It’s O-Bingo Night!


As you probably know, President Obama is delivering his NtSOTU (Not the State of The Union) speech tonight.

It promises to be an thrilling combination of HopeyChanginess, finger pointing, fuzzy math, and willful suspension of disbelief.

To make the night more fun for everyone, the nice folks over at Americans for Tax Reform are rolling out an exciting new game called O-Bingo.


You can download your card here:

Download Card A (PDF)
Download Card B (PDF)
Download Card C (PDF)
Download Card D (PDF)

Gather your friends, your family, and your neighbors for an entertaining night of fun and frivolity.


“Since the Great Depression” – The economic one, not the feeling you’ve had since he signed the “stimulus” bill.

“Save or create” jobs – Obama’s new metric whereby he can claim credit for the outcome no matter what happens (how exactly does one determine the number of “saved” jobs?)

“Crisis” – Excuse to hike taxes and grow the government per Rahm Emanuel’s theory: “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

“Stimulus” – The 1,000 page Pelosi-Reid-Obama pork bill rushed through in the dead of night with no transparency and that not a single member of Congress who voted for it actually read.

“Hope” – The optimistic expectation, against all evidence that this government will be the first in the history of time to succeed in spending its way out of economic problems.

“Change” – Take-home pay of future generations due to massive spending increases and government expansion.

“Bipartisan” – “Pelosi and Reid get to decide what we’ll do, but I’ll have you over for tea first.”

“Children and grandchildren” – The people picking up the tab.

“Shovel-ready” – Vital projects that somehow are not important enough to receive funding through the regular appropriations process at the local, state, or federal level.

“Toxic assets”– Now the responsibility of those who followed the rules and made wise decisions.

“Failed policies of the past” – An overspending problem by George W. Bush to be expanded by Obama

“Investment” – Government spending.

“Sacrifice” – Tax hikes.

“As I’ve said before” – Prepare for a poll tested line from stump speeches.

“Make work pay” – Writing welfare checks through the tax code (and then calling it a tax cut).

“Climate change” – (Formerly known as Global Warming) The natural cycles of the sun and the four seasons.

“FDR” – The last President to attempt and fail to spend the country’s way out of a hole.

“Let me be clear” – Warning to “have your shovel ready.”

“Executive pay” – A serious problem because large cash awards are only appropriate when politicians dole out taxpayer money to the pet projects of their sons, brothers, wives, or campaign contributors.

“Protecting responsible homeowners” – Forcing you to pay your neighbor’s mortgage.

“Trillion-dollar deficit that we’ve inherited” – Bush overspending – which Obama just doubled.

“Essential services” – Government programs that employ unionized bureaucrats.

“Vulnerable Americans” – People that Obama wants to make dependent on the government.

“Tax cuts to 95 percent of working families” – See “Make Work Pay”

“Alternative energy”– Energy that is either too expensive or hasn’t succeeded in the free market on its own (if it worked, it would just be called “energy”)

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Dang Aye! You beat me. I posted the exact same thing before I noticed you did it 20 minutes earlier…

Still, my post has the famous Mike’s America commentary:

I’ll be watching reruns of Family Guy but this would be fun if I could stomach watching Obama read a teleprompter!

And don’t worry if you have something better to do tonight (like clean the bathroom). These cards can be used with any Obama speech. They’re the phrases most likely to appear on his teleprompter any time he opens his mouth.

Yo dude, I am watching “housewives of Orange County” in lue of Obama, lots of clevage to watch, never liked bingo anyway.

April 1st is America’s Fool’s day..

Grandson-in-law came for dinner and to pick up our little tyrant. I told him to take his pick, we are up for anything he wanted to watch. Wound up being some kind of kick-boxing thing. Sheesh, hope Obama doesn’t make a habit of these “hey, if not me it’s kickboxing” moments.

What I did see of him, before the extreme channel change, reminded me of Nixon without the jowls. Anyone else notice the similar mannerisms?

@Aye Chihuahua: “Sorry, too young to remember Nixon.”

Go ahead… rub it in!

I met Nixon in 1972. First saw him in 1968.

Churchill would never have blamed Bush. Barack Obama is an a**hole.

You guys missed a great, inspiring, speech.

Aye, check out Frost/Nixon. Frank Langella actually made me feel for the man.

I managed a little bit of it, but all I could think of was “Campaign Speech”


Well Sarge. you probably missed it, but he’s giving military personnel a pay raise, and more funding to honorable veterans like yourself. It’s not a campaign promise, he’s already got the job. Sounds like he’s learn a good lesson from Reagan to me. About time.

@Cary: You’re right, I probably missed it. But for my time in the military, pay raises were yearly, based on the rate of inflation, minus a certain percentage, so unless it’s above and beyond the Oct pay raise, which we didn’t get until Jan., he’s promised nothing new. As for more funding for Veterans, again, I’ll believe it when I see it. Been listening to that promise for years before retiring, and still hear it every year (though more in election years, any wonder?), and not much becomes of it, especially from a democrat prez.

If he had learned a good lesson from Reagan, that nearly trillion dollar spending bill would have never left his office. All that amounted to was a 40 year wish list of pork spending for the democrats. Nothing in there for the small businesses that employ 95% of the workforce, and if you’re a small business, and not union, forget about any of the money for the “shovel ready projects”, he signed an EO barring any “stimulus” money going to non-union businesses.
So it still sounded like a campaign speech to me.


And a twilight struggle for freedom led to a nation of highways, an American on the moon, and an explosion of technology that still shapes our world.

What does this mean ?

@AF Sarge (Ret):

I’m concerned about this bill myself. But I disagree with the Republicans that government should stay out of it. Our leaders are elected by the people for the people, and the people should be looked out for by those leaders, because they were hired by us to do so. Just my opinion, I know you all disagree, and I understand why, and I’m okay with that.

Personally, I’d rather see a “bail out” for students paying off their loans who worked hard to learn and contribute, who could use the extra funds and stimulate the economy with it, (the only real way to stimulate the economy is for people to spend money, which is scary to do when you don’t have much – a catch 22) rather than to those who’ve misused what they’ve already had. But I neither have this debt to pay off, nor do I own a home. I don’t even have credit cards. I get no relief whatsoever, aside from the modest tax cut in this bill, which will amount to no more than an hour of work each week. But the amount of work I get is in direct proportion to what people are spending. I’d rather money go back into communities than line the pockets of the already wealthy. So, I hope this does work, despite all of the concerns.

Here’s what I prefer:

Did anyone catch Jesse Jackson, Jr. kissing Obama on the cheek after the speech? What’s up with that?

Was there tongue and is there video? That’s all I want to know.

Yes, I have out (or under) done myself with that one.

Chris Matthews would have at least kissed him on the mouth and owned it.

[Please assume sarcasm dripping from all of the above.]

What was notable is the very large number of times he had the Congressional Republicans out of their seats, applauding.

I loved the image of John McCain applauding the line which went: I want to make something absolutely clear — the United States of America does not torture.

Of course, the GOP stayed in their seats when he talked about the passage of the S-CHIP program and when he directly praised the “stimulus” package. But for his proposals going forward, including a fix for the nation’s broken health care system and a much greater commitment to education, there were standing ovations from the GOP.

The speech was much better than his Inauguration address, which, in retrospect, I’m sure was intended to simply be a short, concise overview of where we now are as a nation and the way forward. Even inspiring oratory can get stale, if used too often. It was vastly more important for him to save his “A” game for this particular moment in his Presidency, after the most messy and contentious of political sausage making had occurred.

I wrote two days ago about how we are all now witnessing the virtuoso performance of the most skilled politician out lifetimes — about how he has this all planned out 4 moves ahead.

The “stimulus” was important to him; he wanted to get it done immediately. Yes, he did violate his campaign pledge to put it up on the web site for discussion and debate. I’m not defending this, but all Presidents are guilty of violating individual campaign promises. The stimulus was going to be the most contentious of issues. It was rammed through; this cost him a little political capital at the edges, but he got it done and behind him. He did a great job in establishing credibility with regard to educating the country with regard to the magnitude of the problem. He was criticized for not being optimistic and sunny, but this would (1) not have been realistic and (2) not have been consistent with his 4 moves ahead political plan.

So he got the country understanding the gravity of the problem. He took his political lumps right away, in getting the stimulus behind him. He took a few more lumps in telegraphing plans regarding the upcoming housing bailout. Then he strode into the House chamber, with both branches of Congress, with the Supreme Court, with the military brass in the front row, and took a full 48 minutes to take his time to hit all the right notes in repairing his political capital, including getting the GOP side of the aisle to be jumping up and down, up and down, up and down. It was a wildly successful speech, and I’m sure his poll numbers will reflect this. The problematic details of the way the “stimulus” was passed are now behind him. True, he’s taken ownership of the economy, but that’s what he wants. He’s convinced that it’s going to get better, and he’ll get all the credit.

Jindal’s response fell flat, I thought. We’ll see what others thought. Most of the speech was Jindal bragging about himself and advancing his own Presidential ambitions. He made the mandatory effort to paint the Democrats as the party which believes that government is the solution, rather than the problem. This fell totally flat, and came off as same old/same old/same old. David Brooks called Jindal’s speech “a disaster.” Then Jindal threw the GOP under the bus, his message being, yes, the GOP really screwed up, but, with me in the lead, we’ll make it up to you, if you give us another chance. I have incredible respect for Jindal, but he’s not yet ready for national prime time. On the other hand, I just read an observation that, in the year 2040, Jindal will still be younger than what John McCain was when the later ran for President this time around.

Then I ran across this story:

I’m surprised that a few comments on my post about Bobby Jindal as the new face of Christian conservatism allege that he’s got ancestral Muslim roots, in addition to the acknowledged Hinduism of his Indian born parents. Remind you of any other recent rumor campaigns against promising young minority politicians?

What’s surprising is that some of the comments appear to be from pro-Sarah Palin conservatives. They’re a likely preview of what a Jindal primary faceoff with Palin or another Christian conservative might look like, with both vying for conservative Christian support.

Anyway, keep a close eye on Obama’s moves to come, then, a year from now, you’ll be shaking out your dazed cobwebs, as you find yourself perversely wishing for some sort of national disaster to derail this juggernaut. I’ve been consistent on the point since the election returns became final, and I’m more certain of this than ever.

P.S. This poll just in (added at 4:47 AM, Pacific Time)

– Larry Weisenthal/Huntington Beach, CA

Let me get this straight….Jindal is a Hindu. Steele is African American.
How does Sarah Palin fit in 2012 again?

It was rammed through; this cost him a little political capital at the edges, but he got it done and behind him. He did a great job in establishing credibility with regard to educating the country with regard to the magnitude of the problem. He was criticized for not being optimistic and sunny, but this would (1) not have been realistic and (2) not have been consistent with his 4 moves ahead political plan.

Larry – I don’t know how anyone beyond his supporters feel that he “did a great job in establishing credibility” with regards to this $1+ Trillion bill. All he has done since taking office is tell us all that we are doomed unless we spend, spend, spend to save ourselves… and then he allows the Leftists in Congress draft a bill filled with pork projects and payoffs to Leftist groups that support Democrats and very, very little which is actually any “stimulus” whatsoever. $13/week (actually $8/week after taxes) is not going to “stimulate” anything. And most of the money does not even kick in for spending until 2010 or 2011. The so-called “tax cuts” in the bill aren’t even tax cuts, there is stealth nationalized healthcare in the bill and then there are huge donations to ACORN, which is committing thuggery all across the nation.

B.O. was critcized for a lot more than just “not being optimistic and sunny”. In fact, I don’t recall that criticism as all. I recall him being criticized for fearmongering and completely doing a 180 from his message of “hope” and “change” to now telling us everything is hopeLESS unless we shove through this pork-filled non-stimulus. The most criticism has been for (1) all the utter crap/pork that is in this bill that won’t stimulate anything except Leftist causes (2) not allowing Republicans to work together with Democrats on this bill to make it a true stimulus (broken campaign promise of being post-partisan) and (3) agreeing with the Democrat Congress’ thug tactics to shove this through without debate and without Republican input and without allowing the American people to look at it… and then jetting off to Chicago for the weekend, wasting taxpayer dollars, putting unnecessary CO2 emissions into the air along the way, and not bothering the sign this *EMERGENCY EMERGENCY WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE WITHOUT THIS BILL!!!* legislation until 4 days later… which he had to travel half way across the country to do, once again wasting taxpayer dollars and emitting more unnecessary CO2 into the air.

Explain to me how he earned any credibility from anyone who is not drinking the cult worship Kool-Aid???

B.O. is not some brilliant politician. He is a complete and utter disaster and survives only because he has a cult worship mass media doing all his propaganda for him and more than half the country which is made up of willingly ignorant sheep, agreeing with everything he does for whatever illogical reason that they do.

Established credibility? Hardly. Not with those of us who have not completely lost our minds.

I missed the speech. So, I checked the facts…

Here’s a link with all of his “facts”:

There is also this:

9,000 Earmarks In Democrat’s Latest Spending Bill … Update: Dems Include Cash to Fund Forced Abortions

UPDATE: This bill also includes funding for UNFPA, a group that has been involved in China’s population control program. UNFPA works hand-in-hand with the family planning officials in China who enforce its coercive one-child policy with forced abortions and sterilizations.

UPDATE 2: Here’s a shocker… Republican leaders were not consulted on how this current bill was constructed nor had they seen it until yesterday afternoon.

And this:

“But in many cases, a household won’t see some of their stimulus savings until they file their 2009 returns, which they can’t do until 2010.

Of course what filers’ save on their federal taxes under stimulus may be muted by the fact that their cities and states — facing steep budget shortfalls that will be lessened but not eliminated by stimulus funding — may end up raising taxes and fees.”

In other words, not only will these “tax savings” come too late to stimulate the economy out of its current recession — but they will probably not offset the near certain rise in state and local taxes.

In other words, this “stimulus” does not help anyone except all the Democrats’ Leftist groups and causes.

That’s why people need to stop listening to Obama and his empty rhetoric and grandstanding speeches and start reading the details of the crappy legislation he is trying to push through. Turn off the TV, stop watching his propaganda mass media, stop listening to his scaremongering, fearmongering, BS speeches and read the details. “The devil is in the details” as they say, and that is most especially true in this case of this $1 Trillion pork monstrosity.


Did you see the lone comment left in response to that article? The commenter said that the person did a horrible job fact checking and then stated “Germany invented the Automobile? Really?” This is the utter ignorance we are dealing with in America where an ignorant Politician like B.O. can spout lies and mistruths and smears and empty rhetoric and get away with it, because most Americans are ignorant dolts who don’t even realize simple things like the Germans invented the automobile and Henry Ford is credited with inventing the assembly line to make mass production of the automobile possible. If people don’t even know that simple fact of history, and think when B.O. is corrected on that, that it is lousy fact-checking, imagine all the other lies that corrupt politicians like B.O. and his merry Marxists know they can get away with (and have gotten away with already).

as you find yourself perversely wishing for some sort of national disaster to derail this juggernaut.

I won’t need to wish, as the disaster will already be here. Hell, it’s here now; the house is on fire, does it have to burn all the way to the ground before I can announce a disaster? And the public is fickle enough that one year’s juggernaut is the next year’s also-ran; remember when Bush the Elder had 90% approval ratings? But in the unlikely event that I’m wrong, and the economy turns around (or at least stops looking like a collapsing star), I think it’s true that Obama will have spectacular and largely well-deserved popularity.


If I weren’t such a freedom loving person, I might wish to put people in a tiered system. “If you are stupid, ignorant or a dolt, please step into this line for sterilization.”

In the end, we can only try to educate the uneducated. The problem is, they keep making them more and more stupid.

For example, the government never says “We have solved problem X. We no longer need to spend money on it.” Instead, it is something like this: “When government started this war on poverty, there were 3 million people below the poverty line. We have invested billions to get help these people. Now there are 5 million below the poverty line. We need more money!”

[Was there tongue and is there video? That’s all I want to know.]

Well, no tongue, and yes, there’s video…;)

By the way, I’m not implying something sexual here…if it’s common for male politicians to kiss each other on the cheek, I guess I didn’t get the memo…it surprised me (obviously) and seemed a bit odd, but maybe I’m too out of the loop of Congress to know what’s a common display of affection between the men there? Kind of like chest bumps in football. Or, Obama could have wanted to say, “et tu, Brute?” in a figurative sense, of course. Who knows?

Now, back to your regular programming…

you’ll be shaking out your dazed cobwebs, as you find yourself perversely wishing for some sort of national disaster to derail this juggernaut. I’ve been consistent on the point since the election returns became final, and I’m more certain of this than ever

Seems like turning national disasters into jokes is quite common……in your party.

Courtesy embed by Aye

Wow. I’m becoming enlightened. Here we have a political blog with intelligent people who don’t even bother to watch our President’s first address before rebutting him. How on Earth can we have a respectable discussion when you start off admitting that? I’ve clearly wasted my time here. Good luck to all.

Aye, the color and texture of my soul may one day be judged, but it will not be judged by the likes of you.

– Larry


His speech is posted all over the net, Cary. I chose not to watch knowing it wouldn’t be a problem finding the speech “to read” today. I suspect I’m not the only one who chose to do it that way.

Correct Missy.

Reading it saved me from retching in front of the family as the dems fell all over themselves in adoration.

The “throne room” is best suited for this kind of reading.

A note to Missy and others who are wont to draw conclusions from assumptions:

He who draws conclusions from assumptions is practicing logic in a vacuum, and nothing lives in a vacuum.

I loved the image of John McCain applauding the line which went: I want to make something absolutely clear — the United States of America does not torture.

quote by Larry W

Oh Larry I KNEW you were going to write this line and I was waiting for it. Obama and the rest of the “death party” should be gagged and bound to watch continuous loops of “The Silent Screen.” Never mind partial birth or in Obama’s case, babies born alive. America tortures thousands of times a day, and your party not only promotes it, it requires it!

More than anyone I know, you fear a nuclear attack (you’ve written of it many times). How someone of your intelligence can’t make the connection between abortions and nuclear attacks escapes me. As we skip along our merry way in debasing human life, we just get one step closer to not only all “less than perfect”, and an overage grandma being disposable, we also get one more step closer to a “nuclear mentality.” A mere “bad day” or in Obama’s case, nicotine fit, could do us all in. That may sound extreme but so is killing thousands of babies a day, by TORTURE. Obama’s made sure in hisfirst week in office that there was plenty of US tax money to keep the abortions going!

S-Chip? How can you a physician, not see how it’s nothing more than a con game to the back door of socialized medicine, funded of course with not only tax dollars, but cigarette tax monies. While Obama Robinhood is robbing the self employed productive people of America, he’s “quietly” robbing the lower class via their cigarette tax, all the while hiding behind the “children” while the band cranks up for abortion funding.

Your blindness to him is nothing short of astounding to me Larry. What you see as some “scholarly great mind” is PURE EVIL. I wrote earlier that many in America can not recognize evil. Those same people are the ones scoffing at Bobby Jindal for believing in traditional Catholic beliefs (newsflash/warning, “Catholic GOP front runner believes in the supernatural. Oh MY”), when in reality, they are unwittingly enslaved by their own demons.

PDill. S-CHIP is no con game/back door to socialized medicine. People on this blog trivialize the word “socialism” beyond all meaning. Medicare patients are more satisfied with the quality of their medical care than are people with private insurance. Medicare is not “socialized” medicine. As a physician with above-average familiarity with the workings of the health care system, I can hardly wait (aging issues aside) to qualify for Medicare. I’ll have more freedom of choice in physicians than under virtually all other health care plans; I’ll have less pre-authorization hassles; I’ll have much less of a worry about going bankrupt because of a catastrophic illness. If I want to go beyond what Medicare will cover, I’m perfectly able to just pay myself for what it is that I think I need, and that is pure capitalistic medicine. Medicare delivers a superior product, at a lesser cost.

S-CHIP was needed to protect actual children, who’s irresponsible parents do not provide health insurance for them.

As for abortion, we just discussed this two or three days ago. I stand by what I wrote and have nothing further to add. We also discussed the tobacco tax, which is the greatest tax in the history of the world, as it substantially reduces the number of children who take up smoking and become lifetime addicts and then die from tobacco-related illness, while raising revenues which, at least in the case of California, go for terrific anti-smoking advertising/marketing and for health care.

There is a huge disconnect between the way Obama’s Presidency is being perceived on this blog and the way it is being perceived by the large majority of the electorate. I voted for Obama for two reasons: First, he’ll lessen the probability of a nuclear bomb going off in Long Beach Harbor, relative to George W Bush and John McCain. Second, he’ll pass along vastly less debt to my children, relative to Ronald Reagan and George W Bush. Everyone has his/her most important issues. These are mine.

– Larry Weisenthal/Huntington Beach, CA “There is a huge disconnect between the way Obama’s Presidency is being perceived on this blog and the way it is being perceived by the large majority of the electorate.”

And yet Obama’s approval ratings dropped 5 points from last month… Maybe folks here know a thing or two that the rest of the people are just finding out…

Something along the lines of Mata’s comment from yesterday:

Freed to Kill

Larry with the twinkle in eye -increasingly mesmerized with the superficial, Hollywood presentation of political flash.

From Aye, continuing to judge my soul:

“By their fruits shall ye know them.”
Larry, when it comes to you the task is really easy.

From your lips to God’s ears.

– Larry

To PDill, re silent scream.

I have made it a point never to debate abortion with people who quote/cite, much less link, “Silent Scream.”

The implication is that fetuses are being tortured during abortion. This is a non-starter, because it’s a medical/scientific lie. There are many legitimate issues to consider and debate, regarding abortion. But the “silent scream” is not one of them.


British Medical Journal 2006;332;909-912

Stuart W G Derbyshire (author)

Can fetuses feel pain?

Summary points

The neuroanatomical system for pain can be considered complete by
26 weeks’ gestation

A developed neuroanatomical system is necessary but not sufficient
for pain experience

Pain experience requires development of the brain but also requires
development of the mind to accommodate the subjectivity of pain

Development of the mind occurs outside the womb through the
actions of the infant and mutual adjustment with primary caregivers

The absence of pain in the fetus does not resolve the morality of
abortion but does argue against legal and clinical efforts to prevent
such pain during an abortion

To Mike:

You didn’t read my post (don’t blame you; you aren’t required). My post was not a defense of Obama (though I’m certainly capable of offering such a defense). My post was simply an observation of the effectiveness of Obama, as a politician, and how he has totally painted the GOP into a corner, where their eggs are all in the basket of the “stimulus” failing and the economy failing to revive. If the economy revives ahead of schedule, and if Obama actually does reduce the Bush deficit, then the GOP agenda is dead for a generation.

Obama lost some political capital at the margins, with the messiness of the stimulus and the early talk of the foreclosure bailout. This was reflected in his slight dip at the polls. This dip was almost entirely Republicans returning home, after having kicked Obama’s political tires. But his Tour de Force speech last night got him beyond all of his early hiccups (e.g. the cabinet appointment problems) and beyond the stimulus controversies. He’s now got the upper hand, as I described in detail in comment # 16. In the parlance of surfing, he’s battled it out through the break, and he’s now sitting on his board, looking out over the calm water, eyeing the perfect wave to carry him home.

– Larry Weisenthal/Huntington Beach, CA


I voted for Obama for two reasons: First, he’ll lessen the probability of a nuclear bomb going off in Long Beach Harbor, relative to George W Bush and John McCain. Second, he’ll pass along vastly less debt to my children, relative to Ronald Reagan and George W Bush. Everyone has his/her most important issues. These are mine


We will just have to agree to “seriously disagree” on the above, certainly hoping you are right and I’m wrong. I fail to comprehend how you cannot connect the desensitization of human life to a LIKELY probability of a nuclear bomb going off somewhere in the world. It won’t much matter where to place the blame after the fact, but do know that every person who stays silent on life issues will have made a contribution.

As for Silent Scream, I don’t want to debate it either. I also agree that it’s unlikely that a fetus can feel pain before 18 weeks, however a NEJM study a while back did demonstrate fetal stress from pain as early as 7 weeks. The bigger point I was trying to make is that Obama and party appear to have no problem ripping off limps and heads of the unborn.

Even at 4 weeks, no one will ever convince me that it’s a more ‘acceptable form’ of violence than how we treat the TERRORISTS PRISONERS at Gitmo. If we held them for 100 years, it couldn’t even compare to one day of abortions in America, from fetal to partial birth.

We can’t “pick and chose” who’s worth saving based on our own agendas. When the Dems try to sell “ANYTHING” based on the “children”, I get out the barf bag. There’s no merit in “selective” compassion, in fact, it’s evil.

You and many are being duped Larry. I hate to be the one to tell you, that your sailboat is not floating through the Seychelles with a gently flowing breeze like you appear to believe; all is NOT well. In reality, it’s on its way over the Niagara Falls in a perfect storm! But hey, I don’t expect to convince you. Just know that the greatest evils are almost always nicely wrapped and packaged, that’s why they succeed! It’s all about taking the bait.

On another note, I DO finally concede, after my own study, that Reagan’s economics were indeed VODOO. Fortunately, at least in my eyes, he is redeemed by his other contributions; still the right president at the right time in America.

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