Liberal Feminists Backing Sarah Palin Over Vanity Fair Hitpiece?


I have to say, I’m a bit surprised that the liberal feminists who have taken every opportunity they could to attack Sarah Palin have now come out to defend her from the disgusting Vanity Fair article that was released yesterday:

Yesterday, Vanity Fair released yet another long hatchet job piece about Sarah Palin. But what this piece has generated — well, besides incredulity that a magazine of Vanity Fair’s caliber would run a character assassination piece almost entirely based on anonymous sources — is a bipartisan backlash. Not against Palin, but against Vanity Fair.

Politico’s Ben Smith has already debunked two of the stories told in the piece. Clara Jeffery, editor of Mother Jones, tweeted that she was “annoyed by [Palin] being called to task things normal for any male pol. Like using cute kids as props.” Later, in response to Roger Ebert’s approving tweet, Jeffery sarcastically tweeted back: “Also bumming me out: That @ebertchicago would think Palin profile is ‘devastating.’ Uh, yeah, to journalistic standards.”

Fellow Mother Jones editor Monika Bauerlein was also annoyed, tweeting, “‘Sarah, these aides say, seemed comforted by having the children around, and she seemed lonely when they were gone.’ Truly a monster.”

How bad was this article? So bad that Shannyn Moore, a liberal Palin hater like no other, attacked the writer of the Vanity Fair hitpiece:

I don’t give a rip what you said about me – though it was so completely wrong, and put me in such a completely inaccurate and unfavorable light people are mad on my behalf.

Fine thanks for Alaskan hospitality. I have extended the Alaska Spirit to dozens of journalists and visitors, and I will continue to do so. It’s on YOU, not me, as you are the only one who has broken agreements with sources you promised complete anonymity.

I’m sure you’re thrilled to be on TV now. Just know, like Sarah, Alaskans paid a price for it. Specifically, a 79-year old woman, with failing health, who spoke to you under anonymity who hopes her adult children will speak to her again.

Shame on you. You’re not a writer…you’re a climber.

With no respect,
Shannyn Moore

Another feminist blogger attacks the article for being little more than a hitpiece that attacks her for daring to be a woman in politics.

About friggin time:

What makes this article the worst thing I’ve read all day is the fact that most of what’s in it is the sort of s*** that is considered (rightly or wrongly) the mundane business of doing politics, and yet is somehow ZOMG SHOCKING when done bySarah Palin.

Adrienne Ross describes the article for those who wish to skip the POS:

Michael Joseph Gross depicted the Governor as a vengeful individual who creates fear in the people of Alaska, a mother who is not as loving as she appears, a religious fanatic who somehow doubles as a fake Christian, a bad wife, a horrible tipper, an angry woman–basically a complete monster. His sources are anonymous people with anonymous relationships to the Governor who were trembling in fear as they gave him the low-down. Mr. Gross–aptly named–expects us to believe that these people were terrified that talking to him would bring upon them the dreaded Palin Vendetta but chose to give him the goods nonetheless. He even makes the point that Governor Palin’s triflin’ ways are the reason for “deteriorated” relationships, including relationships with people who were in her employ. He lies! One such person he mentions is Ivy Frye, whom he stated left on “bad terms.” That’s news to Ivy, however, who told me the following:

Go to the link to find out what this former employee of Sarah had to say….basically, its all lies.

While I find it heartening that these liberals are backing Sarah regarding this article, I find it a bit hard to feel sorry for them being used the way they were. These same people were not so worried about the truth vs. fiction regarding Sarah way back when. Trig not the baby of Sarah…Sarah spending too much on clothes…Sarah baaaaad.

But now that they have been treated the same way, they are now upset.

I don’t think I have ever seen these “feminists” back Sarah against these unfair attacks before so color me skeptical that they have now seen the light.

More here.

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on August 31,2010 I read an article from Noisy titled “VERY interesting read on Sarah Palin. It is one of the best articles I have read about our next Madam President. After you read the article, can you just see her going into the White House and DRAINING THE SWAMP + put some color in the oval office (STRIPPED WALLPAPER ?????) What’s up with dat !!!!
Everyone FEARS this women because they know what she is capable of. If this country wants
CHANGE for the better “SARAH PALIN 2012 & 2016”

I’m gettin me some popcorn, cuz this might get good. 🙂

Sarah Palin’s career would be over in half an hour in a jumble of word salad gibberish were she ever to appear on “Meet the Press”, “Face the Nation” or “This Week.”

And doesn’t have enough palms and Sharpies to appear in that press conference she’s never had since her 2008 nomination.

Aww how cute. Davie gets a cookie!

Really David? From what I’ve seen, she has no problem at all discussing issues with people, and none whatsoever in speaking in front of a huge crowd.

Personally, I’d hate to see her on those ineffective, outdated blowhard group hugs the networks put on tv sunday mornings, and if I advised her, she wouldn’t. It isn’t necessary to feed the trolls, so to speak. She gets much more airtime and exposure speaking to hosts of the FNC shows.

I’d love to see her in an honest face to face debate with Obama(sans teleprompter). I’m betting she’d run circles around the moron.

SARAH PALIN can certainly communicate with AMERICANS, also with any FOREIGN country,
including the UN ORGANISATION, and stand for THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA,
NOT critisize her country abroad like it’s being done now. SHE showed LOVE and respect for
HER country,even been critisize herself by opponants of party she represent:
AND she kept the desire to serve the people; IS NT IT WHAT A PRESIDENT IS SUPPOSE to do?.

In their haste to get Palin, they make fools of themselves. Don’t they have editors at Vanity Fair, how did this huge article make it to print? pox on them all!


Your “word salad gibberish” has what to do with the lefty liar at Vanity Fair? There just might be some kind of a pill for PDS, perhaps you can look into that so you can focus, David. Maybe you can grab a Sharpie, scribble a little note on your hand. “Stop at pharmacy, desperately in need of meds.”

These people are so dense they cant see that this piece does the one thing they don’t want to ever happen to a person they want to destroy, it causes people to be more sympathetic to her.

I love the collective head explosions by the left whenever Palin or Beck are mentioned. I bet on 08-28 there were a lot of explosions. The left cannot STAND anyone that has a love of the United States and believes in the exceptionalism of this great country. Palin and Beck represent the part of this great nation that is correct – Obama and his ilk are on their way out. I didn’t mean to bring Beck into the conversation, but it was just natural because of last weekend.

As far as the hit piece on Palin- MOST reasonable people recognize it for what it is. A hit piece. Palin understands America. She loves America. She loves her family. She loves GOD. As mentioned above, those 3 admirable qualities are enough to make liberals go crazy. I think it’s a shame how hateful the left is. The good news is though, that America is finally seeing liberals for what they are. Destructive american hating dimwits. This is not an opinion. Just take a look at the polls. The mask has been taken away from the libs and what we see is pretty ugly.

In November, let’s take back America. I miss Bush.

PATVANN: MORE popcorn please?. WE”R NOT DONE YET. ANYONE else?.


LOL!! 😆

Yesterday I forced myself to watch “The Crazzzzz’s” on Morning Joe. She LIES-LIES, THREATENS, STEPS ON THE SMALL PEOPLE OF ALASKA, HAS THE STATE POLICE QUIVERING IN THERE BOOTS, CAN’T MAKE MOOSE CHILI, and last but not least (SHE LIES !!!!) O I said that already.
DAVID#3 *** You have to stop watching these shows-You watch Chris Matthews “I BETCHA”

Yellow journalism so pure, it leaks out like Moutain Dew.

David, i am sure palin as president would not kowtow to every despot she meets. i am also sure she would not support spending us into oblivion as this president has done. i am sure she is not on the puppet strings of union bosses, ngos, and liberal fatcats. so, yes, this would make it a better start than obama.

obama&biden: dumb and dumber 2012

i am a member of 2 parties: Hell NO and NO-vember.

Someone called in to my favorite rock station morning show asking about the rumor that Sarah and Glenn Beck were about to announce they were forming a 2012 ticket. Left-of-center people just don’t know what to do with either or them … or, more to the point, with their popularity. Obviously, the “processing” process is getting interesting.

There’s a word ’round these parts for totally trashing a woman—not just her politics, but her appearance, family life, class background, etc.—because she doesn’t behave the way other, patronizing people figure she should. That word is SEXISM. I haven’t heard that applied to this hit piece on Sarah Palin yet. I’m not surprised. She’s a conservative woman, not what the women with the hair-trigger sensitivity to sexism (real or imagined) consider an actual Feminist(tm). So, if they’re starting to whisper “sexism!” I haven’t been able to hear it above the sounds of popcorn being munched. 😉

This could get mighty interesting. Should Sarah get closer to a serious presidential run, or build on her candidate-backing clout, attacks like this are going to become more frequent and more vicious. At some point, the lefty feminists are going to wind up at that bodily function/visual impairment decision point. They’re not going to want to defend her, but they won’t want to swallow the heaping doses of derision inevitably flung at women who do what they want, their own way. Manual override is going to get harder and harder.

“S-s-s-s … I just can’t, I’m sorry!”

“Now, now, you know you want to, and you know it’s true. Say it for Bethie. SEX-ist.”

“Suh … suh …” [dissolves into tears]

[Munch, munch, munch]

Timothy, the yellow leak, I find people rarely pour their soft drinks into the snow.


That was great!! A 10 on the comment-scale! 😀

Look up “Robin of Berkeley”. I have a feeling you’d enjoy her view of this exact phenomenon.

@Patvann: You betcha! I’m a big fan of Robin of Berkeley. And Sarah too. Vanity Fair? Not so much. My God, what are they going to do when the Repubs take over the majority in the House and Senate? Foaming at the mouth fits?

On the other hand, the Taiwanese seem to have had fun with Meeeechelle…legitimately!

Palin is the anti-Obama and the left does not like it thus the attacks will continue.

MENTIONED at will by any one who wish to, and if it offend any one, that’s just to bad,
that mean REVERSING the present behavior, of being afraid to offend.

I pray for her. She has so many irrational, hateful enemies, who thrash and swing anything at hand t0 hurt her. Who are those a$$hole who move in next door? We are indeed a free country, but this treads upon ones right to pursue the right of happiness. Are they not slumshitz? Scoop them up and put them in a Waste Management compacter, and God only knows where they go from there. Who cares?

@Tom N: alas, what you say is so true. Can you imagine anything worse for a completely, self- centered, narcissistic Moslem to be laid out, for what he is, and for all to see, by an every-day housewife who doesn’t wear a birka? Naah, ya can’t. It must be driving the enourmous POS crazy as he lies in bed trying get some sleep. I can visualize him as a Tourette, lying there on his satin sheets, every 10 minutes, erupting like Mt. St. Helens, “You f*****king SOB”. Aahhhh, it is so much fun magining it.

Sarah, I luv u. Keep the hole in his misery.

Japanese business community dearly loves Sarah Palin because, she, like the Japanese, does more work than talking. I was in Japan last month for an automotive Kaizen meeting, and one important fact that I came to know:A top ranked Japanese automaker loves Sarah Palin and willing to support her financially in case she opted to run for POTUS on 2012. Likewise, have you read the latest commentary by ex-congressman Ford? Ford had frankly said that Sarah Palin is a formidable force in 2012, and she is the only conservative republican that can easily beat Obama. The rest possible GOP nominees like Mitt, Huck, Paw, Paul and Gingrich are no match to Obama. This is one and only main reason why the liberal biased media (CNN, CBS, MSNBC, The View and ABC) are trying their best to demonize Palin because she is the only threat to Obama. Those polls and surveys showing Palin poor showing were just a manipulation to misinform the silent majority of the Americans. In reality, Sarah Palin’s true favorable rating is more than 50%.
Sarah Palin is a tough and principled American leader, and she has past record of being one. Sarah Palin may be America’s REAL HOPE AND CHANGE…About Obama, well, I am sorry to say that I had voted for him last 2008, and now I must admit that I am one of those intellectual idiots that were deceived by CNN. That is why right now, my only cable news network is FOX news.

Raymond: hi, AnD welcome home. bye