Eric Ciaramella’s lawyer is one weird guy



Gregg Jarrett of Fox News posted an article in which he argues that Eric Ciaramella, the alleged whistleblower, is not entitled to anonymity under Federal statutes.

If they had done so, they would have discovered that nowhere in the Intelligence Community Whistleblower Protection Act (ICWPA) is anonymity even mentioned. Nor is it found in Presidential Policy Directive 19, which also provides specific whistleblower protections.

The Inspector General Act of 1978 prohibits the inspector general from releasing the name of a complainant, but this applies to no one else.

Under this framework, whistleblowers are granted certain rights against retaliation or reprisal in the workplace. In other words, they cannot be demoted, transferred, fired or otherwise penalized for filing a complaint that meets the statutory whistleblower requirements.

However, identity protection is neither provided for, nor contemplated, anywhere in the language.

Further, Ciaramella doesn’t even meet the guidelines to be a whistleblower

As I first explained in a column six weeks ago, the so-called “whistleblower” is not a whistleblower at all. The complaint he filed against President Trump does not meet the two requisite conditions set forth in the ICWPA. That is, the alleged wrongful conduct must involve intelligence activity and it must be committed by a member of the intelligence community.

This was meticulously explained in an 11-page opinion by the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) when it issued the following opinion: “The president is not a member of the intelligence community, and his communication with a foreign leader involved no intelligence operation or other activity aided at collecting or analyzing foreign intelligence.”

The OLC opinion made it clear that the complaint by the so-called “whistleblower” regarding Ukraine was so deficient that Congress should never have been notified. The acting director of national intelligence agreed with this assessment. The legal analysis and reasoning was sound.

That being said, Ciaramella is being represented by Mark Zaid. You will remember that back in 2017 almost immediately after Trump was Zaid tweeted the coup has started:

Zaid has appeared on CNN at least 11 times since then and said this:

Mark Zaid, the attorney representing the whistleblower at the center of the Democrats’ ongoing impeachment inquiry, has said CNN “will play a key role” in removing President Trump from office, and the liberal network has repeatedly given him a platform by booking him as a guest.

“I predict @CNN will play a key role in @realDonaldTrump not finishing out his full term as president,” Zaid tweeted in July 2017, one month after he made an appearance on the network.

Zaid has appeared as a guest on CNN at least 11 times since the start of 2017, when he predicted a “coup” just months after Trump was sworn in.

Recently some very interesting information regarding Zaid has come to light. Zaid boasts about getting security clearances for those having child porn issues:



He likes going to Disney by himself and check out his faves

Note how he feels when he is the target of an anonymous hit:


No sh*t. And my favorite:



The irony is delicious.

This is a very strange person. How does someone like this become a “national security lawyer”?




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This is a very strange person. How does someone like this become a “national security lawyer”?

With liberal approval. Isn’t it also odd that the party that doxxes and celebrates doxxing people think this whistle blower deserves anonymity?

The so-called GoFundMe account for his “whistleblower” is set up specifically to help HIM, not the whistleblower!
Also it was set up before the “whistleblower” ever came forward with a complaint.
It has many names associated with it not all of them tax deductible.
Lastly, since no one has called on this “whistleblower” to testify as to what he knows and how he knows it, he is NOT a whistleblower at all.
He is a gossip.
He should have no right to anonymity.
His name is Eric Ciaramella.

@Nan G: Regardless they will get Soros to donate if its for the law firm not the weasel zipper CIA operative spying in the USA it wont be shut down.

Legally, the CIA is not permitted to collect intelligence on U.S. citizens. The CIA collects foreign intelligence through HUMINT outside the US. Therefore, they are not legally allowed to “spy” domestically (within the US).
hmmm Wasnt the CIA caught spying on congress and the supreme court did they ever stop that?