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Obama lives in an alternate universe, of that there is no doubt. And he stays there via his ‘Yes’ men and the MSM. But it’s America that pays the price for his delusions. Therein lies the rub.

And over the weekend, while vacationing, the Supreme Leader decided his golf game was of extreme importance. So important that when his T-Time conflicted with a couple of military weddings scheduled at the golf course on the Marine Base, the wedding had to be moved out of his way so he could get his game in. WTF?! What a stellar way to encourage better morale in the military.

Obama has been delusional for so long he doesn’t even realize when he’s being absurd.
Like way back when he was one month in office and Professor Gates was arrested for trying to break into his own home.
About the incident Obama said, ”The police acted stupidly.”
Then, when he’d been proven wrong, he demanded a ”beer summit,” to rehabilitate himself.
But he was so sure he’d look great just being there that he neglected Prof. Gates on the way to the beer table.
So, right on camera, was a smug Obama, pretending to be ”peacemaker” between a black professor and his arresting officer while behind him that poor crippled professor was being helped down each step by his new friend, police officer Crowley.

@Scott+in+Oklahoma: Ok, I’m certainly not an Obozo fan, but on this I doubt he is guilty. I suspect he didn’t know about the conflict, his handlers probably did the deal without his knowledge and approval. I understand he called the Couple and apologized and they were happy that he called. So give him a pass on this.

For those fans of Obama: If you can list any accomplishment by him and his admin, I’d like to see a list. I’ve tried hard to think of anything at all and I can’t come up with even one thing that is good for the country. Yes, he’s done things, but they were harmful. So come on, let us know what you’re proud of him accomplishing.

@Warren: He lives in an alternate universe, but he wants to impose that universe on us. How can anyone that even pretends to want to present an image of honest objectivity and trust EVER invite Sharpton, someone with zero credibility, a reputation for lying whenever possible, someone that snitched on mob members to keep himself out of jail for dealing drugs, someone that owes $4.5 million in taxes and expresses no intent to pay them, into the sanctity of the White House?

@Redteam: I suspect you are correct, but what does that tell you about his people, who think they are doing his bidding? After all the negative publicity Obama has gotten over golfing through crisis, golfing after beheadings, putting golf before duty, disrespecting the military, would any handler in their right mind NOT tell Obama that there was a wedding scheduled during his (next) golf outing? Were that anyone else, the staffer responsible would be sacked. Obama, however, makes it up with a phone call and goes about his day. He probably did not know, in advance, but going ahead with the golfing in spite of the scheduled wedding is the culture of this administration.

Every year Gallup polls Americans on who they most admire Obama has won 7 times in a row. Conservatives did NOT fare well in that poll
@Nanny: The police arrested a poor crippled man ??????

@john: Proof of how ignorant of the LAW you are that you had to ask.
Under the LAW when you have to handcuff a person they should always be under arrest first.
The man was trying to break into a home.
(ACTUALLY, he was having his DRIVER do the breaking in, he was directing the break-in.)
But he was NOT arrested for breaking into his own home, if you recall:
Crowley explained he was investigating the report of a break-in in progress; as he did so, Gates opened the front door and said, “Why, because I’m a black man in America?”

Crowley’s report states that he believed Gates was lawfully in the residence, but that he was surprised and confused by Gates’ behavior, which included a threat that Crowley did not know who he was “messing with.” Crowley then asked Gates for a photo ID so as to verify he was the resident of the house; Gates initially refused, but then did supply his Harvard University identification card. Crowley wrote that Gates repeatedly shouted requests for his identification. Crowley then told Gates that he was leaving his residence and that if Gates wanted to continue discussing the matter, he would speak to him outside. Gates replied, “Yeah, I’ll speak with your mama outside.”
On the 9-1-1 dispatcher audio recordings, a man’s loud voice is heard in the background at several points during Sgt. Crowley’s transmissions.

Gates stepped onto his front porch and continued to yell at him, accusing him of racial bias and saying he had not heard the last of him. Faced with this tumultuous behavior from Gates now outside his residence, Crowley warned Gates that he was becoming disorderly. When Gates ignored this warning and persisted in his behavior, and likewise ignored a second warning from Crowley, Crowley informed him that he was under arrest.

@john: I’m sorry, john, I’m confused; is it even or odd days which the left believes in polls?

@john: John, 50% of the people in this country can’t even name the president. You ever see those ‘on the street’ interviews. One recent one asked what state the Boston Tea Party was in and every one that answered said Boston, except one that said England. In case you’re wondering, it was Massachusetts. Not one person can ever name the vice president. Half or more can’t name the president. So even if they said Obozo, and then asked what they admired him for, they couldn’t give an answer. So don’t jump up and down when a poll produces the results you wish for.
Just so you know how valuable these rankings are, Gordon Hinckley got 1% , Liu Xiaobo got 1%, Dick Cheney got 1%, Newt Gingrich got 1%, Rush Limbaugh got 1%, Donald Trump got 1%, George W Bush got 10%, Zippy got 16%. Oh, and Thomas Monson got 1%. He is a really popular guy.
But before you get too excited, the current President always gets the top spot, in the US. Most people can’t think of anyone else. Richard Nixon won 4 years in a row and Ronald Reagan 8 years in a row. Eisenhower, a Repub, won it 13 times.

Bill: It’s odd days, but only when the day starts with a T.