Kathleen Parker: Republican Party Must Get Rid Of God!


Kathleen Parker must of loved all the attention she got from the liberal’s when she piled onto the Palin Panic Attack express because now she writes a column describing the religious folks inside the Republican party as low-brows and beasts:

As Republicans sort out the reasons for their defeat, they likely will overlook or dismiss the gorilla in the pulpit.

Three little letters, great big problem: G-O-D.

I’m bathing in holy water as I type.


To be more specific, the evangelical, right-wing, oogedy-boogedy branch of the GOP is what ails the erstwhile conservative party and will continue to afflict and marginalize its constituents if reckoning doesn’t soon cometh.

Simply put: Armband religion is killing the Republican Party. And, the truth — as long as we’re setting ourselves free — is that if one were to eavesdrop on private conversations among the party intelligentsia, one would hear precisely that.

“oogedy-boogedy branch”……nice.

Jonah Goldberg has some advice for you Kathleen:

I don’t know what’s more grating, the quasi-bigotry that has you calling religious Christians low brows, gorillas and oogedy-boogedy types or the bravery-on-the-cheap as you salute — in that winsome way — your own courage for saying what (according to you) needs to be said. Please stop bragging about how courageous you are for weathering a storm of nasty email you invite on yourself by dancing to a liberal tune. You aren’t special for getting nasty email, from the right or the left. You aren’t a martyr smoking your last cigarette. You’re just another columnist, talented and charming to be sure, but just another columnist. You are not Joan of the Op-Ed Page. Perhaps the typical Washington Post reader (or editor) doesn’t understand that. But you should, and most conservatives familiar with these issues can see through what you’re doing.

Once you get hooked on the elitist parties thrown by the Democrats I guess you will do anything to get your next fix….that includes writing ignorant screeds against your own party.

As far as the article itself goes, I find it funny how she missed the exit polls showing the economy was on everyone’s minds….not religion. No, we lost because the economy tanked at the worst possible time which means, as history has shown, the incumbant party gets booted. Tack on the fact that Obama was able to lure millions of religious faithful to vote for him and you have the making of a Obama victory:

Though the economy clearly was the defining issue of the election, Barack Obama forged a new coalition by luring millions of religious voters who had avoided Democrats in recent years.

Here’s what Sen. Obama did:

He narrowed the God Gap


Here’s how Sen. Obama did it:

“We worship an awesome God in the blue states,” Sen. Obama declared during his 2004 Democratic convention keynote. Thunderous applause greeted that line, in part because Democrats felt frustrated that they’d been unfairly cast as a secular or even anti-religion party, and by the political dominance of religious conservatives.

To a large degree, he was able to make such progress with these groups because of the economy. Some antiabortion voters went with Sen. Obama in spite of his positions on “values issues” — not because of them.

But Sen. Obama helped ease their way to his side through a canny set of tactics and strategies unlike anything we’ve seen from Democrats in years.

He emphasized his personal faith.

No Democrat since Jimmy Carter has spoken as openly, and as often, about his personal faith. In his Call to Renewal speech in 2006, Obama chastised some Democrats “who dismiss religion in the public square as inherently irrational or intolerant, insisting on a caricature of religious Americans that paints them as fanatical, or thinking that the very word ‘Christian’ describes one’s political opponents, not people of faith.”

Indeed, some of his comments would have been mocked by the left had they come out of a Republican mouth. Sen. Obama’s campaign distributed literature during the primaries that described “That day Obama felt a beckoning of the spirit and accepted Jesus Christ into his life.” One panel on the brochure, “Called to Bring Change,” declares, “We do what we do because God is with us.” Another described his belief in “the power of prayer,” and another, labeled, “Called to Christ,” stated, “Kneeling beneath that cross on the South Side, I felt I heard God’s spirit beckoning me. I submitted myself to His will, and dedicated myself to discovering His truth and carrying out His works.”

This had two purposes: one was reaching out to religious voters. The other was to show him as a mainstream, culturally conservative person. Sen. Obama might not be able to bowl, but he sure could pray.

He won highlighting his faith, rather then disguising it as Kathleen Parker says we should do. But that would be the death kneel of this party. Hell, case in point. Look at California and Prop. 8. Many of the yes voters were in fact Obama supporters. A majority of the black and hispanic population voted to affirm that proposition.

But to Kathleen we need to look more like the Democrat party to win.

One victory by a Socialist who had the MSM on his side, the economy on his side, and apparently religion on his side and now it’s time to dump the religious folks from our party to win again.

This part is a doozy:

“And the nonreligious won’t get religion through external conversion. It doesn’t work that way.”

Translation: You religious nuts stop spreading the word of God because it doesn’t work.

There you have it, it worked for centuries but not anymore. According to Kathleen that is.

Where in the world do these people come from?

More here.

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She is just another loser nut cases! Republicans lost because of people like her. They want Republicans to be like Democrats… hell, might as well abolish the Republican Party and have just one party “The Democrat Party”… no more elections. Bingo!

And what about the Pledge? Should it also be changed?
“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands: one Nation UNDER GOD, indivisible, With Liberty and Justice for all”.

I love it when bigots called me a bigot. I’m a big fan of irony

c(R)aig: “… She is just another loser nut cases! Republicans lost because of people like her!”

SG: How unpat(R)iotic …. (R)z loose and suddenly the ‘greatest nation on earth’ is filled with nut cases. Apparently Democracy only works when your guyz win, Eh!?

c(R)aig: “… They want Republicans to be like Democrats… hell, might as well abolish the Republican Party and have just one party “The Democrat Party”… no more elections. Bingo!”

SG: One pa(R)ty Ame(R)ica …. What a (R)ovian idea!

Actually, the (R)adical (R)eligious (R)ight, splitting social and fiscal conservatives in the GOP, would be the greatest single guarantee to (D) single party rule … Thus answering secular prayers of course!


I’m pretty sure that it will be MUCH easier for the Republican Party to get rid of Kathleen Parker.

I’ll take God over Kathleen (Who?) Parker any day of the week. And twice on Sunday’s.

The Libertarian wing will not be successful in removing God. He was here first and will be here long after the Republican Party. It will be a pretty small room if you have only the economic wing housed there.

Tercel: “… It will be a pretty small room if you have only the economic wing housed there.”

SG: Agreed! But even with them. the (R)(R)(R) (Radical Religious Right), lacked sufficient numbers in ’06 and ’08. How is it without them the (R)(R)(R) expect to return to power …!?

Personally as left, liberal and progressive, I hope the (R) Party keep ‘pallin’ around with Palin!


…Personally as a leftist, detatched from reality liberal and RE-gressive…

Had to correct part of your post snerd.

Well there (R)and, if reality doesn’t cooperate, I guess you have to make it up, Eh!?


“Man without God is a beast, and never more beastly than when he is most intelligent about his beastliness.” –Whittaker Chambers

This former communist also stated the greatest difference between us and the USSR was God. Probably the reason all the commie fellow travelers and their useful idiots are spending so much time and effort to eradicate God from the US of A.

Good description of your basic useful idiots type follows.

We stand by our assertion that FDR was “the most notorious violator of Constitutional federalism in the 20th Century.” He launched a myriad of socialist programs, the effluent of which plague us today. Roosevelt, by decree, redefined the role of the central government — and was class warfare’s greatest advocate. FDR proclaimed, “Here is my principle: Taxes shall be levied according to ability to pay. That is the only American principle.” Of course, that was not an “American principle,” but a paraphrase of Karl Marx’s Communist maxim, “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.” (That’s a fine sentiment when mandated by the heart — not the state.) FDR set the stage for the entrapment of future generations by the welfare state and the incremental shift from individual freedom to dependence on the state. Soviet dictator Nikita Khrushchev said of Roosevelt’s “New Deal” paradigm shift, “We can’t expect the American People to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of Socialism, until they awaken one day to find that they have Communism.” Indeed, FDR, the benefactor of a great inheritance of wealth like so many Leftist protagonists, was nothing more than what V.I. Lenin called Western Leftists who took the side of the Socialists in political debates: “Useful idiots.”

Oops. #9 Dennis, not Dennid. What’s in a name anyhow?

The end of the National Review:

Frum left today.

Brooks may be right; ‘traditionalists’ may win over ‘reformers’ in the GOP party, if flag-ship mags are any indicator.

Of course, this doesn’t mean it will make the party any better or more powerful.

Jay McDonough looks at the numbers and explains the problem with more quantification:

It strikes me there are a couple issues here. The first is Ms. Parker’s contention the Republican Party is erring by placing all it’s eggs in the Evangelical basket. Demographics highlight the problem for Republicans: In a 2007 study, 26% of voters identified themselves as Evangelical Protestants and about two thirds of evangelicals identify themselves as Republicans.

OK. some math: If two thirds of Evangelicals, totaling 17% of all voters, identify themselves as Republicans and 27% of all voters identify themselves as Republicans, that means Evangelicals represent 63% of the Republican Party. That’s a big chunk of the Republican Party and, to Sullivan’s point, a blindly loyal component of the Party. That’s pretty hard to ignore.

(And, by the way, that group of “party intelligensia”, who’s conversations Ms. Parker eavesdrops now represents a very small faction of the GOP. Like it or not, those are the folks who are now the minor players in the Republican Party).

Though it’s hard not to agree with Ms. Parker. If the Republicans have any hopes of reemerging a broadly based, issues centric party and avoid becoming known as just the party of Evangelicals, they will have to figure out a way to not only keep that Evangelical constituency but grow their party with policy that’s compelling to more moderate voters.

But the other issue from Mr. Larison: For all the allegiance the Evangelical community has shown the Republican Party, they’ve not really gotten much in return. A couple Supreme Court Justices, but no Constitutional amendments on same sex marriage bans or overturning of Roe v. Wade. No prayer in school and public displays of Christian symbolism. Apart from some world class pandering, the Republicans haven’t provided much for this fairly loyal and sizeable constituency. Those Evangelicals may become impatient with the GOP at some point.

Those Republicans has managed to paint itself into quite a corner here.

“SG: How unpat(R)iotic …. (R)z loose and suddenly the ‘greatest nation on earth’ is filled with nut cases. Apparently Democracy only works when your guyz win, Eh!?”

“Loose”? So who’s this illiterate, SG retard?

But why, I wonder, do you, SG, waste your time nitpicking comments for typos and imprecise statements only to respond with cliches and platitutes? If you weren’t the blatantly imbecilic embecile that you are, you could at least entertain us with something lively or informative or insightful. Instead, we get a st(R)ing of mo(R)onic meande(R)ings: Unadulte(R)ated Folde(R)ol.


Hate speech pays. That’s her job. She does it well. Unversal equilibrium, Kharma, justice, demands that on her death bed a nurse walks into her room and says, “Oh! I know you. I remember way back when you wrote that article about G-O-D and politics.”

In the end, too many people spin out of self-control to keep their paying job when their paying job is in jeopardy. Parker’s a perfect example.

@Snerd Gronk: My last comment went nowhere. Anyways, I don’t understand all the (R)’s, it’s giving me a headache, please type normal. You might actually be able to get your point across, they are only going to focus on the (R)’s, instead of what you have to say. It’s makes for a very annoying read.

Curt, where are my comments going? I have been trying to make a comment, and both have gone nowhere, it doesn’t say awaiting moderation. Just nowhere.


You were in the SPAM filter.

I dug you out.

Isn’t the term ‘oogedy-boogedy’ racist as implying some type of third world superstitous belief?
If one referred to a policy by Obama as ‘oogedy-boogedy’ you would see the media in an uproar.
So what excuses Kathleen Parker’s use of that vile term?

The Republican party needs to get rid of Kathleen Parker.

@Aye Chihuahua: Thanks

I asked the Republicans that if they felt that they could win without the Evangelical vote, please be so kind as to say so. I guess that I now have an answer. I don’t know what they are thinking, but they are not only trying to become a permanent minority party, it appears to me that they are committing suicide.