Will you bloody democrats stop claiming that the GOP paid for the Trump dossier????



On yesterday’s America’s Newsroom on Fox, Sandra Smith had a segment in which Rich Lowry and democrat Ben Kissel were discussing the new Papadopoulos canard the NY Times is trying to sell as the spark for the FBI investigation of the Trump campaign.

Near the end of the segment Kissel reverted to parroting the claim that the GOP had paid for part of the Trump dossier.

That is completely false. One more time for you democrats:

Oct. 2015: It was reported late Friday that the Washington Free Beacon, a conservative website funded by GOP mega-donor Paul Singer, hired Fusion GPS to investigate Trump. Free Beacon’s editor said Friday that the research was standard opposition research and that it was not tied to the dossier work that would follow several months later. It is not clear what, if anything, Singer knew about Free Beacon’s hiring of Fusion. The hedge fund manager was Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s biggest backer.

Feb. 20, 2016: Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush drops from the Republican primary.

March: Fusion GPS approached Perkins Coie, the law firm for the Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee. Perkins Coie general counsel revealed this week that Fusion offered to continue Trump opposition research it had started while working for a Republican candidate.

March 15: Florida Sen. Marco Rubio drops from the Republican primary after losing to Trump in his home state.

April: Perkins Coie, using money from the Clinton campaign and DNC, hires Fusion GPS. Marc Elias, a Perkins Coie partner and general counsel for both the campaign and DNC, would serve as the bagman.

That month, Federal Election Commission records show that the Clinton campaign paid Perkins Coie a total of $150,000 for legal services. The DNC paid the firm around $107,000. It is unclear how much of that went to Fusion GPS. Both the campaign and DNC would pay Perkins Coie hundreds of thousands more dollars throughout the campaign.

May: Free Beacon ends its contract with Fusion.

June: Fusion GPS hires former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele and his London-based firm, Orbis Business Intelligence, to investigate Trump’s ties to Russia. Steele discloses this in court filings earlier this year as part of a lawsuit he faces over the dossier. Steele said he worked for Fusion GPS from June through November.

June 20: Steele writes first memo of the dossier. It alleges that Trump used prostitutes during a visit to Moscow in 2013 and that the Kremlin was blackmailing him with the evidence. The memo also alleges that the Trump campaign was engaged in a well-orchestrated collusion campaign with Russian operatives.

July 5: Steele provides his research to an FBI contact, The New York Times has reported. The documents made their way to FBI counterintelligence chief Peter Strzock two weeks later.

July: Chatter began appearing on social media referring to damning information about Trump’s ties to Russia. Republican strategist Rick Wilson told The New York Times back in January, after the dossier was published, that he was first asked about the document by a reporter in July.

July 26: A Wall Street Journal reporter contacts Carter Page, a Trump campaign adviser, about allegations made about him in the dossier. Page disclosed that detail last month in a lawsuit he filed against the parent company of Yahoo! News, which republished claims from the dossier last September.

Late July: The FBI opens a counterintelligence investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian government.

Aug. 25: Then-CIA Director John Brennan briefs then-Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid about possible links between Trump associates and Russian operatives. According to The New York Times, officials in the meeting said that Brennan “indicated that unnamed advisers to Mr. Trump might be working with the Russians to interfere in the election.”

September: The FBI obtained a surveillance warrant from a judge on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court on Carter Page. The application for the warrant reportedly cited the dossier as evidence.

Please note: Carter Page, Carter Page, Carter Page. No George Papadopoulos. Andy McCarthy:

Back then, no fewer than six of the Times’ top reporters, along with a researcher, worked their anonymous “current and former law enforcement and intelligence officials” in order to generate the Page blockbuster. With these leaks, the paper confidently reported: “From the Russia trip of the once-obscure Mr. Page grew a wide-ranging investigation, now accompanied by two congressional inquiries, that has cast a shadow over the early months of the Trump administration” [emphasis added].

Oh sure, the Times acknowledged that there might have been a couple of other factors involved. “Paul Manafort, then [i.e., during Page’s trip] Mr. Trump’s campaign manager, was already under criminal investigation in connection with payments from a pro-Russian political party in Ukraine.” And “WikiLeaks and two websites later identified as Russian intelligence fronts had begun releasing emails obtained when Democratic Party servers were hacked.”

But the trigger for the investigation — the “catalyst” — was Page.

Somehow, despite all that journalistic leg-work and all those insider sources, the name George Papadopoulos does not appear in the Times’ story.

Now, however, we’re supposed to forget about Page. According to the new bombshell dropped on New Year’s Eve by six Times reporters, it was “the hacking” coupled with “the revelation that a member of the Trump campaign” — Papadopoulos — “may have had inside information about it” that were “driving factors that led the F.B.I. to open an investigation in July 2016 into Russia’s attempts to disrupt the election and whether any of President Trump’s associates conspired.”

It seems like only yesterday — or, to be more precise, only late October, when he pled guilty to a count of lying to the FBI in the Mueller probe — that Mr. Papadopoulos was even more obscure than the “once-obscure Mr. Page.” Now, though, he has been elevated to “the improbable match that set off a blaze that has consumed the first year of the Trump administration.”

We need to see that FISA warrant- it would clear this all up. Today is the deadline for the FBI and DOJ to turn over everything. We’ll see about that.

As you can see, the Free Beacon ended its work with Fusion in May 2016, before Christopher Steele had written his first memo.

The GOP did not pay for the dossier. Not at all. Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid for the dossier. No one else. They colluded with Fusion GPS, Christopher Steele and Kremlin operatives to fabricate a salacious piece of garbage meant to destroy an opposing presidential candidate.

Thus any democrat continuing to make this claim can be immediately dismissed as a liar.

And FWIW, IMO Mueller will be trying to do to Papadopoulos what he is doing to Manafort- either get them to lie about the Trump campaign or bankrupt them. Mueller has assembled a grand jury guaranteed to vote guilty. I said it last year and I’ll say it again- had there been anything to this collusion thing obama would long go have leaked it.

The growing list of NY Times concoctions is beginning to look like the list of excuses as to why hillary clinton lost.  A

Now, show me the warrant.



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@Redteam, #49:

Do you understand how paragraphs work? Do you remember something about “topic sentences” and how they function?

@Greg: Running a single classified email,and there were many, through a non government server, which she admitted to, is a crime. She got an “FBI special”, and everyone else involved got immunity so they wouldnt roll on her. Not an opinion thats a fact jack.
Now with your 3rd world education you become the grammar police, a sure sign you are on the end of your reasonand unable to form a debate.
Old worn out troll trick everyone knows about.

@rich wheeler:

When do you expect Bannon will deny he ever said

I’m not now, and never have been a fan of Bannon. Don’t know why anyone ever refers to him as a Republican. He’s far from that.

How’s staunch Republican Mueller doing

I think he’s likely rounding up some good stuff on some Dimocrats.


Do you understand how paragraphs work? Do you remember something about “topic sentences” and how they function

Unfortunately, you don’t seem to.

@Redteam: Bannon is referred to as a Repub.as is his buddy- former?-Trump. Don’t think either are “classic”mainstream Repubs.–Bannon a white Nationalist–Trump a T.R. populist.
No telling what Mueller turns up–but this guy is beyond reproach.

Mattis latest when questioned “what gives you worries?”—response “Nothing. I give other people worries.”

@rich wheeler:

Bannon is referred to as a Repub

I don’t think I’d ever heard his name prior to him being appointed to something after Trump got elected. I still don’t know anything about him except that just hearing of his activities, he sounds kinda like a crazy person. But I won’t judge him because I don’t know enough about him and don’t care to learn any more about him.

@Redteam: He’s been around and a friend of Trump–one of trump’s early supporters and Trump’s chief strategist—“the base” loves him–big supporter of Ray Moore–his loss hurt Bannon’s cred
Scaramuccii, a mainline Repub drove him out during his short time in Trump.s favor Kelly fired Scaramucci when he became chief of staff–got it? no test


I have no problem with investigations of the Bill or Hillary Clinton, or Obama, or anyone else.

You had an odd way of showing that objectivity; you whined, complained and bitched the entire time they were stonewalling, destroying evidence and lying, dragging the investigations and hearings out excessively.

Should it have somehow escaped your notice, politically motivated investigations on the taxpayers’dime have been a standard part of the GOP’s modus operandi for years.

Really. You forget Gingrich, DeLay and Perry, all politically motivated Democrat witch hunts with the sole purpose of eliminating political opponents. So it goes today, with the totally and absolutely positively proven witch hunt designed to damage Trump… and the nation.

Don’t expect another such dog-and-pony extravaganza to successfully distract attention from the Trump investigation, however. Mueller is attempting to provide definitive answers to some of the most important questions in the history of our nation.

Oh, don’t worry. The liberal focus will remain on your pipe-dream of Russian/Trump collusion because that is your last and only hope for winning another election. Mueller is a puppet of the liberals, playing his role to drag out an extended, laborious journey to nowhere. The intent is to make sure this bogus journey continues until 2020.

Maybe you should buy a copy of Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” and put it on the shelf alongside “Clinton Cash.”

Another liberal fantasy. Wolff has already been proven a liar, obviously exploiting the window of opportunity when one can publish anything attacking Trump and make a bundle. Wolff knows the kind of gullible, ignorant morons that will gobble it up, throwing money at him all along the way.

‘Fire and Fury’ author Wolff calls Trump least credible person who has ever walked on earth

And he poisons wells, throws live babies in fires, rapes nuns and steals the pennies from the dish at the convenience store. Don’t think about it, Greg, just believe it.

I have a very strong opinion about what it means when people are attempting to obstruct lawful investigations. It generally means they’ve got something to hide.

Ah, FINALLY! You figured out the Obama administration and the activities of Obama, Holder, Lynch, Reid and Hillary! Good boy (pat on the head)! You get a cookie!

I have a feeling the Trump administration has far more worrisome secrets.

Of course you do. Based entirely on nothing but the fact that your goddess lost an election.

Mueller will eventually connect them,

Yeah, with his own broad-tip Marks-A-Lot, because he will be eviscerated by his liberal handlers (and no one can eviscerate like a liberal) if he doesn’t complete their mission.

Michael Wolff has no comparable history of journalistic malpractice, though I’m certain such a history will be invented very shortly.

He certainly does now. He has never interviewed Trump, as he stated, and now admits most of his book are “his recollections” which, as all you liberals seem to be making it a life’s mission to prove, are easily manipulated by your prejudices and biases.

I have long since arrived at a similar opinion independently, by paying close attention to what Trump says and observing how often it simply isn’t true.

Odd, though, that the thousands of monumental lies from the Obama administration slipped past your attention. Hmmm.

If there really were clear and compelling evidence, she would have been prosecuted long before now.

Except that the Obama administration turned the DOJ into a Democrat weapon/shield to make sure criminals like Hillary receive no justice. This has been firmly established. However, it is now being turned around.

@rich wheeler:

He’s been around and a friend of Trump–one of trump’s early supporters

Must be a closet Dimocrat as much as you know about him. Your comments on him do nothing to enlighten me as to who he is. Sounds like an invented person, kinda like Obozo.

@Redteam: You gonna tell me you don’t know about Breitbart News? Do you read or are you like Trump?
Look him up–you’ll learn plenty. I assure you, your Conservative friends here at FA know plenty about Steve Bannon and Breitbart News.

@rich wheeler: I know that Breitbart died a few years ago along with the organization. The fact that someone else attempted to resurrect it with a Dimocrat at the helm is of no interest to me. I only read things of interest and things that are put out by idiots such as this Dimocrat Bannon appears to be doing is of no interest. Why would I want to look him up? I’ll bet there is no conservative on FA that claims Bannon is a conservative. Breitbart News died with Andrew.

@Redteam: Glad to see you at least know who Andrew Breitbart was—leads me to believe you know about Breitbart News and Steve Bannon. Thanks –next case

Did you enjoy the Notre Dame–LSU game?

@rich wheeler:

believe you know about Breitbart News and Steve Bannon. Thanks –next case

When Trump appointed Bannon to some post, that was the first time I ever heard his name. Next case.