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Dear Governor Sarah Palin,

Thank you for all the exaltation that you brought to this presidential campaign. I am a Canadian who lives in Montreal and I got really excited about the American election when John McCain picked you on his ticket as a V.P.

I discovered a fantastic, brilliant, beautiful and passionate woman. You were a real breath of fresh air. I spent so many hours on Internet, following every step of your campaign thru blogs, articles, interviews and videos. I was fascinated by your values, your ideals, your integrity and your accomplishments. Your enthusiasm was contagious, your charisma overwhelming.

We are all hoping that you will go for the Presidency in 2012. I believe you will win. You are a very strong and courageous woman, you have all my admiration. The world needs leaders like you.

Hope to see you again very soon. Wish you well and God bless your beautiful family.

Montréal, Québec, Canada

Dear Sarah,

Don’t listen to the nay sayers attacking you. You brought a bright, integral, and honest element to the election platform and gave women a dignity that has been lacking by many current female politicians.

Regroup, rest, and rev up! 2012 is looking good!


Mary Lindow
Denver Colorado

Governor Palin;
We got your back if ya’ wanna’ give it another go for 2012, Sarah. But we want to see you on the top of the ticket next time. I was researching your history when I first heard your name mentioned as a potential candidate on talk radio. Long before all the lies started rolling in from the moonbats and vicious trolls on the Internet.

Can’t wait for ya’ to get in there, give ’em a wink, then start cracking skulls with a hockey stick to get our message to Congress that their lies, deceit, and corruption ain’t gonna’ cut it no more and will land their butts in the penalty box darn tootin’ (double-tongue click).

We’ve needed a serious, no bones about it Reformist in the White House for decades. I was a Perot supporter who was one of those marginalized by similar media biased commentators that frequently told voters their votes would be wasted. If it hadn’t been for those jack-asses scaring off voters and him dropping out and coming back in by popular demand, I’m confident we would have had the upset of the century. After all of that, 18.91% of the popular vote was nothing to sneeze at.

My mom raised five kids of her own as a waitress after our parents were divorced with little or no child support. So I can appreciate what it’s like for you to do all you do. We were hoping to see a White House wedding for Bristol. Perhaps it will be something we can look forward to again with another of your children after 2012.

God bless ya’ and your family. We’ll all be praying along with you for your son in Iraq and the rest of our troops overseas. There’s a lot of vets here pulling for them.
– Rocky

Dear Governor Sarah Palin,

For a woman holding strong conservative views and sticking to them in a highly-Democratic state such as California, you serve as a role model for me. Getting to know more and more about you throughout this election was the most joyous and exciting thing I’ve done. My happiness at finding out that you were Senator McCain’s running mate on the Republican ticket was indescribable – I had e-mailed and messaged every single person I knew the very next second.

This was a tough election for the Republican party and especially for you. But even through all the attacks that you’ve received from the opposition, from the “lack of experience” to the amount of money spent on your wardrobe, even through President-elect Obama’s “lipstick on a pig” comment, you’ve remained strong. You never once backed down – you kept your head up and you kept on going proudly. You showed that you’re not a person easily knocked down, if ever. I loved your determination, strength, charisma, and I absolutely loved your fighting spirit as a Republican who can bring true change to the country.

Apart from showing that you’re a true reformer, you never ceased to show that you’re something much more important to the electorate – a human being. A devout mother of five beautiful children who stood by them no matter what decisions they made, and I know that they’re more than lucky to have a wonderful mother like you.

All in all, you’re a role model for me in every aspect. For I, too, hope to run as a candidate for a high office in the government in my future, as a Republican female candidate with true values and the ability to fight and reform any corruption in the government that troubles our nation. It was Senator McCain that gave me real hope that there remains true leaders and true American heroes to lead our nation – it was you who assured me that even someone like me, who had previously held mum on her ideals and opinions can actually do it.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you, Sarah Palin, for all that you have contributed to this campaign. And I implore you to never forget this: the election may not have turned out as we would have liked it to turn out, but that doesn’t mean that you haven’t made a difference. With my strengthened determination, I stand as living proof of just how far you’ve managed to reach out and touch people.

May more success follow you in your future endeavors. You’ll always have my support.

Chatsworth, CA

P.S. I will always regret not being able to go out to Carson to see you speak. I had to stay at home for a family emergency. My biggest wish would be to see you in person at some point in my life; my biggest dream-come-true would be to work under you when you get into the White House.

Dear Gov Palin,

I just want to say thanks for renewing the spirit of America. The future is bright for you and America. Let us know what your plans are.

I saw you at the Forida Villages rally and you were great. Never have I seen a more engaging speaker, who knows just what America needs right now, than your inspirational rally speech at the villages.

You Gov Palin, are a great true American.

bill from Florida.

Dear Governor Sarah Palin,

Thank you for being a role model to women worldwide. You demonstrated that hard work and principled leadership can break any alleged glass ceiling. You will make an outstanding first woman president in 2012.

The world needs more women like you.

Thank You for being you, Sarah.


Philadelphia, Pa

Dear Sarah,
The apprehension regarding the VP pick went on for weeks. Your selection no doubt threw a monkey wrench into the mix. As we had opportunity to get to know you millions of conservatives in the nation believed we saw the hand of God in this selection. I commend you for the steadfast spirit with which you pursued the course. Yes indeed the the battle was uphill and the opposition was fierce and unfair, that is politics and that is life. The grace with which you carried yourself without backing down was a testimony to this nation as to what it means to be sons and daughters of the Most High God. The final numbers of Americans who voted for the Republican ticket are staggering. The numbers of conservatives who for one reason or another didn’t care to vote is even more of a shock.

For the sacrafices you made for our party I want to personally say thank you. I wish you all the best in the future and pray that you have the privilege of experiencing the comfort of our loving God as you heal and continue to serve your state and our nation in the future.

Spokane WA.

Gov. Palin:
Thank you for being a part of the Republican ticket for 2008 and for all you did this year to promote conservatism when it is truly needed. The attacks against you from the hateful liberal trolls and the elitist, country club Republican types were outrageous, cowardly and uncalled for and would have made a lesser person walk away. You never surrendered and held your head high. For that, I admire you.

You are a real conservative when we need one and a true leader. I look forward to the day when I will not only have the chance to cast my ballot for you as President, but proudly campaign for you in my area.

God Bless You and your family.
Marooned in Marin
Fairfax County, VA


As a Republican I want to apologize for all the so-called Republicans who have stabbed you in the back. You no where near deserved such treatment.

Hang Tough Sarah, I know you will.



Thanks for bringing that independent spirit to the campaign. I for one think you are a dynamic and positive role model for all conservatives. I hope to see your name again in the near future. Don’t let all those cowardly weasels get under your skin. We know who you really are and love you for it. Stay Strong ..


Thank you Gov. Palin. It was an honor to shake you and your husband’s hands when you came to my small town. You are an inspiration.

I went to see you in Jacksonville Florida.
I had my ticket and arrived about an hour early.
But it was plain to see that the event was oversold and I would never get in.
So along with about 4,000 others waiting in line, we didn’t get in.

But just by waiting in line knowing I would never get in, I felt I was supporting you.

Please, next time you come to Jacksonville, try to get a place that holds 20,000 or more people – you will need it!
Our football stadium will hold about 80,000 people.

Govenor Sarah!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for running for Vice President of our beautiful United States!!
My husband and I were not excited about voting for the Republican candidate this year . The morning we heard you were going to be on the ballot we were extremely excited and happy to vote Republican once again!!

We prayed for you everyday and we knew because of your strong faith you would make it through the tough, mean campaign. We realize you were cast into the spotlight so very quickly, but never fear, you were great!!

We are looking to the future now and encourage you to be a voice for conservatisim and pride for our Country. Thank you once again, and we thank your husband and children for sharing their lives too!!

Kim & Edmund
Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho

PS. We hear you may be coming to our beautiful city for the NIC commencement, if so we will be there to see you and thank you again!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah Palin 2012!! I can’t wait! Thank you for being the strong gracious woman I knew you would be in the face of such abuse.


Dear Governor Palin,

THANK YOU! Thank you for putting yourself and your family through the indignities of running for National Office. Thank you for speaking the truth, ALWAYS. Thank you for giving Conservatives hope that our ideals are not relevant in this country. Thank you for sharing your wonderful family with us! I hope and pray that the abuse you took has not soured you on your future campaign for President! You were the ONLY reason I voted for McCain. You are an inspiration to me and millions of other women and a true role model to the young girls of our nation.

My prayers are with you and your family. Alaska is one very lucky state! I hope America will get the opportunity to have you lead our great country one day!

Again, THANK YOU for your hard work in lending a strong conservative voice to this nation!

Palin 2012!

Edmonds, WA

Governor Palin:

Thank you for being whom you are and resisting the efforts of the McCain campaign to mold you to their ends. In their failure, they have lashed out and have exhibited their true nature. They are no different from Obama thugs, in fact, they are worse, as they have chose to impugn your character anonymously.

Until the moment you walked out onto that stage, McCain was headed towards the most lopsided defeat in history, and with your selection, McCain proved himself a genius and that decision right there was cause enough to have confidence that he could make correct choices as president. I believe we will all be the poorer due to the fanatical rock star worship by the left leaning electorate of B. Hussein Obama ( and we will be poorer in more ways than one).

Thank you for your firm stand on a child’s Right To Life. Not only talking the talk, but walking the walk. It may be that out there if even one child will be saved that would otherwise have been aborted thanks to your example, then that character trait and example will not have gone to waste.
I will offer my humble prayers that your child, whom you have chosen to give life, instead of death, and to whom you offer your unconditional love will be a blessing to you and your family.

Thank you for being the pit bull in taking Obama to task regarding the upcoming socialist and Marxist policies that will create mayhem in this country, but which the country obviously desires. For continuing to take him to task even after repeated attacks on your self by the MSM that your points and questions were racist. I am sorry that your running mate did not see that it was imperative to get these points and questions to the voting populace, rather castigating those of his very own supporters who dared offer anything negative pertaining to Obama.

Thank you for putting to the lie and showing the hypocrisy of the left that in order for a woman to be anything of importance in the world of today she must be a vetted, card-carrying liberal, traditional-women-need-not-apply feminist who would rather sleep every night with someone of her own sex rather than her own husband.

My list could go on and on, but lastly, though not least, Thank You for helping restore MY faith in conservative Republican principles. Sadly, once you have returned home, it will be business as usual inside the beltway. Your erstwhile partner will go back to the Senate, jumping across the aisle when it pleases him and again forsaking these very principles. But…for a short time….you were a shining example of just how deep the foundation of these true conservative principles is embedded into the rock below. We disdain these principles at our own peril.

The blessings of the Lord be with your and your family.
Hope to see you again.

Dear Governor Palin!
Please, please do not apologize for costing John McCain any votes. If not for you, he would be lucky to break 30 million. Speaking for myself, it was only because of you that I even registered to vote. Keep up the great work for the people of Alaska, who are so lucky to have you as their governor!

Chicago, IL

(yes, believe it or not, there are fans of you even in Obama’s town)

Thank you, Governor Palin, for your contributions to the McCain campaign and to our wonderful country. I’ve been impressed by your character, achievements, class, grace, straight-forward speech and wit. Your steadfast and gracious determination in the face of non-stop adversity was inspiring and an example for us all. God bless you and your family. You are the embodiment of America’s values of liberty, resourcefulness and self-reliance. Know that millions of Americans are behind you and we look forward to a future with Sarah Palin as a key leader.


Dear Governor Palin, you were the only bright spot in the whole of the election process. You have taken on vested interests in the Republican party in your own state in the past. Judging by the smears that have recently emerged, it looks like you will have to do the same thing on a national level.
Keep on Rocking Girl.

Mrs. Palin,
I was rather sceptical about the Republican ticket before I came to see and hear you in Fairfax, Va…you’re the one who convinced me not to waiver…I was standing there talking to an Iraqi citizen, who until a year earlier was an interpreter for our forces in his country…he told me the reason he was at the rally was to express his THANKS to America and the republican party for freeing his land from the SADDAMINISCA (his word)…since I’m a citizen by choice myself I fully understood what he meant…
what I really would like to say; THANK YOU so very much for revitalizing the party, you are what we need…DO NOT be offended or upset by some small, incompetent, little people…
my mother used to say; brush it off your shoulder child, remember, they’ve got to get where you came from first, chin up and smile…
p.S: why not come down here next October to run the ARMY 1o MILER? largest 10 in the country and a great race to support our troops…


Thoroughly enjoyed your rally in Troy, Ohio! You were the bright light of an otherwise bleak campaign. Wear the incessant criticism as a badge of honor; Your sincere conservatism scares the democrats and the elite “Republicans” to death! If you so choose, you have our votes in 2012!

Dear Governor Palin,

Thanks for your energizing presence in the recently completed Presidential Election.

Without your efforts, many of us might well have sat the entire contest out. Your ingrained conservative instincts pulled into focus what our Republican Party needs to be about. It seems that too many in our party have somehow forgotten who we are and what we are about.

Your efforts brought a bright spot to the campaign that we will not forget. I trust that you will remain in a position of influence in the future.

Best wishes to you and your family. Thanks again for your untiring work.

One way to judge the rightness of your cause is to examine who it is that is trying to “take you down”as a result of your efforts. Based upon that unhappy list, I would categorize your performances to date as a PERFECT shot into the middle of the 10 ring.

Carry on, lady.

Gary Brown
Acworth, GA

Dear Governor Palin

I want to thank you for everything you have done to excite the Conservative Cause. You have wakened up the conservative base of the Republican Party and will be the shining star in the conservative comeback of the Republican Party. For too long the Conservative voice has been negligent in the Republican Party, there was only lip service to the Conservative Cause. You along with Governor Jindal, Lt Governor Steele and a few others have made it possible for us to unite against the cancerous elements in the Republican Party. We have been forced fed to believe in the Centrist lurch in the Party by the Washington Elite. They have controlled the Party for too long. Which has lost the credibility in the last 2 elections.

I also want to thank you for fighting back at the MSM and the smear campaign to malign you. These hacks in the Republican Party are looking for a scapegoat for their own malfeasance. The led and atrocious campaign with no direction and you led the fight against the Liberals.

I want you to know that am behind yo 100% and am looking forward for you and the rest of the Conservatives to take back the Republican Party.

Doug Welch (Stix)

Dear Governor Palin,
Thank you for your tireless efforts on our behalf, the true conservative Republicans. I would not blame you if you never wanted to take the field again; those of us with families like to keep them away from the hate-filled liberals with their media puppets. There are so few people in public service with decency and courage. That is why we become so attached to those we encounter that embody such virtues. We hope that you will be back to stand up for us again.
Mark and Sonya Strassburg

Dear Gov. Palin,

Keep in touch, don’t be a stranger.

To quote the Joker (Batman 1989) “This town need an enima!!!” That’s what the RNC needs!!!

Please read the following link:

Governor Palin:

We were going to sit out this election for President until you were nominated. You brought real excitement and passion to the moribund McCain campaign. Thanks for your enthusiasm. We know you increased turnout and turned a lot of “None of the Above” into votes for your ticket.

It’s too bad that your running mate lacks the honor or dignity to condemn the unsourced attacks that have been coming from his aids. It really does go to the character issue.

WA and AK

Thank you for energising the recent campaign. We feel you speak for US!
Please run for President in 2012! You certainly have our support.
Best wishes and God be with you.

Governor Palin,

I was so happy each time I heard you speak. Your words made me feel the way I always did after listening to President Ronald Reagan speak – PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!!! You express such confidence in our country and its people! Thank you!!!! – Thank you for honoring our troops and for your crowds that shouted USA!, USA!, USA!! It’s been so long since I’ve heard such patriotic cheering!!!

I believe you were what our country needed at this time, and I’m so sad you and McCain lost. I feel a huge problem in our country is the corruption in our government. I was so glad you when you spoke about removing that and “putting the government back on our side”… Thank you. You were a great encouragement and I wish you and your family the best always.

Nashville, TN

Dear Governor Palin,

I thank you for your hard work in the campaign for President 2008. Your wonderful family is such a treasure…we just loved getting to know all of you…you are so REAL!

Thanks for being such a class act, even when you were constantly attacked by the democRATS. I am proud of you for being above the fray!!!

Please don’t be on the television shows: such as Letterman, Saturday Night Live, Katie Couric, etc…everyone in my family have stopped watching all of the liberal news media, demeaning “comedy” and will not be watching them in the future. You are too good for them…ignore them, and hopefully they will go away for lack of ratings!

We are going to watch President Obama’s every move, and hopefully you will be the next Senator from Alaska, so you can watch closely and protect all of us who are praying for our children and grandchildren’s future in this great country.

I have a grandson in the Marine Corp who will be going to Afghanistan soon…he is proud to serve, but worried that Obama will cut resources and do great damage to our wonderful military.

God Bless You and your family!!!

Dear Governor Palin,

Thank you for your service to our country. You were the brightest light in this campaign. God bless you and your family.

Dear Governor Palin,

You were the best thing about this election. Thanks for your grace,and strenght,and courage in facing all the awful stuff that was thrown at you and your family,and standing up for conservative values!

Behind you in 2012?

You betcha!

Paso Robles,Calif

She is a great person, and she is very smart. The country could have used her, and people will soon find out that all the lies the mainstream media illuminati spread about her were tactics that majority of America fell for.


Dear Gov Palin,

I voted for you and i am very sorry you and Sen McCain did not win. don’t listen to the people who are saying these bad things about you, they are just little people with no life. they will soon see that The One is all lies. keep on doing what you are doing. everyone i know loves you and wanted you to win, but all my friends are republicans. i hope to see you on the 2012 ballot running for President. good luck to you and your family.


Thanks for trying, and for tolerating the viciousness unleashed.

I fear for our country.

If I am still here in 2012, I’ll support you.

The sad part of the sleeze and slander is that the Lame Stream Media spread it world wide without identifing one source. Maybe they don’t have a source other than their own fantasies.

I had planned to sit out this election cycle but went to the polls only after Palin came on the scene. Beauty, brains, and common sense in one package has those without either on a tear.

Governor Palin,

I pushed for you as the VP choice long before the Primaries were over and was astonished that you were chosen! The only bright spot in a lackluster campaign, we expect to see more of you in the future. Ignore the Beltway ‘Republicans’ and their sniping. They are less than Moose droppings, fit only to fertilize the Pine Trees. The vicious attacks from the Left aren’t even worth remembering. Nonsense spread by spoiled children who soil their own pants in frustration.

Conservatives love you and look forward to many more years of seeing and hearing about you, whether it is in Alaska or in DC.

You have a great future ahead, as does your wonderful family! Hang in there, Ma’am! We love you!

Dear Sara

From all of us Latinos and Hispanics, we like to express our gratitude for being who you are, and for undertaking such a difficult task as is the Republican Vice Presidency of the USA. You gave us strength and inspiration, guidance and example. You are loyal to your beliefs and compassionate to the disbelievers. a trait the is rare to find in politics.

We, all who believe in this party, hold you very close to our hearts and request you come back again, stand for us, and be our first Lady President of the USA.

Palin 2012
For a better America

Sarah Palin thanks,

We look forward to seeing you again.
Alaska is special and so are you and
your message.

And a second thanks that will allow us to focus our thoughts
in a constructive positive direction in the coming tough months.

We should thank our military and allies who have helped
and served in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the world.
What they have accomplished is not done, but it has been
terribly hard and accomplished things that many thought

God willing we will have victory in Iraq and
the possiblility of a more normal future for Afghanistan.

Everyone who has served deserves thanks for their
part in this.

As a country we have survived tough times before,
and the steadiness of our military and the new blood
from out west has always played a part.

Thanks and thanks again.

Dear Sarah,

I wrote to your Governor’s email address but want to add my bit to this blog as well, to ask you to hang in there for us and give us a REAL American to vote for in the next prez election. We have full trust in you. I voted your ticket on the strength that you were on it.

I would have hated to have anything happen to McCain,because as a person he seems to be a very good man, but quite honestly I was fully confident that you would been a strong, dependable, and wise president if you had to take over. You would have been my 1st pick considering your past actions as governor.

McCain should (if he hasn’t…and I haven’t heard he if he has) stand behind you in all these petty smears. Shame on him if he hasn’t.

We do look forward to your running. Please consider it for the American people!
Please do for us as a nation what you have done for Alaska! We are blessed to have people like you in our governments.

And please thank your son and his buddies for the all sacrifice they are making for us. We appreciate all our uniformed guys and gals. What a Blessing they are for this country!

And one more thing, your family is beautiful. You husband has more manhood and class in his one finger than many men in their whole being. Your children are the product of wonderful parents who care about them and love them without condition. Your family should be the bench mark for families all over. Stuff happens in families, but we love and support them…always. This makes great citizens of our children.

Thank you once more

Silver Springs, Florida

My wife normally doesn’t care about politics but this year she went to the trouble of demanding an abstentee ballot specifically so she could vote . . . for Sarah.

Chin up, Governor Palin. Those of us clinging to our guns and religion in unfashionable parts of the country still love you, regardless of what our “betters” tell us to think.

Joe Doakes
Saint Paul, Minnesota

Governor Palin:

Thank you for reminding us what a real person is like. You breathed life into this campaign. I will be there if you decide to run in 2012 or whenever. Start here on the WEB with the grassroots. You are a fine role model for all, not just women.

God bless you and thanks for your service to America,

Plainville, Massachusetts (in the heart of the Peoples Republic)


I hope that you are the face of the future GOP. The party has lost it’s moorings, not to mention it’s mind. Thanks for putting up with the abuse from a know-nothing left, and for standing tall while your own side hung you out to dry. Please know that those who did this do not represent the vast majority of us who still claim to be Republican.

I wouldn’t blame you for giving those who did this to you the finger, but I hope that you are in our future. If the party turns you away, then they have consigned themselves to the ash heap of history, and deservedly so.

Denver, CO.

Dear Gov. Palin,
I would like to add my deepest appreciation for all you have done. As a former Hillary Clinton supporter I did not agree with you on all the issues but I saw your governing record was one of proven fairness. I admired your strength, your courage and your fortitude in this campaign. I voted for John McCain because I felt he was the most qualified candidate. His campaign was energized with the true “maverick” spirit when he selected you as his Vice Presidential running mate. I also had the fullest confidence in your ability to step into that position if need be. After this very tough election you will come out stronger. I believe that if you desire it, you can grow and develop your skills and strengths to be a most formidable candidate for the Presidency in the future. There are some detractors now but DO NOT allow them to kill your spirit. Remember the quote “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger”. Dear lady, keep strong, stay true to yourself and keep fighting the good fight.

With sincere regard,

Ms. Palin,

I am an ex Democrat who became a Republican in 2008. I will never go back. Thanks to you Sarah, Sean Hannity, Rush and Mark Levin I saw the light. You were the divine intervention from God to the conservatives, don’t let anyone tell you different. Thank you for all your efforts, your dedication in helping American remain a strong USA. I voted for you in 2008 and will vote for you if you run in 2012. Stay strong and always be Sarah from Alaska, because that is why we love you and that is who you are.



ps–and keep Meg Stapleton, she is sharp, loyal and expresses your viewpoints just like you

Dear Governor Palin,

Thank you so much for the courage you showed in your run for the Vice Presidency! My wife and I will never forget the day you were announced and we felt one of the greatest joys we have felt, knowing it was an answer to prayer. You brought honor and decency to your run, complementing John McCain perfectly.

My apologies on behalf of my fellow Americans who unfairly abused you and your family. For most, we must simply say with Our Lord, “Father, forgive them, they know not what they do”; for others, we commend and release them to the Lord’s justice. We pray for you that you may remain strong and free in love and truth.

We are praying for you, your son in Iraq and for our country.

Mark Lajoie
Merrimack, NH

Thank you Sarah for all of your hard work on this campaign. You have inspired me like no one ever has. For the first time in my life I donated to a campaign, I had never done that before, and it was NOT because of John McCain, it was because of YOU. You brought something to this campaign that I have never seen before, you brought COURAGE and SPUNK and the DESIRE to make this country better for all of us. You are THE BEST and I hope that you realize that you have millions upon millions of people supporting you. You are the future of the Republican party, you are right, the status quo and the 8 years under the Bush Administration cost you guys the election, the Republican party has a lot of work to do to go back to its conservative roots, what made the Republican party great, that has to be fixed and I believe that you will be the one to fix it. We are all behind you 1000 percent. We got your back and will NOT ALLOW anyone to bring you down. You are what liberals fear. I mean just look at what is going on in the media right now, they got Obama elected, they got what they wanted, they got the American people to follow him like sheep and they are STILL NOT SATISFIED, why because they know that you are the future of the party, they know that you have a great opportunity to run in 2012, and that you will WIN because you are REAL, AUTHENTIC and you are not Washington Elite which is what the liberal media is. You would think they would be satisfied with Obama in the White House yet they still come out and bash you, why, because they are scared to death of you Sarah, I can smell it, you can smell it, we can all smell it and its called fear, fear if what you would bring into the White House, fear that you would bring TRUE leadership into the White House, that someone would FINALLY give a damn about US instead of the elitists that rule our society. They fear you and you know what, that’s a good thing, why, because you can take that fear and use it to win. You have the most amazing family that I have ever seen, they supported you through all this, your wonderful adoring husband, your beautiful children, they should all be thanked as well because they also worked hard. I saw them on the campaign trail, especially little Piper, I think that in 2036 we will be hearing the name Piper Palin running for Presidency. She is such a cutie pie and so smart, she is gonna make a great President someday. God Bless you Sarah, your amazing family, and your wonderful son Track who I pray for every night will come home safely. He is fighting the good fight for our countries freedom. God will watch over him and keep him safe. You are a TRUE American hero Sarah. We love you

Sharen Rothstain
Los Angeles, California

Honorable Madame Governor Palin,
Please accept our overwhelming gratitude for your courage, sacrifice and determination in trying to bring America back to the bases of her origin. We support you without hesitation then, now and in the future.
Your voters knew fact from fiction because your record and astonishing accomplishments spoke for themselves.
And, like many, Mccain had my vote ONLY because of your selection. Otherwise, many of us would have voted third party as a protest vote.
I apologize for the lack of defense the GOP and McCain’s campaign staff waged for you, and am disgusted by their cowardly “anonymous” attacks on you, post election.
We wish you continued success in Alaska, and hope that you will be back on the national stage with the responsibility of selecting YOUR running mate.

Florida Voting Family.

Governor Sarah Palin,
My family and I thank you and your family for the service you have given this great country. We will be praying for the Palin’s that the Lord will strengthen and bless you in the plan He has for your life. You have brought a wonderful brightness to the GOP, a brightness we look forward to seeing more of. The people of Alaska are blessed to have a governor such as you. As a boy I used to visit Charlie Heath in North Idaho, I am not suprised he had such a fine grandaughter. You have our support should you run for national office in the future.

Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, For theirs is the kingdom of Heaven. Mt. 5:10

Los Angeles CA