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Like the corered RATS they are…

You pick up a gutter demorat or meet one in the streets and you’re bound to get bit. Take your MACE with you (Multi-Angle-Communist-Eradicator).

The shame in this is that the man used Medicare. More lost profit. Say no to all government care!!!!!!!!!!

My wife and I are going to the Tea Party Express Rally in Dallas tomorrow. I wonder how many Ombamabots will show up to protest that?

This will be my wife’s first protest rally. All I have to say is none of those nuts had better get to close to her. From what I have seen though, they have been avoiding the big rallies.

My pinkie, my pinkie, my kingdom for a pinkie but I guess he has that terrible Medicare a “Single-payer health care insurance” what a hypocrite. Did the little pinkie cry “Wee-wee-wee!” all the way home? It real should have been his right pinky finger that would have been a better story. They are haters not debaters.

What is Cavuto doing? Don’t let the public know that the victim instigated this by throwing the first punch. Said the poor victim on Cavuto, “I had my fist in his mouth.”
Stick with business reporting Neil.

@loyalist: I haven’t seen any reporting to substantiate your claim. In fact, I heard an eye witness on the radio this afternoon describe how the attacker purposely went after the old man in the group.

You keep drinking the Kool Aid if you want to, but the hangover is going to be hell.

I saw the Cavuto interview with Rice, Mike. It is linked below. He admits he threw the first punch after provocation, and when he threw a second one after more arguing, his fist was in the other guy’s mouth, and he bit down.

Doesn’t look like a decrepit “senior citizen”. Seems fit, and willing to engage in a brawl. I’d say the bite down was an instinctive reaction and not necessarily self defense. But who knows. Also, it was a rally that was staged by MoveOn.org, I believe.

I’ll call this one a tie…. two hot heads, and the ensuing aftermath.

And I’ll disagree with “loyalist” on Cavuto… excellent at both news and business reporting. He’s one of my mainstays, and I could see by Cavuto’s style that this was an interview not necessarily of his choosing…

@MataHarley: I wouldn’t call it a “tie” Mata. You might ask our gal Skye about how aggressive these Obamaloons are.

Obviously the man crossed the street to confront the folks on our side. If there is fault here, it lies with him.

No moral equivalence allowed.

Exclusive Photo of Zombies Attacking Obamacare Protester here, http://stopthepresses2.blogspot.com/search/label/Zobamies

Some seniors revert to children, its part of the aging process (I guess he forgot to “Keep your hands to yourself”). In the Neil Cavuto, interview he is a protestor but now they are trying to change the fact and say that he just innocent bystander. He makes two punches and (as usual) tries to shove something down someone’s throat and gets his pinkie bitten off, now they make him into a victim. Now the wingnuts have a new idol to worship, a new hero. Please, snore, snore.

All we have here is one side to the story, like many other immature men he just used physical violence because he was not able to articulate his position or use his brain to avoid one, never had the misfortune to be in a brawl myself, I only pity this man who felt the need to bunch his hand into someone’s mouth, so now all of you can claim he is something of a innocent victim. Walking away takes maturity some men have it others do not. What a pity.

@Montana: Nice little copy and paste job. You posted the exact same remarks at my home planet and simply ignore the FACT that the man who bite this senior citizens finger off went out of his way to cross the street and pick this fight.

How convenient! Just completely ignore the facts so you can blur any responsiblity the crazed leftist would have for causing this incident.

That’s exactly the kind of enabling that criminals and psychotics depend on to continue their mayhem.

P.S. The same goes for Paul!

It’s just more of the left’s naked hypocriscy and bigotry. They are ok with such behavior when it’s their people doing it.

I agree with Montana, especially her pointing out that the old guy could have defused and controlled the situation by simply moving away but he seem very happy content with the attention and outcome. Could it be he wanted to be the new idol to be worship, a new hero whose poster will be going up in wingnuts closets around the country?

Yes Pau. Both of you completely ignored the fact that the attacker went out of his way to attack this old man. And you suggest that the only way the man could have defended himself is by running away?

Are you French?

Both of you are excusing and enabling political violence by saying the defender should cave in to the threats and intimidation of physical violence.

Mikey likes it! Violence, too bad bud, but it does not surprise me, violence comes from hate and hate comes from fear. So what are you afraid of Mikey?

Paulie you are unmasked. The violence and fear are coming from YOUR SIDE. The guy who got his finger bitten off didn’t cross the street to pick the fight. YOUR GUY DID!

A wiser lib might avoid commenting on this post and defending physical violence.

So what does that say about you?

P.S. You and Montana are the same person. I tracked your IP back to similar addresses within the CA Palomar Community College District.

You want to agree with yourself? Fine.. But don’t try and pretend you are a majority more than one.

Another wingnut conspiracy? Next thing you will be telling us that you found the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and the 6th birth certificate from Kenya.

Gee, paul is just another mentally ill leftist who has to lie? Big shock. Go back to KOS you brainless troll.

If the left continues to get violent in their efforts to supprese opposing voices, they will have set into motion a counter-wave of violence they will be on the losing end of in a biiiig way.

We are all adults here, and as adults we know there are consequences for are actions, so if you do not agree with his views on healthcare, you can a) do nothing, b) vote for him, c) not vote for him, d) protest and picket, its your choice, live the dream!


Paul is also “Benito” from an earlier thread.

Aye: Paul is also Montana…. Must be a sale on sock puppets at the Moveon.org store.

It all comes down to what you believe, either you are your brother’s keeper or are not. The healthcare system is broken, even when you play by the rules, because even when you are working and come down with something serious the insurance company can deny your claim and you are stuck using you own funds and filing for bankruptcy when these same insurance companies are paying out bonuses to those employees that deny claims and on top of that the same companies show record profits. We are already paying for emergency room care anyway for those without healthcare, it makes sense to me to cover everyone and not pay 10-20 times more for emergency room care.

It all comes down to what you believe, either you are your brother’s keeper or are not.

No, actually what it comes down to is a question of personal responsibility and accountability.

Why should the person who is careful and makes wise choices bear the burden of those who are careless and don’t make wise choices?

It also comes down to the fact that forced charity and forced wealth redistribution have NEVER been American values and those ideas fly directly in the face of the principles that this country was founded on.

Can you show me please where in the US Constitution the creation and operation of a national health care plan is an enumerated power of Congress?

Exit questions:

What average percentage, if any, of your income did you give away to charity over the course of the last five years?

Over the past five years what average percentage, if any, of your income did you pay in to the IRS above and beyond what you were required to pay under the tax code?

Assuming, of course, that you hold yourself to the same “brother’s keeper” standard that you wish to apply to the rest of us you should have no problem answering those questions as well as providing the supporting documentation.

I see the sock puppet Paul has decided to ditch his faux identities for the present. That’s progress at least.

But where does he get the idea that the American health care system is “broken.”

Polls show the vast majority of Americans are satisfied with their health care.

Democrats, instead of trying to help those who don’t have adequate health care seem hell bent on taking over the health care of everyone.

That demonstrates that the issue here isn’t about health care, but acquiring power and making us all wards of the state.