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Sadly, Obamacare *is* the war. Elections are just battles.

You’re all royally fucked. My sympathies.

Seeing all those bought off votes for this monstrosity reminds me of a quip, ” Every Judas has his price”.

We were screwed the day he started chanting “yes we can”

One year in office, and what changes has he made so far? Lets see… MORE troops to the middle east, and no health care reform. Bail out after bail out of tax payer money, and after all is said and done with this bad behavior being rewarded… we see what for it?

I’m tired of grabbing my ankles. When is enough going to be enough???


rel=”nofollow”>Far Infrared Saunas

I am steaming mad right now-not only at this bill, but at the foundation which gave the Dems power in order to inact this viscious plan, let alone the next power grab they are going to inact which is cap and tax.
Let’s start with the many Republicans who decided to ‘punish’ the GOP and not vote in 2006. I am also mad that there are so many freekin’ idiots who have the right to vote and voted in Obama because he is bi-racial and looked oh so cool-I am mad at the independants and moderate republicans who thought we were kooks saying Obama was a socialist and ignored all the proof we had of his connections. Now they are saying, “well, Sean Hannity, you were right”.. That really frustrates me. I am mad at the leftist retards who are Koolaide drinkers-who are stupid enough to think these leftist policies will make their lives better-until it is thrusted on them.. Then about 10 years down the road we will hear them say they just didn’t know..I will have to smack them.

Last but not least, let’s not be stupid here and enact a third party because we are still mad at the GOP!! At least they didn’t vote for this bill and they are not socialist yet.. We CAN take it back, we DO have some strong conservative contenders coming up out of the wood work and it is exciting-we can turn this thing around!

Can the 14th Amendment be used to point out that Nebraska is the ONLY state that gets it’s Medicare paid for differently than all the others?

I hope that the American people remember this day. These corrupt politicians voted for to end debate on a bill that nobody has read and nobody knows if it really exsist. The senate has always thumbed it’s nose at the electorate because of their 6 year terms. They feel that the people will forget what they have done when they come up for re-election. Well lets throw out one third of them in 2010 along with everybody in the house. If that don’t catch their attention there is always rope.

As I wrote about on my blog, I’m kind of bummed that my state wasn’t able to loot the carcas of America like some of the other states did. Senators all over the place got kickbacks for their votes, yet my Senators traded their votes for nothing on this bill. It’s annoying to watch all of the corruption going on and all of the deals being made that transfer wealth from one group of people to another group of politically favored people, and to not be part of it. This new Democrat-run nation of corruption and tyranny sucks when you have bad Senators.

By Alexander Matlin
(translated by Ilya Kazakov)

Goodbye, America, my country!
Goodbye, my dearest, goodbye.
Above our heads is rising sultry,
Socialistic crimson sky.

From Western lands to the Eastern border
From Northern lakes to Florida estates
We will create a better social order
Just like the one they had in the Soviet states.

Denounce profits, where they abound!
With neither doubt nor redundant care
We’ll redistribute wealth around
So everyone enjoys an equal share!

For all the people of this sunny nation
We’ll moderate an equal monthly pay.
By way of total wealth elimination.
We’ll all get poor. Poor, but the same!

We strive towards this noble goal untiring.
We are so close, we’re sure almost there.
Already numerous Acorn battalions
Are waiting for the final signal flare.

And then we heard HIS voice elated:
“The hope!”, “The change”, and “Yes, we can!”
HE, neatly dressed, for stardom slated,
To build this land anew began.

Aside cast doubts, qualms, and fears
HIS hand steers firmly towards the sun.
For us… We shall extend a hand to peers:
Iran, Al-Qaida, Cuba, Taliban.

Venezuela, China, North Korea
Hamas and Burma, and everyone else.
We’ll blush, apologize. For this idea
They will forgive us our offense.

We’ll feed them all, of course no strings attaching.
(They’re our foes no more just so you know).
And then at last, our behavior so touching,
The world will love us dearly once more.

There won’t be turning back allowed
We’ll press ahead together, no dissent.
We’ll treat the sick for free of charge, no doubt
To keep the workforce healthy and content.

We’ll love ourselves and one another.
For godly deeds, we’ll simply worship HIM.
Instead of burning oil and coal we rather
Should keep this country and the planet green.

While stubbornly ahead we’re storming
The evil of capitalism killing,
We’ll stop the spread of global warming
And heat producing shameless profiteering.

Let children of this people’s nation
Recite aloud cheerful hoorays.
And thank their leader with exhilaration
For childhood full of happy, sunny days.

No more of unapproved persuasions.
No more of undesirable qualms.
We’ll come to love with utter adulation
HIS own, true religion – Islam.

We won’t have need for Christ or Moses
What purpose do they now have for us?
And the CIA that trouble causes
We’ll simply throw under the bus.

And then, atop white horses riding,
We’ll crush the villains at their crux.
Who secretly in Pentagon are hiding,
And on TV, on the channel Fox.

The parties’ quarrels irritating
Will melt like a snow on a grassy knoll
With all Republicans rotating
To “socialistas” once and for all.

We’ll all be happy and ecstatic
Ourselves and neighbors loving while.
And if you’re not… Well, there’s the Arctic
Where one may end up in exile.

The sky gets dark, the night is scary.
A frost chained any glimpse of thought.
It’s cold and we’re feeling wary…
Can’t we stop madness’s onslaught?

We ran from it, yet again it’s shown
In Socialism’s ugly scowl.
It’s so familiar, so known.
Shall we run again? But where now?

A tip of the hat to the senator from Connecticut for killing the first chance we’ve ever had for meaningful health care reform….

Honestly, has there ever been as vengeful a little gnat as Joe Lieberman? You’d really have to search the archives of history pretty thoroughly to find someone comparable. There are many reasons why Al Gore was defeated in 2000 by a half-witted frat boy like George W. Bush. One of the main reasons was the abysmal choice of running mate Lieberman.

It was obvious during the debate with Dick Cheney during that campaign that comical Joe was a useless drag on the ticket. When Cheney said that his success in the private sector had nothing to do with the government, Lieberman let the statement stand. Cheney made his fortune at Haliburton because of Government contracts! Government had everything to do with it! Did he purposefully sabotage the Gore campaign? Maybe it’s pure paranoia on my part but a case could be made that he did.

Say it ain’t so, Revoltin’ Joe.


Tom Degan
Goshen NY

And here I naively thought that state laws applied to those within a single state, and federal laws were for the nation to be applied to all within the nation equally. I realize that any law of the land must of necessity be based on a system of compromise, but what we are seeing isn’t compromise it is bribery at its worst and bribery paid for with our hard earned dollars. I have let every senator and congressman in my state know that I will actively work to see them looking for a new job.

Amen @rivka! I could have used your help on this other thread with PatVann and the Purgers singing their song!

@Tom Degan: You might want to join the Purgers too. Seems you are both on the same team!

LOL. I see we’ve been hit by a large scale, leftard,copy and paste blog spammer.

“Leftard”? How original!

Just getting the message out, my friend.


Tom Degan


Whoever is blaming Joe Lieberman for this debacle is deluded and paranoid in the extreme! ALL the Dems in Congress are responsible for a boondoggle of such egregious proportions that it boggles the imagination. Anyone who votes to put this disgrace on the books deserves to be defeated for reelection forthwith!

Wow Mike

Thanks for reading my posts in full context, and representing them as such. Nice.

@Patvann: I’m merely inviting readers to make up their own minds.

P.S. @Patvann: Is it true that you didn’t vote for Prez in 2008?

Didn’t Cheney work for Haliburton BEFORE he was VP??? Darn nearly EVERYTHING everywhere has been touched one way or another by Government, so couldn’t you say this of darned Near EVERYONE???
Old Trooper is I understand in the Military…. so does he need to claim he is who he is BECAUSE of Government???? Or does who he was BEFORE count??? I’ve worked on Federal Government projects… but I sure don’t go around claiming “they made my fortune for me, or I am where I am due to them!!! I’m where I’m at due to ME!!!
Face it, you just don’t like Cheney, and you are entitled to…..but that Haliburton stuff is wearing thin….just like Bush bashing….

Only as long as they tow 100% your line, or then they’ll get their words twisted, and held out of context. I guess “purity” is bad, except when it conveniently isn’t. Evidently, THIS reader gets trashed for “making up his own mind” which includes taking an active role in my local and state Republican party!

To that end, I’m fashioning a letter to my REPUBLICAN Governor, expressing my apologies for criticizing his recent trip to Copenhagen on Pelosi’s arm, as well as for signing the following laws.





I also will emplore him not to listen to a non-elected person who is advocating a veto of this bill:


I don’t want to seen as going “off the reservation” or demand he stay within the Republican platform or anything else that might show him in a bad light.

My state, NY, and Sen. Scumer (snark), got promises of special rates for his constituents. Two other Senators, I can’t remember who now, got the same deal.

I say: Obama said it first, but back at you, Washington looters, “Don’t think we’re not keeping score, brother”.

@rivka: I am in full agreement with your post. What I saw in the take-over of the Democrat party (as a life-long member) by the Obamacrats it scared me enough to leave the party and become an Independent. I saw McCain/Palin as a chance to put the kabosh on this thievery and voted straight Republican in the GE. I will do the same in any forthcoming election…state or national.

This is not the time to vote 3rd party. We will need every vote to overcome any attempt to steal the next election as they stole the primary and congressional seats in 2008. America cannot afford another term of this jackal. We need to gain enough of a majority in both houses to stop his agenda in its tracks. Country Before Party. You may not like everything about the GOP but we can take it back from the spenders and set it right. I don’t know if Sarah can win nationally but I sure as heck want to see her influence and set the GOP platform in 2010 and 2012.

@janeplain: I say: Obama said it first, but back at you, Washington looters, “Don’t think we’re not keeping score, brother”.

You’ve got that right! We know how to count and we will remember the names of traitors to the country. #1 Barack Hussein Obama.

I’ve just spent a couple of hours quietly perusing the Lefty sites (yes I washed before I came back here) and they seem as pissed as we are about this, albeit for entirely different reasons.

This Bill now goes into the House for Reconciliation, and I’ve seen rumors that Pelosi wants to pass it as fast as possible, with no amendments or discussion, and that Obama is ready to sign whatever crosses his desk, no matter what’s in it. It all about his legacy, doncha know. (It must be record-setting narcissism to want a “legacy” based on what 70% of the population hates.)

So I believe the next step for us all, is to start flooding the House-members even if, like mine (Pelosi herself) they intend to ignore you. Start today, and don’t stop. Act like Dems if you must, because it’s pretty much a given that the House Republicans have heard us, and will all vote no, much to their credit.

The Dem leadership (and some others) see themselves as potential martyrs for the “cause” of universal healthcare. They actually don’t care if they are not re-elected. They are so full of conceit in their opinion of us, that they actually believe they are doing this to our “benefit”….Especially Obama.

But not all of them are ready to lay on their swords. If we get enough of them, there still might be a chance.

After that, who knows? I guess we wait for the 12 or so conservative lawyers left in the country to go to court to start challenging the constitutionality of the various parts of the Bill.

Maybe I missed their notice-of-intent, but I sure wish they would speak up to give us some (small “h”) hope.

Has anyone heard any inkling of motions being drafted?

America: 1776-2009 Born from blood, died from debt…..

I read an interesting blog about the Republican platform in the 2010 mid terms. It made sense to me and seems like it would appeal to those of us that feel that we have been screwed. The banner read “Defund or Repeal Obamacare”. Defund if the R’s take over at least one body of Congress because it takes too many to repeal a bill. Repeal if the R’s take over both houses of Congress because we would have the muscle to do it. Let the D’s have their moment of glory and believe that they will see their numbers go up. When the people see that taxes are leading health care benefits by four years it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who will be really pissed.


No politician ignores polls. These people must realize that this Bill is not only opposed by the Republicans, and Republican voters, but by a significant amount of Indies and Dem’s, as well.

Are 60plus% (and rising fast) of us all “Aryans and militia members”, and everything else they’ve recently called us?

Do they know how badly they are alienating the entire American Public? Do they care?

I’ve never heard of any politician, let alone so many within one party, in any period of history, be so willing to commit political suicide…and they still have the immigration-issue to ram up our collective butts next year.

Do they know of something so distractive that it makes none of this matter?

The Dem leadership (and some others) see themselves as potential martyrs for the “cause” of universal healthcare. They actually don’t care if they are not re-elected. They are so full of conceit in their opinion of us, that they actually believe they are doing this to our “benefit”….Especially Obama.


Do you recognize a true profile in courage when you see it? Actual congresspeople who put a cause they believe in above personal interest?

You may hate what the Dems are doing. On this blog, there is accurate documentation of how unpopular it is. There are a score or more of Dems who are going to lose their jobs, because of this. Actually taking a stand for something in which they believe.

I’m spending the holidays at Lake Tahoe, with a the two generation family which includes a couple of OB-GYNs who, along with me, mourn the reality of the disgraceful state of American medicine in 2009. What’s happening now is a very imperfect first step, but, for goodness sake, it is a first step. It truly brings tears of joy to my eyes.

– Larry W/HB

Larry, if it mandated pre-treatment ear-removal before any services rendered you would be for it, as long as it had a government stamp of approval. There has been no part of any version out of the dozen or so put forward that you have take any issue with whatsoever, so it’s a little hard to take you serious anymore in this regard.

As the Father of a Marine who’s volunteered to go back to Afghanistan, it turns my stomach to see the taking of bribes by politicians being called courageous. Set your bar higher.

Snow is headed your way, double-check your chains.

@openid.aol.com/runnswim: Happy Holidays Larry! We’ve missed you.

And your not the only one with tears in your eyes. The vast majority of Americans who see their freedom slipping away and don’t like getting screwed by ObamaCare are weeping right along with you.

Mike, just got a chance to read the referenced post you gave me. Great debate and of course you won. Shoot- you didn’t need me, you did great!

Thanks Rivka. I had some help from Wordsmith. I was starting to lose my patience with the Purgers!

“Tom Degan”:
It’s gratifying to see that the attendants are permitting you computer access in the dayroom.
That’s really smart thinking ,trying to gain devotees to your “Dick Cheney Ate My Baby” looney toon moonbat rantings on this site.
Here’s another brilliant business model for you: Promote “Girls Gone Wild “ videos to convents and DAR chapters.

Your little posting there is typical of you right wing knuckleheads. You insult me by questioning my sanity and yet you do not address the main point of my original argument against Leiberman – because you’re unable to. You know damned well that you are unable to debate me on the merits of what I have said. Instead you refer to me as a “leftart” and imply that I am not of sound mind.

That is not a debate, that’s a tantrum.


Tom Degan

@Tom Degan: In case you didn’t notice this is a conservative blog with Republican ties. Lieberman is neither conservative nor Republican. So why should we comment?

Though it is funny to watch you eat one of your own.

First of all, Lieberman is a Conservative. To say he is a Liberal is one step shy of crazy. Secondly, yes, I realize this is a Conservative sight. I was merely trying to encourage a little healthy debate. Reverend Degan doesn’t preach to the choir.


Tom Degan

Tom, that’s probably those of hard core Liberal/Democrat values are NOT of sound mind !!! Sorry pal….
Example… Obummer comes out an pontificates on “how this is a great victory for ALL Americans”!! meaning the “healthcare reform” passing a Senate vote….. NOW, how can it be a “great victory” for “all Americans” when the polls CLEARLY show the MAJORITY does NOT SUPPORT it!!!
No, it’s a victory for the LEFT, the WILL of the PEOPLE be damned!! THAT sir is YOUR party, “the we believe it, we want it, you’re going to TAKE IT!!” party…. Proud of that are you? Since it is FACTUALLY (Dems do not care about facts!) true the Dems are enforcing THEIR beliefs and NOT the “will of the people”.. WHO then DO they “represent”????? Not us…. Dictators act this way you know… check out Hugo Chavez and Castro’s methods of doing things…. I want it, you do it…hmmm….. So, just who DID you elect????

“THAT sir is YOUR party”

You assume I am a Democrat. I am not. I do not align myself with any political party. Second you say that most Americans are against this health care bill. You are correct. I am against it, too. But the majority of Americans (myself included) are against this bill – not for what it offers – but for what it does not offer. When the public option was on the table the overwhelming majority (again, myself included) supported it. That part of health care reform was killed off by the GOP and those godammed blue dog Democrats.

Tom Degan

@Tom Degan:

When the public option was on the table the overwhelming majority (again, myself included) supported it.

Source please.

That part of health care reform was killed off by the GOP…

News Flash: The GOP doesn’t have the votes in the House or the Senate to kill off anything.


That part of health care reform was killed off by the GOP�

You can only make your argument by quoting me completely out of context. If you had bothered to complete the sentence it would have read, “….and those goddamed blue dog Democrats.” Why do you make yourself look so ridiculous. All one has to do is scroll up and they can see clearly what I said. What the hell is the matter with you?

Snicker Snicker….


Tom Degan

So then , by wanting the “public option” you favor MORE “socialism”??? Why do you want uncle sugar sticking his nose into PRIVATE affairs… there are a lot of things that can be done to lessen the costs of healthcare AND it’s burden on the public, (taxpayer) WITHOUT Government involvement…. yet you SUPPORTED the Socialist option, WHY??

@Tom Degan:

Again, the GOP doesn’t have the votes in either chamber to kill legislation or any portion thereof.

I quoted the portion of the sentence that exposes you for the fool that you are.

We’re all pointing and laughing at you.

Care to keep dancing?

And I am having quite the laugh at your expence. Please, did you even read what I said? They did it with the help of more that a few Democrats. I give up. You just can’t face reality, can you? Oy vey!

Odd thing about those polls that the visiting extreme progressive-with-no-party-affiliation, @Tom Degan, hangs his hat upon. There’s quite a few caveats… i.e. an October Pew Research Polls does an issue knowledge test. Turns out that while 56% of responders know that “public option” is a catch phrase in the healthcare debate, 44% of them are clueless as to what it refers to. (33% of them didn’t know, and 11% guess incorrectly).

Oh yeah… this one’s gonna leave a mark… the partisan breakdown of the knowledge test

And on health care specifically….

Now that we’ve established that more than a healthy amount of people are really clueless to public options, and even more likely the fiscal repercussions of such, let’s go to a simpler question to a simpler audience. This brings me to Gallup’s Nov poll showing a health majority don’t think health care is the government’s responsibility. Well now, that might explain the brainless support for a “public option”… they don’t think it’s a government run plan. okie doke….

Oh, here’s another one that’s gonna leave a mark. The decline in the public belief that government should involve itself in health care has been on the decline since “da won” has been running for POTUS.

Then, of course, the pièce de résistance … a Dec 9th poll showing virtual even split on “public option” (whatever that is in their minds) support at 45-46.

Apparently, more and more are learning what a “public option” is. And once they figure out it’s a government single payer system, the number that oppose that leap to 62% as of the beginning of December.

Of course, 54% of Dems in the Rassmussen poll here favor the single payer system. And also, of course, in the “favor government insurance” Gallup poll, 74% of Dems said yup… it’s the govt’s job. That’s consistency… government care, cradle to grave. Surprise surprise. Hard to teach old dogs new tricks… like no unConstitutional meddling by Congress please.

Then again, they are less likely to know what the heck it is they are asking for… but they’ll figure it out when it hits their wallets.

Figures lie, liars figure, and it figures a progressive liar would wander into the FA forum to reconfigure poll results into political spin.