RINOS Are Encouraging Republicans To Sell Out To Obama


He Rises

The RINOs Are Already Trying To Assert Their Authority

Lindsey Graham already wants to dilute the Republican Victory and the mandate from Americans by encouraging Republicans to work with Obama; his focus seems to be to get things back to business as usual in Washington. Hopefully, our congressional members realize that if they don’t repeal Obama Care and dismantle Obama’s Big Government, they will all be out of a job as of their next election cycle. Graham is fixated on pulling Obama to the center from out in Left Field or Marxist Hell; he chooses to ignore what is about to happen, what this election cycle is all about, the power and momentum of the TEA Party: perhaps he feels his position would be more stable if the TEA Party lost its control over newly elected law makers, after all, his RINO philosophy is obsolete if Republican goals are the complete repudiation of all things Obama- past, present, and future.

If Graham wants to follow Obama so faithfully, he should start out as a Community Organizer; there will be many openings in the near future when people cringe at the thought of a Community Organizer and the phrase becomes symbolic of an incompetent narcissist and useless wastrel.

Republicans in Congress should look for opportunities to work with President Obama in the next two years, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) suggested Tuesday evening.

“My belief is that, if we get back power in the House, and get close in the Senate, that we ought to really clamp down on spending and reform the government,” Graham said on WVOC radio in South Carolina. “But we ought to not put ourself in a position of being the ‘party of no’ to hard problems. But we ought to sit down with the president and work on Social Security, come up with an energy policy without cap-and-trade.

“There’s plenty of things that we could do on job creation by challenging President Obama to come to the middle, and find ways to move us forward as a nation, and put the burden on him to say no to us,” added the South Carolina Republican.

Graham’s comments would seem to put him in the camp of Republicans who believe that the party should use its newfound power in Congress, which could include control of the House, to find areas of compromise with Democrats. Sen. Judd Gregg (R-N.H.) last week suggested that the GOP’s long-held promise to repeal healthcare reform was unrealistic, and not the best tactic for the party.

A RINO Rises From The Primordial DC Swamp

Until the Republican Party can rid itself of the Obama Republicans, it will never be able to count on its members to maintain party unity. In other words because of the gals from Maine, Snowe and Collins, along with Gregg, and Lindsey, Republicans will always need four extra seats to maintain a trustworthy majority, for those four and a few more are Republican in name only.

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Lindsey Graham exhibits classic “Beaten wife” syndrome.

At this point in time bipartisanship is just not on the menu. Graham is part of the problem and does not appear to be part of the solution in restoring a sense of Fiscal Sanity to Government. Pulling the Obama Regime to the center can only be accomplished by denying the funding for wasteful programs and cutting spending. That cannot be accomplished with compromise or negotiations.
It can only be done by firm adherence to principles of frugality. Otherwise the irresponsible spending will continue and bad domestic policies will continue.

Bipartisanship guarantees a US Economy that will rival that of a Third World Nation with all of the trimmings.




Because once we’ve repealed this destructive legislation we can move forward with genuine reforms that:

* give control to patients and doctors, rather than bureaucrats;
* honor our traditions of freedom of choice and privacy;
* make medical care, and the practice of medicine, affordable;
* promote a system in which good and timely care is available to all our citizens;
* encourage continued innovation and investment in the development of new medical treatments

OLD TROOPER 2: hi, they have done the contrary to serve the people, and now It’s the people power who will dictate what they must do. bye

Vote this RINO scumbag (and all the other RINO scumbags) out when it’s time for their re-election.

I’m so tired of these Republican traitors!

Well what did you expect of the media mirage that is RINOs .. They are like the lying blue dogs, with an R.

It’s going to take multiple flushes to get them down the drain.

This is why it is going to take two more election cycles to get rid of all this dead wood we have in congress. These RINO’s are happy with the status quo government we have today. If the Republicans don’t start to man up they are going to become the third party.

All of the above. Graham and McCain need to be made immediately irrelevant.

President Obama, “Compromise with me.”

Republican House, “WE won.”

Good work, Skookum.

OT2, thanks for the links. Hopefully, each new member will work toward 100% repeal, and not let those RINOs get away with notions of compromise.

I wonder how effectively sustained impeachment proceedings could discourage the veto pen.

All who say Graham & McCain are behind the times for desiring bipartisanship are probably right.
As an oldster, I remember much more congenial times in past political times.

But Obama declared war when he said his losing the House would result in him doing ”hand-to-hand combat,” with Republicans.

A day or so later he referred to Republicans (and specifically McCain) as his ”enemies.”

It is really sad to see this happen.

I can remember seeing foreign governmental representatives fist-fighting in their legislative offices.

I remember thinking I would never see that here.
But now I think it is highly possible.

I just wonder what shennanagins we will see over this last day, then Election Day, then the aftermaths.

Republicans who wish to exhibit their limp wrists and spaghetti spines will be joining Bennett and Murkowski in 2 years.

It always cracks me up when people call the Republicans the ‘party of no’ because they just don’t seem to understand why they’re saying no. A lot of the Rebups aren’t going along with the current administration and it’s goals is because it goes against their constituents and is BAD FOR THE COUNTRY. They’re not saying no just to say no in most cases.

They were blocked from writing the health care bill, they’re blocked from the cap and trade discussions, which is BAD FOR THE COUNTRY, so the Dems own this thing lock, stock and barrel. They don’t need to ‘reach across the isle,’ they only need to do what’s best for the country.

Barack said it himself. The Republicans are welcome to go along for the ride, but they’ll need to go to the back. That’s not unifying anything or moving the country forward. That’s elitist ‘I won’ bullshit at it’s finest.

He also called me his enemy because I don’t agree with his policies, so there ya go. Barack, I AM your enemy and am proud to be labeled as such.


Right on point, Skook.

Pols like Graham don’t understand “principles” and also have little vision on the long strategy. If other Reps follow his lead, they will dilute the focus and clarity that will be needed for the next Presidential elections.

The energy behind the upset tomorrow isn’t looking for “compromise,” it is looking for firm action from leadership to slash government bureaucratic intervention into all levels of society, and government spending.

Reps need to stay on message, and keep repeating it loudly and emphatically for the next two years. A strategy of compromise would hand Obama a second term on silver platter. On healthcare, repeal, then fix. There is ample room to repair the system, as we’ve discussed here, like dealing with tort reform – kick lawyers to the curb and slash hundreds of millions from the overhead, etc, etc.

Bipartisanship is what has overfed the coffers of both sides of the isle, and bloated government. More Bipartisanship is exactly what American taxpayers cannot afford.

. . . Any chance they might buy into Zero Based Budgeting? . . . For starters.

4 extra seats needed? LOL! What about all the other squishy RINOs like Lugar, McCain, etc., who can’t wait to sell out? It’s going to take 2 – 3 cycles to get rid of enough of the RINOs before the Republicans can get onto the real business of taking on the Demo-Commies.

If the DIABLOs have not learned this time, the next “lesson” IS scheduled for November, 2012.

We WILL work on this problem until we get it solved.