This is the kind of talk that leads to violence


The press now is just about 100% anti-Trump. I just watched Sarah Sanders field a question about Trump “toning it down.” The press says more civility is needed. Well, let’s have a look at some talk that could easily lead to violence.

“We don’t blame Trump” says the press.

WaPo’s Rubin: Instead of Having Popular Positions, Republicans Lie About the Ones They Have

GQ’s Julia Ioffe: Trump ‘Has Been Trafficking in’ ‘Anti-Semitic Tropes’

Establishment Media Blame Trump for Anti-Semitic Attack: ‘He Makes This Possible’

Delingpole: Trump’s ‘Rhetoric’ Caused All This Violence, New Yorker Editor Explains

MSNBC’s Heilemann: Trump ‘Is Obviously a Racist’ — He ‘Obviously Condones Anti-Semitism’

MSNBC’s Rick Wilson: Trump ‘Is a Quivering Blob of Man Baby Goo’

‘Morning Joe’: Trump’s Baseball Tweet ‘a Message to White Nationalists’

New York Times publishes fictional story on Trump assassination


And just about ANYTHING from the Washington Post

Sarah Sanders walked out of the briefing suggesting that just once the press could focus on the positives Trump has done for the country.

She was right.

If the media wants civility and less violence, it can end its hate filled anti-Trump crusade.This is the kind of rhetoric that leads to violence.

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Does anyone think such yellow journalism does not have an affect of poisoning the minds of people too ignorant to know better? These are comments from a NYT article about Trump wanting to go to Pittsburgh to show unity and sympathy. We see the effects of a steady diet of hateful propaganda coming out the other end in steaming piles. When we commence to “lowering the rhetoric”, how long before it might start taking affect?

Anne Jones Stewart Click “Like” if you don’t want Dump coming to your town. Ever. For any reason, unless that’s where the trial is being held.

Jeannette Festa Trump is not welcome in Pittsburgh…did he not get the message? Stay away. Until he disavows his white nationalist/neo-nazi agenda, affiliation and supporters. Fat chance he’ll ever do that. Stay away from Pittsburgh.

Steve Simon Let me guess. He will come to visit the Pittsburgh Jewish community at the synagogue, but somehow it will morph into another rally highly attended by white nationalists.

Kam Morris AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLERS OF PITTSBURGH UNITE: Do NOT clear He Who Shall Not Be Named’s aircraft for landing. REPEAT: Not cleared for landing. EVER! ✊

Ali-Lew Ogg I’m a Pittsburgher,!! His showing up is only going to draw his brainwashed supporters from nearby cities, who are going to incite racist and bigotry at a time when we’re mourning; people’s lives and our country’s state of affairs. The only good I see coming of it is hitting home our reason to VOTE BLUE NEXT WEEK.

Deborah Mulkey Narcissists cannot and will not ever feel or display empathy.
Spend their lives finding someone else to blame, starting at a surprisingly young age.
I think his father was a sociopath also.

If the media wants civility and less violence, it can end its hate filled anti-Trump crusade.This is the kind of rhetoric that leads to violence.

If we want civility, Hillary spelled out what is required; we have to surrender to the Democrat party. Then, as we saw under Obama, we have to align ourselves with their ideology or be labeled some variety of “ist”. No, thanks. If they want a battle, we can have a battle.

I see where Hollywood idiot James Cromwell its threatening Violence if Democrats lose so here is some Hollywood Airhead who stars in movies with talking piggies making a Threat He needs to be arrested for making a Terrorist Just another Hollywood scum sucker to boycott his putrid movies

Dr. John, do you believe President Trump has any obligation at all to set a civil tone?

@DrJohn: It’s funny that Trump is expected to be the only adult in a room full of misbehaved liberal children.


I admire your professional responsibility. But do you believe President Trump has any obligation at all to set a civil tone?

No one that has an ounce of sanity is even listening to the MSM , huffpo, wapo especially NYT. CNN has managed in the most twisted way to be all about them.
These news outlets are wonderful if you love to hear the POTUS bashed for anything he does.
They will soon be all made into total fools, for their willing part in trying to aid and abet in a coup.
Dont tune in dont click on their sites let them curl up in the corner and wither alone whimpering and defeated, it is all for ratings now. who can say the most disgusting drivel. Its even racist to meet with a group of young blacks at the White House says an old old burnt out race baiter they have as a token voice of a dying identity faction.

No one that has an ounce of sanity is even listening to the MSM , huffpo, wapo especially NYT.

Seriously? Even in these days of declining literacy levels* and declining newspaper sales, the New York Times still has a daily printed edition circulation of over half a million copies. It also has around 2.6 million digital subscribers.

*The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development found that 50% of U.S. adults can’t read a book written at an eighth-grade level. If you really want to make America great again, deal with this.

@Greg: The schools seem to have other priorities than to teach our children to read and preform math. Lets reform that and make sure all teachers can pass a standardized test not have to dumb any of the tests down. When Parents want to place their kids in charter schools there seems to be an issue with that too. The NYT is hardly educational reading material, unless you want the child to learn to hate the President.


But do you believe President Trump has any obligation at all to set a civil tone?

Miller: Toward the press? Not while this continues.

A few things wrong there DJ.

1) You’re saying that a sitting President can set a disorderly and uncivil tone in the event he isn’t pleased with what’s being reported about him.

That’s dumb.

2) Tweeter is not the press. Most every example you gave above were from opinions or editorials rather than actual reported news. You even had to invent or lift a fake caption from a nonexistent newspaper that ran a front page edition calling our fascist Nazi racist president a fascist Nazi racist rather than providing a real example.

You are a fraud on every front.

I voted for President Trump as I wanted SOMEONE to fight back against the dimocrats continuous attack on American values. I also wanted someone that was not, unlike all dim leaders and most GOPe leaders, owned by K Street, Wall Street, the lsm, the educational cabal, and hollyweird. He has done so magnificently and it is driving the dims nuts. Keep it up Mr. President!


No, I meant as part of his public persona, that would include his rallies. In your view, does the President of the United States have an obligation to set a civil tone?

Trump’s “values” are neither traditional conservative nor traditional American values. His words can’t be trusted. Consider his behavior, his actions, and their consequences. Those are the things that define who and what he is.

@Gary Miller: You sound like Accosta, you just cant take no as an answer, no he does not have to be civil to those that attack him non stop. Just keep asking the same question over and over like a dense drooling fool.

@Gary Miller:

I think @kitt: kinda nailed it.

That’s likely as coherent as you’ll get.

You’re dealing with abject cowards and profound liars here. That’s who they are.


Kitt, you’re a pretty nasty person. The question was directed to Dr. John, who seems to be unable to answer if the President is obligated to set a civil tone in public!

@Gary Miller: 18
Kitt is one of the nicest people here.
She just doesn’t suffer fools easily.
So of course the fools think she’s a nasty person.
I’ve always found her intelligent and rather charming.
And very entertaining, although that’s mostly due to the reactions of the Cake Boys here when she hurts their pwecious feewings.
And, no, the President has no more obligation to set a civil tone in public than any of your heroes have ever had.
“They bring a knife, we bring a gun”
“The Police acted stupidly”
“Bitterly clinging to their guns and religion”
Etc, etc Ad Nauseum.
You’re funny, Gary.

@Petercat: Yes I am everything Hillary accused us all of. You wont catch me being Nasty with a poorly knitted hat on, not as long as I have my red baseball cap. Poor remedial just doesnt get it #3, 7 and 14
Answered in #5 and 8.
Going to vote next Tuesday, are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet.
Happy Halloween
Trick-or-treat is based at Grandma Kitts house

@Gary Miller: I agree, @kitt: , comparing someone to Acosta IS pretty nasty and low-down. Sheesh.

In my opinion, Trump is only obligated to treat the media… or anyone else… with as much civility, courtesy and respect as they show him. At least he doesn’t stoop to their level and LIE about them.

@Deplorable Me:Me? I am sweet and kind heres some Ice Cream for you
Its chock full of nuts.
Some of the proceeds will go to fund the caravan invasion, welcome refugee signs, ect.

@Gary Miller:

Trump answered your question in an interview with Axios which will air this weekend. It’s not a matter of obligation to the country for Trump but rather what’s advantageous for him.

VandeHei: To be honest, what scares the crap out of me is that when, if you’re saying, “enemy of the people, enemy of the people” —

Trump: Well I have to fight back. You’re right —

VandeHei: Hold on a second. God forbid that like somebody — you’ve got fervent supporters. They love you. Listen to you. “Enemy of the people” —

Trump: They like me more because of that.

VandeHei: They like you more, but what happens if all of a sudden someone gets shot? Someone shoots one of these reporters?

Trump: I fully —

VandeHei: You don’t think we’re the “enemy of the people,” do you?

Trump: I don’t. I don’t. But if you gave me false reports, I would say that’s not a good thing for our country.

VandeHei: But don’t you worry at all? You are like the most powerful man in the world. And if you say that word, “enemy, enemy, enemy” — literally tens of thousands of people go into a stadium to listen to you. And then people go on social media and get themselves so jazzed up. There’s gotta be a part of you that’s like, “damn, I’m scared that someone is going to take it too far.”

Trump: Jim, it’s my only form of fighting back. I couldn’t be here if I did that.

VandeHei: You won! You have the presidency!

Trump: No, no, no. But I did this before I won.

@Ajay42302: Sure seems to be a rude person cutting off answers and trying to put words in Trumps mouth.
No he is not going to lay down and let the hostile hateful media walk all over him…get over it.
He is right we love him more for it, accept that as well. He is super popular hauls in 10s of thousands to his rallys.
Poor Media no matter how they lie and attack he is getting MORE popular, every word Trump says is recorded, so when they lie we turn the channel, maybe go stream another Trump rally.

@Ajay42302: Exactly, there is your answer. Trump never said the media is the enemy of the people; he said “FAKE NEWS” (lies) is the enemy of the people. So, those who promote the LIE that Trump ever said the media is the enemy of the people is who is trying to divide, incite and promote violence.

Greg doesn’t have the courage to address the question of, without specificity, if the media lied, would that be bad for the public. I am SURE you lack the courage to answer that simple, harmless question.