It’s time to hold politicians accountable for their actions. It’s time to make them feel the pain they cause.



democrats once again are all for accountability. They want to make gun manufacturers liable for the crimes committed in the misuse of weapons:

A group of congressional Democrats announced Tuesday a new push to repeal a long-standing provision of federal law that protects firearms manufacturers from being sued when their products are misused.

The “Equal Justice for Victims of Gun Violence Act” was originally introduced by Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff of California in 2017.

On Tuesday, Schiff announced he had re-introduced the bill and rallied in Washington, D.C., along with Democrat Sens. Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy of Connecticut and Reps. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell of Florida, Jason Crow of Colorado and Dwight Evans of Pennsylvania.

Legislators were joined by members of March For Our Lives, Newtown Action Alliance, Everytown For Gun Safety, Moms Demand Action and the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

Blumenthal and Schiff framed the issue as part of congressional Democrats’ efforts to pass gun control legislation, they said at the news conference announcing the bill.

And here’s the key line:

After listing major shooting incidents, Schiff said, “These deaths are preventable.”

I don’t know how you hold a manufacturer accountable for the misuse of anything. More people are killed by fists and hammers than by assault rifles.

With newer crime statistics now out for 2012, Breitbart News can report that more people are killed each year with fists and hammers than are killed with rifles or shotguns.

According to the FBI, there were a total of 625 murders committed with rifles and shotguns in 2012. That breaks down to 322 murders that were rifle related and 303 that were shotgun related.

The total number of deaths committed with fists, hammers, and other blunt objects was 1,196. That breaks down to 518 murders related to hammers and blunt objects and 678 related to fists.

Taken together, the rate of murder by fists and hammers was nearly 100 percent higher than the rate of murder by rifles or shotguns.

Ever hear of a democrat wanting to hold hammer manufacturers accountable for that? of course not.

The execrable Adam Schiff said this about guns:

“Under state and federal law, we require and expect every other industry, whether car-makers or drug companies, to act with reasonable care for public safety,” he said, adding that the legislation was needed “to correct the error that Congress made in 2005.”

He added that this piece of legislation was designed to “ensure that victims of gun violence can have their day in court.” (emphasis mine)

Well, as long as we are talking accountability, I strongly believe politicians should be held responsible for their actions. Specifically, I think any politician in favor of illegal alien immigration should be held accountable and responsible for the actions of those illegals.

Here’s a sample of illegal alien crimes from April:

  • On April 2, Miguel Martinez was arrested in Louisiana on 100 counts of possession of pornography of children under the age of 13, one count of production of child pornography, and one count of sexual battery of a child under the age of 13. Martinez, an illegal alien, was deported in 2005 and remains a registered sex offender in California, a sanctuary state.

  • On April 3, 2019, thirteen-year-old Mariana Pérez Borroto was struck and killed by an illegal alien from Argentina while riding her bicycle to school in Kissimmee, Florida. The suspect, Micaela Coronel, had overstayed a work visa and was driving without a license. ICE has placed a detainer on Coronel so she will be deported regardless of whether there is a conviction.

  • Illegal alien Laura Rosas killed Emmanuel Ramirez by running him over twice with her vehicle outside of the OK Corral nightclub in Fort Worth, Texas, on April 8, 2019. Rosas has been charged with murder and is being held on a $200,000 bond. ICE has also placed a detainer on her.

  • Juan Francisco, an illegal alien from Guatemala, killed Debbie Burgess in a hit-and-run in Knoxville, Tennessee, on April 8. Francisco’s criminal history includes a 2017 DUI conviction, a 2004 reckless driving charge, and a 2002 theft charge. Despite a 2002 warrant stating is illegal status, Francisco was never deported. As of this writing, Francisco is still being sought by the authorities.

  • On April 12, 2019, illegal Honduran alien Carlos Zuniga-Aviles kicked his girlfriend’s four-month-old son to death in Memphis, Tennessee. Zuniga-Aviles reportedly killed the infant, Alexander Lizondro-Chacon, because the boy was fathered by another man. The illegal alien had been deported from the U.S. five times (in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015, and December 2016).

There’s a load more here. They rape children. They kill. They steal. Democrats have an agenda that prioritizes illegal aliens over American citizens.

Back in March democrats wanted to expand background checks for gun purchases

The Democratic-controlled House of Representatives recently passed a gun control bill, H.R. 8, the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019, which would establish new requirements for background checks of individuals who purchase, or are given, weapons from other private parties. Although a variety of amendments were introduced and accepted that would carve out certain common-sense exceptions, such as a gift hunting rifle from father to son, or inheritances, in my personal opinion it’s still not really a good bill because the only people ever likely to obey such a law are the law-abiding. How do you make criminals subject themselves to background checks to obtain weapons if they know that they aren’t going to pass them?

But not for illegal aliens:

Seeking to instill a little balance into the bill, Rep. W. Gregory Steube (R-Fla.) introduced an amendment, the focus of which is easy to understand: It requires that whenever any gun purchase is imminent — whether between private parties, or individuals and licensed firearms dealers, or whomever — a comparison of data is made between the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) database of immigration violators. When there is a match indicating that an alien illegally in the country is attempting to buy a firearm, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents would be notified so that the attempted purchaser could be apprehended and prosecuted and/or removed.

Ironically, as Steube notes, the amendment was based on language introduced by two House Democrats, Reps. David Cicilline (D-R.I.) and Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), who is now chairman of the House Judiciary Committee — yet both of them voted against Steube’s amendment.

Democrats already defeated Kate’s Law:

The measure would expand maximum sentences for foreigners who attempt to re-enter the country, legally or illegally, after having been deported, denied entry or removed, and for foreign felons who attempt to re-enter the country. It appears unlikely to pass the Senate, where Democrats have vowed to filibuster it.

democrats even go so far as to protect the right of illegals to vote:


They protect illegals at the cost of American lives.  Worst of all, they don’t get to personally feel the pain of their actions. They don’t have to account for the pain they cause. They don’t care about the loss of an American child.

It is time that America demand that politicians be held to the same accountability and responsibility as they seek for everyone else. Democrats so supportive of illegals should be held legally liable for their actions.

Were it up to me, for every American killed by an illegal alien a democrat politician would be imprisoned. Truth be known, I want worse than that. They need to feel the pain they cause.

Then we’d see how quickly things would change. We citizens have rights too, the right not to be made a victim of liberal largesse one of them.

As Jeff Session said, “The illegal immigrant crime rate in this country should be zero.”

They should not be here. Period.


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It is past time we make the government work FOR the citizens, their bosses. Seems they all work for NGOs. Once citizen organizations also have morphed into anti-American subversives. The ACLU is terrible, serving only interests of subversives and traitors.

“Equal Justice for Victims of Gun Violence Act”

Equal justice would be for the surviving victims or their survivors shooting the criminals. Or, they could shoot the legislators that pass laws leaving defenseless against criminals and gangs, that hand out light sentences to criminals convicted of gun crimes and liberal social engineering designed to maintain a level of poverty that guarantees ongoing dependency on and support for Democrats.

After listing major shooting incidents, Schiff said, “These deaths are preventable.”

So is every death at the hands of illegal immigrants. Is Schiff and his shifty bunch of anti-border security American haters to be held responsible for each of THOSE preventable deaths? Notice how Democrats squealed when Trump began shipping loads of illegal immigrants to their liberal enclaves? Yeah, charity is great… as long as it is being squeezed out of someone else and people they don’t know are who suffer for it.

@kitt: The ACLU is partially responsible for the Sandy Hook shootings, blocking Nancy Lanza’s efforts to have her son institutionalized. It cost her and 27 others their lives. But, of course, the NRA and a gun was blamed.

@Deplorable Me: Since the closing of asylums the patients have become democrats and community organizers.
Who would think they could impeach a Republican President for crimes done by Democrats?

A few days ago AOC threatened: give me a raise (COLA) or I will corruptly take “dark money.”
Instead of that, it has been suggested that ALL House members be paid the mean or average income of the people in their home district.
If you see the TV show, Bar Rescue, the rescuer makes a big point about the income of the district the failing bar is in, usually it varies between $38,000 and $78,000.
That’s far lower than Congressional starting pay of $176,000.
More congress people would be living in their offices, sure.
But, they’d be focused on their job of improving the lives of Americans since that would get them a raise!

Crenshaw’s “reaffirmation” was nothing more than cheap political stunt calculated to draw attention to Henshaw, and to create an opportunity for democrats to be falsely accused of not supporting the principle. It’s already illegal for aliens to vote “…in any election held solely or in part for the purpose of electing a candidate for the office of President, Vice President, Presidential elector, Member of the Senate, Member of the House of Representatives, Delegate from the District of Columbia, or Resident Commissioner.”

Illegal voting by aliens is so rare as to be statistically insignificant—that is, it doesn’t happen often enough to affect the outcome of elections. Numerous studies have supported that conclusion. It has also been demonstrated by the failure of republicans to prove otherwise, despite much effort expended to find examples. When they do finally manage to find such cases, their frustration sometimes shows in the uncalled for severity of the punishment. It’s probably fortunate that they don’t have stadiums and lions at their disposal.

The next time you go to the ballot box, maybe you should remember the taxpayer-funded time that Crenshaw just wasted motioning for the reaffirmation of a law that already exist, with punishments that are already sufficient.


It’s already illegal for aliens to vote

But numerous Democrats want to change that, ID’s such as drivers licenses are handed out which would allow them to register to vote and circumvent any voter ID regulations, so it is (absurdly, thanks to liberals) necessary to make a law affirming that a law be respected.

For the record, it is illegal for illegal immigrants to BE HERE, but that hasn’t stopped Democrats from creating sanctuary cities, immigration loop holes and rendering our borders open and defenseless to welcome in MORE, not to mention them blocking efforts to capture and deport criminal illegal immigrants.

Kind of blows a hole in your little “it’s already against the law” diatribe, doesn’t it?

Illegal voting by aliens is so rare as to be statistically insignificant

Oh? How many vote? How many voted in California in 2016? How many voted in 2018? Oh… that’s right. States like California would not participate in a study of illegal immigrants voting… probably because there aren’t any, right? We DO know this, though; Democrats ENCOURAGE illegal immigrants to vote.

California to pay for health care for illegal immigrants while using voter fraud to enable them to vote

Pelosi pushing for allowing illegal immigrants to vote

95,000 illegal immigrants registered to vote, 58,000 illegal immigrant votes in Texas

California uses “dreamers” in their vote harvesting voter fraud

Did Ballot-Harvesting By Illegals Flip Elections To Democrats?

Illegal immigrants voting, voters registered in multiple states, etc. etc

How Many Elections Will The Democrats Steal?

Democrats come right out and say it; they want illegal immigrant votes to count

Texas poll worker allowing illegal immigrants to vote

California giving drivers licenses and registering to vote thousands of illegal immigrants

DHS detects millions of illegal immigrant votes

Philadelphia’s wide open registration system allows for illegal voting

Illegal votes possibly swung elections in New Hampshire

Obama encourages illegal immigrants to vote; no repercussions

Criminal President Obama Encourages Illegal Aliens to Vote – Promises No Repercussions (VIDEO)

And there’s more. Much more. But sometimes I can’t post when too many links are included.

The next time you go to the ballot box, maybe you should remember the taxpayer-funded time that Crenshaw just wasted motioning for the reaffirmation of a law that already exist, with punishments that are already sufficient.

What I’ll be thinking about is how Democrats encourage illegal immigrants to vote and negate (disenfranchise) tax paying citizen’s votes, all while useful idiots like yourself pretend to care about “law and order”.

@Greg: I suppose you missed the stories about Democrat politicians not only supporting open borders and sanctuary cities, but also pushing to legalize their voting as well as give them driver’s licenses by default. In fact, that last one is already happening in AT LEAST one state – the motivation for this is obvious too. You can prescribe motivations all day, but the most obvious one is almost always going to be the real motivator. “God’s children” and all that rubbish they repeat about illegal immigrants, gang members, and murderers. Hell, Bernie Sanders actually suggested they allow FELONS CURRENTLY SERVING TIME to vote. Oh he’s so caring! … does anyone ACTUALLY believe that? Not conscious people, at any rate.

Look, you say “falsely accusing” democrats of not supporting the principle …(s) – but it’s plain to see they don’t support any of what they SAY they do, for the reasons they claim they do. For the vast majority of people I personally know, who aren’t easily fooled by nice words whose actions do not match them, this is as transparent as can be, and the more absurd these democrats get with their proposals the clearer it becomes. We’re at a point already where not noticing and acknowledging this is only possible among people who don’t even watch news on any network, or are intentionally ignorant of what their elected officials have been doing vs. what they’ve been saying.

Think about it. Allowing illegals to vote, open-borders, forced demographic change, being extremely soft on even violent and sex crimes, repealing the 2nd amendment and gun “buybacks”, suppression of the FIRST amendment such as we see at literally every democrat event / rally / march EN MASS… what do all of these actions that they indisputably take have on common? Every last one of them is a means of dividing the populace and pitting them against each other, as well as neutering their ability to fight back in a situation where they otherwise would forcefully object – in other words, control.

You can look at every last action they take, instead of their lip service, and you can see their desire to keep a hold on / increase their power is the core and often sole motivation for doing all the outrageously crazy and dangerous things they do. Free stuff? make people dependent on them = power. Increasing a wholly democrat voter base of non-citizens because they continually promise them everything we have (and don’t have) = power. Being soft on violent crime and allowing felons to vote? obviously more voters, but also power. It’s pretty convenient when one political party already has an ever increasingly violent para-military wing that is not DIRECTLY associated with them and taking orders directly from them, but carries out their will against their political opponents 100% of the time.

Funny, as violent as “white nationalists” and all that other make-believe nonsense supposedly are, you don’t see mobs of conservatives out on the street attacking every liberal in sight. Why is that, I wonder? Look up the definition of conservative if you actually do wonder – mine was rhetorical.

My point is, literally every action that the general public deem dangerous or crazy serves this one overarching purpose, and that it does is indisputable – you can argue whether or not it’s their MOTIVE – but that’s irrelevant when the outcome is more violence against innocents, and a stranglehold on power in a system designed to divide that power among the populace, something it’s failing at right now, thanks to the leniency we Americans show literally everyone by default. I suspect those times are coming to an end, very soon, though.

Now, I don’t like or trust Crenshaw, but your insight as to the poor victimized democrats is what I just had to comment on… it’s absolute nonsense from any remotely realistic perspective… they don’t NEED to be falsely accused, what they do and propose on a daily basis is enough to criticize.

I see now that someone already gave a very thorough response, but since I typed it, it’d be a waste to not post the comment.

I would like to know when they are going to hold the criminals accountable. That includes the demoncratic socialists.

@Charles D. Wilfong: Not until we put people that enforce our laws back in charge of our government. Right now we have a Democrat party in charge of the government that uses laws to beat down opposition and nothing else. This gives them the incentive to violate even MORE laws.