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I am willing to listen to anyone that claims to have a grievance and give that due consideration. However, anyone that cites Black Lives Matter as a representative of their grievances, or anyone (like the idiot Beyoncé) that includes Michael Brown or Trayvon Martin as examples gets no consideration whatsoever. They are a total waste of time.

Outstanding photo of our military heros standing for the Anthem.

Spoiled little brat i hope he gets a bad inury and is laid up for the rest of the season footballs a mans game he should consiter playing chess

@Spurwing Plover:

he should consiter playing chess

or tiddly winks. if he does not want to stand for the anthem, let him stay in the clubhouse until it’s over. If you’re on the field, you stand.

He’s done anyhow. On the way out the door.

Have to wonder how his protective offensive line feels about his statement?

Yes! Clay Matthews!

@Nanny G:
Agreed-that’s a great picture of a great American.

I just saw where this privlged little twerp was wearing a T-Shirt portryaing a communists mass murderer just like the idiots wearing their Che T-Shirts

@Spurwing Plover:

little twerp was wearing a T-Shirt portryaing a communists mass murderer

Well, at least he wasn’t ‘oppressing’ them.

Since he is a quarterback he need to be sacke a lot fumbles ball and other oppnets get it and score a touchdown

He continued: “This is a league that has signed domestic abusers, accused murderers, players who killed another person while driving drunk and dudes who park in handicap spaces. But Kaepernick is the most hated person he’s ever seen? A non-violent protest? Really? Yes, apparently, really.”


Why is this true? Because Kaepernick spoke on the sideline, in a San Fran uniform which made him a ‘spokesman’ for the team, which obviously the ‘team’ does not agree with.
I certainly think that every American is entitled and privileged to be able to speak their mind on any subject they want to, but they should not use that privilege to act as an unauthorized spokesman for the organization they are employed by, unless that organization specifically authorizes that person to speak for the organization.
My prediction remains the same. He will be cut by San Fran and will not be signed by any other NFL team. His playing days are very limited.