How The Betrayal of Radavan Karadzic Led To Jihad In Brussels (Guest Post)



On 24th March 2016, Radavan Karadzic, the leader of the Bosnian Serbs during the terrible civil war in the former Yugoslavia, was found guilty of war crimes and sentenced to forty years in prison. His conviction is yet another appalling injustice inflicted upon the Serbian people who were and continue to be, singled out as the “nationalist” aggressors who caused the civil war and who were the guilty perpetrators of crimes against humanity.

In fact all sides – Bosnian Serbs, Bosnian Croats and Bosnian Muslims – were guilty of war crimes and indeed the Serbs were more sinned against than sinners. But the facts mustn’t be allowed to spoil the anti-Serb narrative. In a war few people understand, the Serbs were cast as the villains of the piece by Machiavellian Western governments and the duplicitous international media. And an ignorant, gullible public eager to have their thinking done for them, believed all they were told. Having fallen hook, line and sinker for the biased media coverage of the war, the demonized Serbs were a people found guilty as charged with no regard for the truth.

Let me make something very clear: Radovan Karadzic is not a war criminal. He is a hero of the West who should’ve been acclaimed not condemned, supported instead of vilified. His trial is a gross miscarriage of justice and is another betrayal of the people of Europe as you’re about to discover. Because the same horrors that came to the doorstep of the Bosnian Serbs are now spreading to Europe and people are either failing or refusing to join the dots.

Just two days before the verdict was announced, 35 people were slaughtered by devout Muslim mujahideen waging jihad in the way of Allah in the capital of the European Union, Brussels. The atrocity came just four months after mujahideen waged Islamic jihad in Paris, murdering 130 innocent people and ten weeks after thousands of women were raped or sexually assaulted by Muslim males in Cologne and other European cities on New Year’s Eve 2015.

Yet when the UN International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) announced the verdict, the befuddled people in the West rejoiced at Karadzic’s sentence and indulged in an orgy of anti-Serb racist hatred. Brainwashed by state and media propaganda, the majority of Europeans lack either the wit or the will to draw a line between the brutal Islamic jihad waged in Bosnia and the murderous atrocities committed in the name of Allah that occurred in two of Europe’s finest capital cities.

The mass murders of innocent people in Paris and Brussels should be a wake-up call because what needs to be understood – desperately understood and sooner rather than later – is that the atrocities are the consequences of what happened in Bosnia during a bitter civil war between 1992 and 1995. Unfortunately the West, namely Germany, The United States, Great Britain and the European Community (now the European Union) instead of remaining neutral and acting as arbitrators, chose to side not with their old Christian ally Serbia, but with Islamic jihad. All choices have consequences and the West is now reaping what it catastrophically sowed.

Whipped up into a hate-filled, racist, anti-Serb frenzy by a duplicitous media, the majority of people in the West have no idea that Islamic jihad hit Bosnia in 1992. They will mindlessly repeat the scurrilous false allegation of “genocide” committed by the Serbs at Srebrenica.  In fact, what occurred at Srebrenica in July 1995 was not genocide at all, it was a massacre. It came in response to three years of Islamic jihad waged on Serb villages, with at least 2000 Serbs slaughtered and hundreds of Serb women raped. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

You can find out the facts about the deception of Srebrenica and how Muslims were betrayed by both their own Muslim leaders and The UN here.

The slaughter and rape of Serbs by Bosnian Muslims were virtually ignored by Western governments and their propaganda merchants in the mass media. What’s disgraceful is the continual highlighting of the massacre of Muslim males and boys at Srebrenica without any mention of the diabolical horrors Muslim mujahideen had inflicted upon Serb communities during the three years leading up to the massacre when furious Serbs took their revenge.

Another charge levelled at Karadzic concerns ethnic cleansing. Once again, the fact that all sides committed ethnic cleansing is brushed aside. The worst act of ethnic cleansing during the civil war was conducted by Croats who expelled over 220,000 Serbs from their homeland in the Croat-controlled Kraijina. The Croats were aided and abetted in this war crime by The United States, Germany and NATO. An obvious clue is found in the code name given to this war crime: Operation Storm. Now you know why you haven’t heard of a single Croat or US General being charged with ethnic cleansing.

Let me spell out what’s happening here. Radavan Karadzic is being tried by the very same people who perpetrated a deception against Muslims and Serbs for territory at Srebrenica. He’s being judged by the same people who were actively involved in committing the largest act of ethnic cleansing during the war – against Serbs!

Sadly, the nauseating hypocrisy and gut-wrenching injustices don’t end there.

One of the most distressing images from the war came in a British Independent Television News (ITN) news report of what was deceitfully portrayed as a concentration camp at Trnoplje. The shocking footage focused on an emaciated male and comparisons were made with the notorious Nazi death camp Auschwitz. All major news organizations throughout the West in both the print and broadcast media picked up the report and gleefully repeated the same allegations and comparisons to Auschwitz along with the upsetting images of the emaciated male. I remember watching the report and I confess to being absolutely shocked to my core to see such distressing images.

Ensconced in ignorance and trusting in the integrity of the reporters, what I and millions of other westerners weren’t told is that the emaciated male featured in these anti-Serb reports wasn’t being starved or abused. He actually suffered from a birth defect which gave him the emaciated appearance. Furthermore, the ITN news crew had been taken under armed Serb escort to Trnoplje and another camp, Omarska, which was a POW detention center. At Omarska, the ITN crew were allowed to film the prisoners and interview them along with their families. This footage was, predictably and conveniently, never broadcast.

ITN’s “news” crew was also permitted to film and interview the so-called “prisoners” at Trnoplje. Despite being informed by them that the Serbs had treated them very well and that they weren’t POWs but refugees fleeing war zones who were free to leave Trnoplje if they wished, ITN’s news report insisted Trnoplje was a concentration camp. In fact it was a refugee holding center.

Let’s apply some much needed common sense here. If the Serbs were running extermination camps at Omarska and Trnoplje, would they really escort an already hostile Western news crew through a dangerous war zone putting the lives of their own troops at risk and allow the team to freely film the camps? Would they permit the “starved and abused prisoners” to be filmed and interviewed so Serb crimes against humanity could subsequently be broadcast around the world? How dumb do you have to be to believe this?

Wicked doesn’t begin to describe the cunning deception of Trnoplje and I urge you to watch this excellent documentary exposing “The Pictures That Fooled The World”.

The deceptions of Srebrenica and Trnoplje did so much damage to the Serbs. Starved of the truth, the vast majority of Westerners believed in the false narratives spoon-fed to them by the media and judged the Bosnian Serbs to be guilty of war crimes. Their leader Radavan Karadzic was a condemned man long before his trial began.

Another false narrative from the conflict is the allegation of Serbs laying siege to the UN “safe enclave” of Sarajevo. That all sides suffered equally in Sarajevo isn’t mentioned. Nor is the fact that despite the UN declaring Sarajevo a safe zone, Bosnian Muslims were using it to stockpile weapons and to fire on Serb positions from within the enclave. When Serbs responded to these attacks, the Western media depicted it as Serbs firing on the beleaguered civilians trapped in the city. The same strategy is used in the Palestinian –  Israeli conflict, with media attention only focusing on Israel’s response to thousands of rocket strikes launched by the Islamic jihadists of Hamas.

Yes, I’m sure you’re there already, the Bosnian Serbs were faced with the same Islamic jihad being waged against Israel. And they were also demonized in exactly the same way as the Western media demonizes Israel.

That devout Muslims were waging jihad in Bosnia is the elephant in the room no one wants to acknowledge. It’s vitally important because the jihad there marked the start of the jihad that is now blighting the entire continent of Europe. What most people are completely unaware of is that when the war began, thousands of devout mujahideen left Islamic countries in the Middle East to fight alongside their Muslim brothers against the hated Serb infidels.

In 2005, British Labour MP Michael Meacher wrote an article for The Guardian claiming that both US and British intelligence services were using known Islamic terror organizations to recruit mujahideen to go and fight in Bosnia. So while the Islamic world was sending thousands of mujahideen to fight alongside the Bosnian Muslims, the British and Americans did nothing to help the Serbs who were their loyal allies during World War Two and instead, chose to aid and abet Islamic jihad.

Fast-forward to today. The same devious and in my opinion, criminal Western governments who stabbed the Serbs in the back are flooding Europe with hundreds of thousands of Arab Muslims the vast majority of whom are men of fighting age. They imported mujahideen into Bosnia to fight Serbs now they’re importing 1000s of mujahideen into Europe. Who will they fight? What the heck can possibly go wrong?

Paris, Brussels and Cologne provide the uncomfortable answers. After these diabolical acts of jihad, another similarity can be drawn with what occurred in Bosnia. Westerners who dare to warn about the dangers of Islam and importing hundreds of thousands of Muslims into Europe are demonized in the same way the Serbs were. They’re accused of Islamophobia, of bigotry, of fascism, of irrational fear and their “foolish” reactions help the “terrorists” achieve their goals of dividing society. Self-righteous politicians command their people to join together in solidarity to defeat the “terrorists” but fail to explain how you can join in solidarity with people whose revered deity and sacred texts command them to deceive, hate, rape and kill ALL unbelievers.

Such are the desperate lengths people will go to avoid identifying the elephant in the room. The same Islamic jihad that reared its ugly bloodthirsty head in Bosnia in 1992 is the same Islamic jihad being waged on the streets of Paris, Brussels and other cities including New York, London, Madrid, Boston, Copenhagen and Stockholm. And let’s not forget Cologne, Oslo, Rotherham, Rochdale and Oxford where Muslim jihadists have raped or sexually abused thousands of infidel women, just as Naser Oric’s band of devout mujahideen raped hundreds of Bosnian Serb women.

The only crime Radavan Karadzic is guilty of is to wage brutal war against brutal jihad. He and the Bosnian Serb people dared to resist Islamic jihad and were betrayed and demonized by Western governments and the Western media. And now in the aftermath of the atrocities in Paris and Brussels, the people of Europe are being subjected to the same threat. Islamic terror is being normalized with the only acceptable response being to unite in solidarity instead of combatting it.

Those who condemn the Islamic jihad in Brussels and Paris and who then condemn Radavan Karadzic are so befuddled they simply fail to grasp a critically important, simple fact: The decision of the West to side with Islamic jihad in Bosnia is the reason why jihad has spread throughout Europe with devastating consequences. What was sown in Bosnia is now being reaped and Karadzic’s sham show trial and conviction proves justice, courage and integrity have been sacrificed on the multicultural altar along with the expendable victims of Paris and Brussels.

The line connecting the jihad waged against the Bosnian Serbs and the jihad being waged against Europe needs to be drawn. While Islam exists, it is at war with all unbelievers and it has been since Muhammad started the jihad in 622. Unless the West fails to join the dots, the people of the West will be faced with the same choices as the Bosnian Serbs were in 1992. You either resist jihad, you flee it or you submit to Islam.

Christopher J. Green is the author of the new book: Death of the Family – True Stories of the Charlatans Who Deceived the World and Broke the Backbone of Our Society. To discover how and why the family unit is being deliberately destroyed along with the identities of those responsible, click here now >>

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In the UN there are no countries representing a Christian point of view.
BUT there are now, at the very least, 57 countries which represent a Muslim point of view.
In the World Court there are many countries which demonize traditional European culture in favor of some romanticized multiculturalism that puts demonic Islamic treatment of infidels on a pedestal.
All cultures are equal, but traditional European culture is automatically guilty of something.
Karadzic was a scapegoat of this.
Every European female raped by an immigrant is another.
Europe is demographically dead.
The landmass is being taken over by the hoards that were kicked out of Europe 1000 years ago.

Not very encouraging, I know.

Nanny please put some figures down showing how the muslimsxare taking over
The 7% Muslims that are in Europe are concentrated in the bakkans

That guys father was a nazi collaborator during WW II
How more extreme right wing can you get

Muslims March in Germany Chanting “With Allah’s Help, We Shall Conquer You” (VIDEO)
Raw numbers, like 7% are irrelevant when it comes to fighting age.
Syria’s population/age ratios as they spread into Europe:
comment image

Compare that to, say, Germany’s:
comment image

Or, maybe Spain:
comment image

See the issue?
Young men of fighting age is the important ratio.

I wonder when the people of the West will connect the dots? Possibly they never will, until their wives and daughters (and sons) are raped and/or murdered in the name of Allah. Possibly not even then. As they stand over their children’s coffins (one day to be mass graves) their thoughts might be “this is because of Islamophobia and because we didn’t make them feel welcome enough.”

Radovan Karadžić was complicit in the Bosnian genocide.

Islamic extremists are one danger. People who think as you seem to are another.

(There was a totally straightforward edit that went grammatically off the rails. )


National Socialists were NOT right wing….neither was Stalin

Look at Wikipedia or any dictionary of encyclopedia everyone says right wing
You must live in BIZZARO world
Look who financed Hitler big banks including Ametican and Gernan industry
Henry Fird was a big fan the right wing owns him just as the left owns Mao and Stalin