Democrats’ new voter training program [Reader Post]


It’s absolutely the perfect metaphor.

There is a saying that goes

“Give a man a fish and he’ll eat today. Teach a man to fish and he’ll eat tomorrow.”

It’s been long recognized that Democrats have no interest in teaching anyone how to fish. They want to keep people hooked and on the line for as long as possible.

They pander to the lowest common denominator.

They pander to illegal aliens as future voters.

Democrats have done nothing but make society worse and more dependent.

The great achievement of the Democratic Party in the 20th century was to create vast government bureaucracies that use taxpayers’ monies to do for the people what they are not permitted to do for themselves.

For Al Gore, “fighting for the working class” means keeping its members dependent on federal handouts. It is a new form of slavery whereby government tax and regulatory policies interfere with a person’s ability to achieve his potential and, thereby, throw him back into dependency on government handouts.

This is the essence of Democratic Party politics. It is supplemented with pandering to “victims groups” — homosexuals, feminists, abortionists and blacks — that are compensated for their victimhood with the award of various preferments and special legal privileges.

And now they target children and they are developing a particular technique for fostering dependency.

Last week three van loads of students were taken from the Hughes High School in Cincinnati during school hours and brought to the Downtown Board of Elections. The kids were given sample ballots with which to practice voting.

The ballots included only Democrat candidates.

The Cincinnati Public School system (CPS) denied any wrongdoing. They maintained that there was no violation since the ballots were not handed out by a school employee.

They were handed out by a former school employee. A former CPS Principal.

So there. That’s much better.

A local attorney filed a lawsuit challenging this activity, alleging that the adults accompanying the kids were either campaign workers or supporters of Steve Driehaus (D-West Price Hill), who is running for re-election in ths district.

Then after voting for the only candidate on the ballot, the Democrat (this reminds of the old Soviet Union), the children were then treated to ice cream.

There was no word on who paid for the ice cream.

I bet I know.

And all I could think was that this is the perfect metaphor for the Democrat party.

Vote for me and I’ll give you ice cream.

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They pander to illegal aliens as future voters.

After all, didn’t the guy in Maryland (or somewhere on the eastern seaboard) call the illegals ‘New Americans’ over and over? That tells you all you need to know about dems.


This is such a common theme of right wing spin. The Democrats will cheat in the coming elections. Then we hear that the Democrats stoled the Franken election with Voter fraud by having over 340 felons vote. What a bunch of BS that turned out to be. The total number of people charged with voter fraud in that election are SIX people. So much RIGHT WING SPIN.
Do you have anything of substance Dr. John?

Illegal Aliens Canvass for Votes in Wash. State

SEATTLE — When Maria Gianni is knocking on voters’ doors, she’s not bashful about telling people she is in the country illegally. She knows it’s a risk to advertise to strangers that she’s here illegally — but one worth taking in what she sees as a crucial election.

The 42-year-old is one of dozens of volunteers — many of them illegal immigrants — canvassing neighborhoods in the Seattle area trying to get naturalized citizens to cast a ballot for candidates like Democratic Sen. Patty Murray, who is in a neck-to-neck race with Republican Dino Rossi.

Pramila Jayapal, head of OneAmerica Votes, says the campaign is about empowering immigrants who may not feel like they can contribute to a campaign because they can’t vote.

“Immigrants really do matter,” Jayapal said. “If we can’t vote ourselves, we’re gonna knock on doors, or get family members to vote.”

So far the illegal immigrants going door-to-door aren’t meeting opposition. Craig Keller, an organizer for Respect WA, a group pushing for stricter immigration law in the Washington, said he doesn’t mind illegal immigrants volunteering for vote drives, he just wants to make sure mistakes on the voter rolls don’t allow them to vote.

“Anybody can go out and wave a sign, but when it comes to who’s making the choices, there’s no question they need to be citizens,” Keller said.

In close elections across the country, the immigrant and minority vote is considered key for candidates, especially Democrats.

Earlier this week in Nevada, a television ad urging Latinos not to vote sparked outcry from Democrats, who called it a dirty trick meant to keep Hispanics home and boost Republican candidates. Univision and Telemundo — the nation’s two largest Spanish-language networks — canceled the ad, which the Republican group Latinos for Reform had planned to eventually run in Nevada, Florida, California, Texas and Colorado through the Nov. 2 election.

Seattle is home to a wide array of immigrant communities, from Latinos to east Africans and Asians.

Congress declined this year to consider overhauling the country’s immigration law, much to the chagrin of immigrant advocates who had expected Democrats to do so by now.

Still, OneAmerica Votes launched one of the largest get-out-the-vote campaigns in the state on behalf of Democratic candidates. The organization is an offshoot of OneAmerica, one of the state’s largest and the most influential immigrant-rights advocacy group.

Through home visits, phone banks and mailings the organization is aiming to reach about 40,000 registered voters in the Seattle area in an attempt to help Democrats gain ground in key races. Volunteers include other types of people who can’t vote, such as legal permanent residents.

About 150 volunteers rolled out in nine cities across Washington this past week, knocking on 3,000 doors.

In Bellevue, a city of nearly 123,000 east of Seattle, Gianni knocked on 25 doors and spoke to 15 people, she said.

One man, a naturalized citizen from the Philippines, said he knew what she was going through after she shared she was in the country illegally.

“There’s always a risk,” Gianni said in Spanish about her legal status. “But if there’s a change, I would feel like I contributed, even in a small part, to a change we all need.”

Gianni arrived in the United States on a visa 13 years ago looking for work and stayed. For a while her only son lived here, but has since moved back to Mexico.

“In order for there to be a change to our broken immigration system,” she said, “I believe one has to fight.”

I believe that someone should call ICE and that the clowns that hired them need to face prosecution for doing so. What is it about Illegal that is not understood?

Go to Mexico and try to influence their elections and go to jail, do not pass go or collect $200.00.

@ Dr J, thanks for the photo of the Free Ice Cream.

Wasn’t this illegal as well?

Some 6,400 staffers and students at Winston-Salem State University received e-mail exhortations Monday to take advantage of early voting and help the Democratic Party.

The e-mail was sent from the student-affairs division of the University.

A state law prohibits the use of a state employee’s authority or state property to support or oppose a person or an issue in any election.

The university said it would try to discover who sent out the e-mail and whether it was sent intentionally or accidentally in a partisan form.

They made it all better by sending out an equally illegal e-mail asking for support for Republicans then another asking that it be ignored 6 hours later, just like the 1st illegal e-mail.

Gee, I wonder if the person will be discovered who did it?
And will there be punishment?