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I cried listening to her speak earlier, and now crying again after seeing the picture of her parents!!! I am going to be difficult to live with for the next few days, bouncing off the walls and all!!! I can’t stop saying, “I am so happy, I am so happy…!”

My plan is to go volunteer every day doing phone banking for John McCain during the Republican Convention…the momentum has just increased by 300%! Then, to buy a McCain/Palin yard sign/bumper sticker if that is available at the McCain store yet. We have to get the word out, folks! 🙂

Great comment from Andrew McCarthy:

“she has thrilled the GOP’s conservative base, which can now in good conscience give itself to the McCain candidacy with enthusiasm—not feigned enthusiasm, real enthusiasm—for the first time since the senator entered the race. This has solved McCain’s worst strategic problem.”

This pick makes McCain a stronger candidate because it makes it more likely the people he needs — that would be us — are are going to rev it up. Unless and until he does something drastic to undermine confidence, I (and I don’t think I’m singular in this) am now over my two biggest worries: (a) that McCain will not listen to conservatives once he’s elected, and (b) that he will not go to the mat on his commitment to appoint conservative judges (i.e., judges who would be likely to invalidate McCain’s signature issue of campaign finance reform). It also shows that he does care about the future of the party after McCain, which I doubted. Today, I go from from an ambivalent McCain supporter driven more by fear of Obama to someone who can feel good about the prospects of a McCain administration. If there are a few million more like me, maybe the all-important undercard of Senate and House races won’t turn out as badly as some experts are predicting.

A masterfully played hand by McCain. I think it’s safe to say that he “Flopped Aces” with this one!

Today’s pick was a game changer! It’s a day for all conservatives to celebrate!

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Great Choice.


After Sarah’s speech, I went over to NO Quarter, a pro-Hillary anti- Obama Appolo H. and was amazed at the acceptance of JM’s choice for VP. Have been on the net ever since, and am even more impressed with this amazing woman. She just might be WONDER WOMAN! Remember that TV show – Sarah with her glasses almost looks like the star in that show when not dressed in her WONDER WOMAN costume.

When McCain had no chance a year ago, I sent him $50.00, and then fell in love with Mitt and Rudy. Little did I know, that JM was the guy all along. This from a staunch conservative “seasoned citizen” who has been previously a Republican nominee for Congress.

My god, what do the social conservatives what? She is a member of NRA [a shooter and hunter], a pilot, has five children and had her fifth when most women would not have the child, has a husband who has Eskamo blood and is a stud! Hell, she has more elected experience than the great ONE has, particularly executive experience. Given her proven reform record she makes him look like an empty suit, which he is.

Joe you better handle this lady with kid gloves or you are going to get bitten very hard!

JM – you just went up one hundred percent in my book.

Love the song, Mike! Amen!

btw, got my McCain and Palin bumper stickers and yard sign ordered!

I have been hoping for her to be on the ticket. I have been to the webiste to contribute some of the money I have been withholding from McCain; I have a hard time trusting him. But with this choice I have to support not only with my vote but also with my wallet.

McCain hit it out of the park today. I have been intrigued for months at the strategic possibility of having Palin on the ticket. But I heard Sarah speak for the first time today, and realized the value she brings beyond mere political strategy. She’s a winner. This was a bold move by McCain, and one which will prove to be very shrewd and wise. This is the type of move Obama and the Dems would make for political value only (translation: Hillary), but we’re lucky enough to have someone like Sarah, who complements McCain and is obviously a courageous leader with conservative values we can all be proud of. The MSM will attempt to run the “experience” argument down everyone’s throats, but I’d take even a one-day governor over a senator with decades of experience, any day. Especially a governor who has demonstrated her mettle the way Sarah has already.

Barack or Barracuda: tough choice, ha? I guess there won’t be a member of the terrorist elite in the White House!

Igor! Good to see you again!

I’ve got to admit, like Chris, I got a little choked up today watching Sarah make her speech because I knew of how historic it was and just because of how happy I was. Then it happened again when I saw this picture of her parents.

All the way Sarah!

What a class act John McCain has turned out to be. He congratulated Obama in an ad right after the nomination then allowed Obama 12 hours to slumber in the warm afterglow of his marxist love-fest. He then sucked all the rarified air from Invesco Field by announcing:


See you in St. Paul, Sarah!