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Agenda, what agenda …

Today we learn that the group which organized and paid for the bus tour is nothing but a front for ACORN…

Now, Mike… you didn’t just “learn” today of ACORN’s involvement with the WFP and these AIG bus tours. I pointed out the origins of the ACORN/WFP party in my original post on these thug/mob mentality tactics back on the 21st, and that the bus was loaded with ACORN activists in my follow up post the next day.

I’m soooo crushed you don’t read my posts, guy! LOL

But kidding aside, I heard on the news today that the press outnumbered the protestors three to one. Either way, there was more media than ACORN/WFP mouthpieces.

I’d be laughing but this isn’t funny… At the same time that ACORN media circus was going on in Fairfield roughly 300 concerned citizens were protesting out of control government spending at the Ridgefield, CT Tea Party. I was there, I counted TWO (2) reporters. One from the Ridgefield Press and one from the News Times.

Clearly there’s no such thing as media bias. (snort)

Look at the enemies of America…

When I saw this spectacle on TV, I started to whistle the French National Anthem.

Don’t know why….just seemed to happen that way.

@MataHarley: Note the use of the pronoun “we.”

@Timothy: You sure you were whistling “La Marseillaise ” and not this?

The other day I was surfing a bit and decided to see what ACORN had to say about itself. I quickly grew bored with trying to stomach the bullspit, but I did notice that they list their office locations. Since ACORN and the dinosaur media go hand in hand, why don’t we start having the tea parties in front of, or near the ACORN offices?

@Lightbringer: “tea parties in front of, or near the ACORN offices?”

Not a bad idea! Give them a taste of their own medicine.

ACORN is nothing more than a bunch of left wing fascists who believe their rights trump ours.

Sounds like fun. The sidewalks are public. I wonder what they would do if they were followed to their homes and the tea parties re-setup there as well.