Is There An Ulterior Motive Behind The Pink Parachutes


The Sick Perverted Tradition Of Bacha Bazi

In Aghanistan the selling of young boys for sexual purposes is a sign of prestige among Afghan men; however, the practice is so disgusting to American troops that some are refusing to work with Police and military officials who engage in the practice.

A Wikileaks Document Confirms The Ugly Truth

A document released by WikiLeaks described efforts by high-ranking Afghan officials to quash reports of police officers and other Afghans arrested for “purchasing a service from a child.”
The leaked diplomatic cable quoted former Minister of the Interior Hanif Atmar’s concern that publicity about the arrests, which involved the hiring of “dancing boys,” would “endanger lives.”

The author of the diplomatic cable fretted that the case would be “blown out of proportion, an outcome that would not be good for either the U.S. or Afghanistan.”

The vast gulf between U.S. and Afghan attitudes about homosexuality and pedophilia has generated concern among U.S. advisers in Afghanistan since the American presence there began to expand.

In late 2009, U.S. and British forces ordered a study of Pashtun male sexuality. They were worried that homosexuality and pedophilia among Afghan security forces and tribes could create cultural misunderstanding with allied troops.

The Study Was Requested by 2nd Marine Expeditionary Btn with British Forces in Lashkar Gah

The study was carried out by the Defense Department’s Human Terrain Teams and authored by team member Anna Maria Cardinalli, who stated the purpose was to learn how to advise service members to deal with Afghans who are displaying homosexual tendencies. Apparently the troops are confused and bewildered by this behavior, especially when our troops feel they are being propositioned by Afghans. The pedophilia practiced by Afghan soldiers and police tends to outrage American troops.

“I know Marines and soldiers who have refused to work with Afghan military or police,” said one U.S. military official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “It’s not about homosexuality as much as it is about the young boys. Some of them like to show pictures on their cell phone — that should be illegal. Some of the Afghans have their own young boys they use for sexual purposes and we can’t do anything about it.”

An American military official who works closely with Afghan security forces called the discomfort among U.S. and British troops “the elephant in the closet that no one’s talking about, but needs to.”

It is not hard to imagine American troops being uncomfortable with the prospect of working with perverts and rapists. Is it possible that the Administration has decided that placing American homosexuals in the ranks will make this cultural disconnect with Afghans and their pedophilia more acceptable.

While the Afghan views the prepubescent boy as possessing physical beauty, such views are merely viewed as a perversion to the heterosexual American male. Surely an infusion of homosexuality within the ranks will soften the views of our troops in this area of pedophilia and make our men more sensitive and understanding to the sexual needs and perversions of the Afghan male.

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Yea I read this on the front page of the NYT/////////////////////////////

I’m not sure if it logically follows that your typical homosexual American is any less disgusted by pedophilia than anyone else. The typical straight American male is disgusted by pedophilia directed at young girls; in fact that revulsion carries over into our prison system as is “commonly known” that pedophiles can expect the worse treatment there.

In short one form of perceived “degeneracy” does not translate to total “degeneracy.”

My guess is that the Afghan situation has little to do with it. It’s really just more of their termite like social engineering. Destroy the institutions from the inside.

Don’t tell Congress, especially the Lame Duck variety, about this situation. If you do they will jam through a bill that outlaws Islamophobia, and promotes homosexuality and pedophilia. This Congress has only a couple of weeks to further harm America and appease the haters.

Sexually, Muslims have painted themselves into a corner.
No one did this to them.
They did it to themselves.

Ever read the Rubiat from Omar Kayan?
Extremely sexual, sensuous and sweet.
He was a Muslim.

But what happened to Islam?

Fairly recently they so overly sexualized every aspect of the female form that they feel the need to cover it almost completely up.

In the Saudi Kingdom there are ….right now….morality police (Muttuwa) who beat women who show BOTH EYES!
If their eyes are in any way ”seditious” they are beaten and forcibly covered even MORE!

In the UK a TV show called Undercover Mosque exposed how imams twist parents’ minds into looking at a 7-year-old female child uncovered is something to begin shaming, berating, threatening the child over.
If the girl still refuses to cover by age 9, according to the secret camera account, she is to be sent to their home country where she can be beaten and forced into submission.

In Sudan careful women wear full length pants and sleeves under full covers, lest a wrist or ankle show.
Still they are beaten unmercifully if those pants are ”Western” like jeans.

Now, none of this forces men into sex with little boys, but, wait, there’s more.

In the Koran, Hadiths (sayings of Mohammad overheard and written by earwitnesses) and Sunna to the effect that in Paradise men will have free access to boys for sex.
One verse is quite poetic, calling these little boys’ bottoms as looking like twin pearls.
And they will be available to satisfy men in Paradise forever.

Now, once a man has had puberty he is forbidden for passive sex.
But before that, there is no real prohibition.

So, men can marry a girl as young as an infant.
But there is no mutually loving relationship between them as one is a child.

And their relationship with their adult wives might be weird as well….
They also are to pray certain verses of the Koran out loud while having their wives.
A Saudi man whose wife died in a car crash recently admitted he could only ”recognize” her with a full veil, as in 10 years of marriage he had never seen her face.

But Muslim men cannot have a mutually consensual adult/adult homosexual relationship, either.
That is a death offense.

So, who is left for enjoyment sex?
Young boys.
And that is exactly what we see in Islam when the opportunity to see it arises.

Sure a lot of people try to hide this fact.
Muslims do when they are around those of us with scruples about such things.
Apologists for Islam do, too.
Anyone not a white European is better than us, after all.

@ Skook – yeah, that’s a given.

yes, my marine friend had to guard some of these pos when he was over in iraq. he said they are all homosexuals and that they have sex with women only to procreate. everytime the news show crowd scenes from these countries, i look at their faces, what they are wearing and how they look. all i see is scrawny, feminine looking, males with illiterate looking expressions and rantings.

when you delve into these people’s culture, it is very depraved. why would we want anybody that follows this horrid “islam religion”, in our country. they do not assimilate and they are a cancer that spreads through intimidation, starting with their own people by abusing their young and women, you know the weakest of the human race. how courageous. these people will never change, too many hundreds of years practicing hate and killing.

i say lets leave these countries and watch them or go ahead and obliterate them and be done.