Give Up Medicare Benefits To Make ObamaCare Work….Just A Myth Right?


Check out this arrogant piece of work, Rep. Betsy Markey:

Some people, including Medicare recipients, will have to give up some current benefits to truly reform the nation’s health-care system, Rep. Betsy Markey told a gathering of constituents in Fort Collins on Wednesday.

Markey has repeatedly said during the August congressional recess that Medicare spending needs to be reined in to help pay for reforming the broader health-care system.

“There’s going to be some people who are going to have to give up some things, honestly, for all of this to work,” Markey said at a Congress on Your Corner event at CSU. “But we have to do this because we’re Americans.”

Don’t agree with Socialized Medicine and not willing to give stuff up….well then you are just un-American.

And hey….didn’t Obama say that was a myth?

I’m just saying.

So let me get this straight. When you turn 66 your forced into Medicare if you want your Social Security that you paid into for decades and now these people need you to give up some of these benefits…that you paid for…all to help prop up more Socialism.

No wonder some people are protesting this woman:

And some people, like Hugh Hewitt, are working to dethrone the woman:

…Markey held a telephone townhall in which she repeated every Obamacare talking point including the whopper that the “government option/public plan” would be paid for exclusively by premiums. (Here’s a blog account of the entire call.)

Markey’s a shill for Obamacare (and cap-and-trade and card-check) so she has got to be defeated in 15 months.

There’s a great candidate in the district who is a friend of mine –Tom Lucero. Tom’s twice been elected a member of the CU Board of Regents as well as a small businessman with a compelling story –he’s the son of a single mom and he’s about the only Latino-American running for a federal office in the Rocky Mountain State this go around.

But the most important thing is that Tom’s opposed to Obamacare and rationing.

Send Markey a message: Send Tom Lucero a contribution today. You can contribute online here. Seniors especially should telegraph Markey that they won’t put up with rationing so that she and the president can indulge in their social engineering dreams.

You can contact Congresswoman Markey via and tell her that you are spending money to beat her because of her support of Obamacare, and you can copy me on your contribution to Tom and your e-mail to markey via

If you live in her district, you can e-mail her via her Congressional office by using this online form and the Fort Collins zip Code, 80524.

In all your communications with Obamacare supporters I urge you to be respectful and specific. Betsy Markey wants cuts in Medicare benefits –which is rationing, pure and simple– and is woefully misinformed about the costs of the public plan. If these positions trigger a wave of contributions to her opponent, other Democrats will notice, just as they are noticing the surge in support for Harry Reid’s opponent, Danny Tarkanian.

Cutting benefits from Medicare recipients from Markey, cutting costs from Medicare from Obama:

In another ironic Medicare twist, Obama’s quest to cut Medicare waste may undercut another selling point of the left’s beloved “public” government-run insurance option. Obama has argued repeatedly that Medicare’s low administrative costs are proof of government’s efficiency, but the level of the administrative costs is due to a combination of fuzzy government accounting and the very lack of oversight Obama claims to want to eliminate to save money. By employing more people to oversee Medicare to cut waste and fraud, Obama will eliminate the administrative savings he’s been touting to sell yet another government health program.

Ironic, but I’m sure not unknown by Obama and friends.

More news today with this study that tells us what we already know….ObamaCare will deeply hurt business which in effect will hurt the consumer:

A provision in President Obama’s health care reform plan that requires businesses to offer health insurance to their workers or face a federal tax would cost employers at least $49 billion dollars a year, putting 5.2 million employees at risk of unemployment or underemployment, according to a new study.

“Health care reform is not going to be free,” said economist Mark Wilson, who authored the study, which was commissioned by the conservative Heritage Foundation.

Under the provision, known as the play-or-pay mandate, another 10.2 million employees will face stunted wages and the loss of their benefits as employers try to find ways to fund the mandates.

“Those will be a difficult decision for them to make and they’re also going to have to decide to the extent they can raise prices and pass the cost onto consumers,” Wilson said.

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Obama truly is the epitome of the joke “How can you tell he is lying? His lips move!”
Is there ONE thing he has told the truth about?

He has shown over and over again that he will say or do whatever a particular audience needs to hear so they will vote his agenda! He did it all through his campaign and even when pointed out to those who were fawning over him, they were so star struck they did not care.

My concern honestly is that things are heating up in this country and people are waking up from long sleep – will this end in violence? A revolution of sorts? What?

People on the left screamed about Bush’s out of control budget. Bush can’t hold a candle to Obama’s up and away budget.

Obama told us we would have to give up things if he ws elected. The fools who voted for him brushed this off but darn if he didn’t mean it. Millions of us have given up our jobs, ourhomes our savings and are in the process of giving up our freedom. Our super wealthy country is now on the brink of bankruptcy all because 52% of us voted for a communist who is intent on changing our entire way of life.

I can only look back through history and realize how lucky we have been up to now to have had presidents who loved their country and did not want to bring it down in the name of ideology. I didn’t realize a president had so much power. I thought there were checks and balances in place to prevent this. Evidently I was wrong.

Sometimes I wonder if Obama is the catalyst that God is using to bring the people of this country to their senses and other times I wonder if we have offended God so much that he has turned his back on us. We certainly deserve it since we have become Sodom and Gommorah. Very little morality and killing our children by the millions.

When the president is unchecked by congress and has a majority ….
YEP – the party/president can do that.

I don’t like either party having that power.

Pretty soon this will be a moot point. Medicare is almost broke and at the rate BO is spendin our money, it won’t be around much longer!

i have a friend who is on disability and gets medicare, she is sure that her benefits won’t be cut. as it is to take care of all of her health issues she has gotten supplimental insurance. i keep sending her links to article and such and she still wont believe it will happen. she says obamacare won’t affect her becauswe of her medicare. she is wrong…

Obamacare … A Dead Duck!

A woman brought a very limp duck into a local veterinary surgeon. As she laid her pet on the table, the vet pulled out his stethoscope and listened to the bird’s chest. After a moment or two, the vet shook his head sadly and said, “I’m sorry, but your duck, Cuddles, has passed away.”

The distressed woman wailed, “Are you sure?”

“Yes, I am sure. The duck is dead,“replied the vet.

“How can you be so sure?” she protested. “I mean you haven’t done any testing on him or anything. He might just be in a coma or something.”

The vet rolled his eyes, turned around and left the room. He returned a few minutes later with a black Labrador Retriever. As the duck’s owner looked on in amazement, the dog stood on his hind legs, put his front paws on the examination table and sniffed the duck from top to bottom. He then looked up at the vet with sad eyes and shook his head. The vet patted the dog on the head and took it out of the room.

A few minutes later he returned with a cat. The cat jumped on the table and also delicately sniffed the bird from head to foot. The cat sat back on its haunches, shook its head, meowed softly and strolled out of the room. The vet looked at the woman and said, “I’m sorry, but as I said, this is most definitely, 100% certifiably, a dead duck.”

The vet turned to his computer terminal, hit a few keys and produced a bill, which he handed to the woman. The duck’s owner, still in shock, took the bill.

”$150!” she cried, “$150 just to tell me my duck is dead!?”

The vet shrugged, “I’m really sorry. If you had just taken my word for it, the bill would have been $20. But with the Lab Report and the Cat Scan, it’s now $150.”