If Trump’s wall was built, that little girl would still be alive



The Washington Post, which every day acts more and more like an integral part of the democrat party, generated an article that is as offensive as it was misleading.

Got that? The Border Patrol killed her, right? The Border Patrol refused her water for days, right?

Except that’s not what happened.

The Washington Post’s article led with concerns that the child’s death, which occurred a week prior to publication, would lead to scrutiny of conditions at detention centers for families crossing the border into the United States. It read:

The child’s death is likely to intensify scrutiny of detention conditions at Border Patrol stations and CBP facilities that are increasingly overwhelmed by large numbers of families seeking asylum in the United States.

But then

But beginning in the fourth paragraph, the Washington Post’s own report refutes the notion that Border Patrol bears responsibility for the girl’s death.

Noting that she began to suffer from seizures just over eight hours after being taken into custody and that her temperature quickly spiked to 105.7 degrees, WaPo reported that emergency responders were called right away and the girl was revived and taken to a hospital.  She died within 24 hours of being transported, and Border Patrol records show that she had not been given food or water for several days prior.

The WaPoo put out a deliberately misleading article and lamebrained liberals jumped all over it.

The girl and her family entered the US illegally, of course, and her father said nothing of her being ill for seven hours after being placed in custody:

CBP officials stated that the father of the seven-year-old girl who died in Border Patrol custody on December 7 claimed she was in good health until seven hours after they were apprehended. The father made mention of the girl being sick as they began a two-hour bus ride from the forward operating base to the Lordsburg Border Patrol Station.

Despite their trespass in a remote area, the group of 163 illegals was properly processed:

Due to the remote location, only four Border Patrol agents were available at the time for processing this group of migrants, the official stated. During the initial screening, the agents asked the migrants a series of 20 questions concerning their health and other demographic information. Officials said the agents asked the father the questions in Spanish and translated his answers to English for documentation on the form. The father reportedly checked the box on the I-779 immigration form that said his daughter had no current illnesses.

The CBP did not kill this little girl. Her father did. His desire to enter the US illegally put her in jeopardy and he bears the blame for her death. No on else does. In fact, the CBP has rescued 4300 illegals from life threatening situations in 2018. The Washington Post is a disgrace, and so are all the morons who jumped aboard the stupid train, including one hillary clinton.

The biggest irony?

Had Trump’s wall been built, that little girl would still be alive.

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WaPo kicking America in the teeth again Its a thing with them.
I hope they deport the father ASAP

The left LOVES tragedies like this. It’s why they organized the “caravan” (invasion) and pushed it north in the first place; they were hoping people would die at the border trying to get across or, best case scenario, some killed by the military. This is all solely about provocation and challenging Trump; no matter what he does or how he reacts, it will be wrong, inhumane, racist and hateful.

Any of the deaths and all of the misery is the result of the left using illegal immigrants as political pawns, tools and weapons. The real outrage from the left is due to there not being MORE deaths to exploit.

AJ; the liar defending liars.

@kitt: WaPo is only surviving because bezos is funding it. If they didn’t have a sugar daddy, they would have already gone under

@Redteam: All liberal propaganda media is suffering finacial problems but they are billionaires toys so they will continue.