weak ass claims.
This was easy to find too
Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro predicted over the weekend that President Trump will lose Pennsylvania in Tuesday’s election if every vote in the battleground state is counted. (not every legal vote cast on time as per their laws)

“If all the votes are added up in PA, Trump is going to lose. That’s why he’s working overtime to subtract as many votes as possible from this process,” Shapiro said in a tweet Saturday afternoon.

Last week, Shapiro accused Trump of “actively trying to undermine this election” because he is unable to win Pennsylvania.

@kitt, #24:

I looked at the County Clerk’s posted results. I’m not certain what anomaly I’m supposed to be seeing, other than a very high voter turnout. Wisconsin often has high turnouts, and this election has been far more involving than usual. Everything I’ve seen indicates the get-out-the-vote effort in Milwaukee was extraordinarily aggressive on the part of both Democrats and Republicans.

I don’t actually see any of the discrepancies mentioned, where the total votes cast exceeded the reported number of registered voters. I don’t see any wards with 100 percent turnouts, let alone 202 percent.

The referenced article suggest the numbers were taken from some sort of plotted graph. I’ve never fount that, but deriving numbers from a graphic representation isn’t usually accurate. It generally works the other way around: a graph is intended to make accurate numbers easier to visualize.

There’s something I’m missing in the County Clerk’s posted results? I have no clue where evidence for the 202 percent claim is.

Nor have I seen any evidence suggesting voter fraud or fraud in the counting process. We’ve had record turnouts on both sides from the start. I think we’ve simply had a very close election. Biden’s margins have actually been far smaller than were expected. For me, that’s been the biggest surprise. The apparent electoral college anomaly came in the 2016 election. This time, the electoral college count is a much more accurate reflection of the popular vote count.

@Greg:Not 1 state has been called not 1, the media with their wildly wrong polls and Tech oligarchs dont get to do that.

That’s true. The counting continues. All that has happened is slight shift in who is presently in the lead. None of the states have certified their counts yet.


Nor have I seen any evidence suggesting voter fraud or fraud in the counting process.

That’s because after believing Mueller, Hillary, Obama, Comey, Brennan, Schiff, Pelosi and the liberal media, you have no idea what real fraud even is.

@Greg: Slight shift?
700 thousand in PA, 120K in WI, 100K in NC, Michigans a total mess, all well after the time when MSLSD was crying in 2016
We need to look at under votes in these areas.

@Deplorable Me:

I don’t see any evidence of fraud.

I looked through the Milwaukee ward totals and couldn’t see any with 100 percent turnouts, let alone the 202 percent someone had claimed.

What I see is a close, hotly contested election that has produced record turnouts on both sides. I expected nothing less.

@Greg: If there isn’t any fraud, Democrats are going out of their way to make it LOOK totally fraudulent. In fact, they BLOCK anything that would argue against fraud.


It has been predicted for many weeks now that absentee and mailed ballots would represent Democratic votes more than Republican, because Democrats have taken the COVID-19 risk in public settings far more seriously. That’s why there have been no large Democratic Party rallies. It was known ahead that the totals at the end of election day would heavily favor Trump, and then shift in Biden’s direction as absentee and mailed ballots were tabulated.

I’m sure there will be recounts. There usually are. I don’t expect the courts will support the throwing out of thousands of ballots. What should and shouldn’t be counted was addressed previously.


It has been predicted for many weeks now that absentee and mailed ballots would represent Democratic votes more than Republican, because Democrats have taken the COVID-19 risk in public settings far more seriously

Oh, and it’s a fertile opportunity for massive fraud.

Yeah, the left takes it so seriously that, on a daily basis, they have been protesting, rioting and looting in massive numbers. Because, you know… they care.

@Greg: The constitution never gave election rules and power to change them to the courts or election boards. If the courts uphold the constitution then we must abide by the election laws passed by state legislatures.
All Bidens army of lawfare lawyers running about getting courts to change election rules did is throw the process into chaos and push the country nearer to a civil war.
Wisconsin has election rules for recount we will expect those rules are followed.
We outside of Milwaukee are sick of their late night dumps they have become experts at past the last minute election changes.
Looks like ballot harvesting with the record numbers, illegal in our state.
Your baseless brainfart on who is more careful of covid are not backed up with our testing as Milwaukee accounts for 1/4 of all cases in Wisconsin, 10% of the population.

@kitt, #35:

State Supreme Courts are the arbiters of state laws, just as our federal Supreme Court is the arbiter of federal laws. That is ENTIRELY constitutional. Legislatures do not have the final say.

If circumstances arise that result in a law having what is determined by a court to be an unconstitutional effect, the court may address those circumstances with a ruling and an order that alleviates the problem. Generally legislatures will then address this with changes to the problematic law.

@Greg: Might I remind you that the Federal government had the power to make sure elections in the South (back when Democrats controlled all those states and institutionalized racism) were fair and equitable and intervened to make sure the everyone’s vote counted? Looks like Democrats are back up to their old tricks.

@Greg: There has not been a constitutional question about these laws prior. It was wholly unconstitutional to alter the law and allow changes only months before an election.
It took from 2011 law passes to 2014 to add voter ID in Wisconsin, how are these changes swept in so quickly without any legislation.

@kitt, #38:

COVID-19 was the change in circumstances that turned a previously reasonable deadline into a obstacle for citizens wanting to exercise their right to vote. Unusually large turnouts were rightly anticipated. There were many indications that the pandemic could make crowded polling places a serious risk for viral spread all across the country. There were also many warning signs that the postal system would be pushed beyond it’s abilities to assure timely delivery. So, laws that imposed overly-strict deadlines did become a constitutional issue. They would effective disenfranchise millions of fully qualified voters. The courts agreed with that reasoning.

The COVID-19 rate of infection is presently surging. This is not imaginary. Every crowded place adds to the problem.

@Greg: The same deadlines that have always been they just cant change the rules willy nilly. The constitution never says except when. We voted through the Spanish flu. over 600 thousand dont go to the grocery store? That was the lead on election night. All your twisted logic is just insane.

@Greg: I wonder why tens of thousands protesting, rioting and looting isn’t expected to spread the virus but people standing in line social distancing and wearing masks is a risk? Democrats exaggerated fears to make vote by mail viable, then exploited it for fraud. Now they are doing exactly what I said they would; determine how many votes they need and start generating them.

The Democrats, expecting Biden’s scandals and stupidity to slam into his candidacy at any time, began the voting weeks ago. There’s no reason for late votes or allowing three extra days to collect more. It’s all for fraud.

November 6, 2020 – Fox News Anchor Debunks Trump’s Bogus Poll Watcher Claims Peddled by Fox

During a Friday report on the latest developments in Pennsylvania, Fox News host Dana Perino brought up Team Trump’s complaints about poll watchers, adding that the campaign is being asked to provide evidence of fraudulent activity that “they say they were not able to see.”

“That’s not true,” Shawn quickly shot back. “That’s just not true. The election poll watchers, they’re called canvass watchers, Republicans have been in this room, in that room, where they are supposed to be, standing alongside with the Democrats.”

Explaining that there’s a segregated area in the ballot processing center for the observers, Shawn declared that the “claims from the president about that is not true—it is false.” The Fox weekend anchor then explained that the Trump campaign lawyers were forced to admit that in court on Thursday.

Republican poll watchers have been present throughout the counting process.


Republican poll watchers have been present throughout the counting process.

Well, actually that’s false and documented false.

@Greg: Its all imaginary a great fraud,

OK, here we go. Smoking gun. Jackpot.

Right from the horse’s mouth. Right from the man we’re told is the number-one COVID expert in the nation. What Fauci says is golden truth.

Well, how about THIS?

July 16, 2020, podcast, “This Week in Virology”: Tony Fauci makes a point of saying the PCR COVID test is useless and misleading when the test is run at “35 cycles or higher.” A positive result, indicating infection, cannot be accepted or believed.

Here, in techno-speak, is an excerpt from Fauci’s key quote (starting at about the 4-minute mark):

“…If you get [perform the test at] a cycle threshold of 35 or more…the chances of it being replication-confident [aka accurate] are miniscule…you almost never can culture virus [detect a true positive result] from a 37 threshold cycle…even 36…”

Each “cycle” of the test is a quantum leap in amplification and magnification of the test specimen taken from the patient.

Too many cycles, and the test will turn up all sorts of irrelevant material that will be wrongly interpreted as relevant.

That’s called a false positive.

What Fauci failed to say on the video is: the FDA, which authorizes the test for public use, recommends the test should be run up to 40 cycles. Not 35.

Therefore, all labs in the US that follow the FDA guideline are knowingly or unknowingly participating in fraud. Fraud on a monstrous level, because…

Millions of Americans are being told they are infected with the virus on the basis of a false positive result. A symptomatic cases are false positives to create panic before the election.