Washington Post Throws Barry Under the Bus on Offshore Drilling [Reader Post]


Uh-oh. Obama’s fringe-left credentials are really starting to show. When his good buddies in the MSM start liking John McCain’s ideas, something is really wrong. From a Washington Post editorial.

But if it is acceptable to drill in the Caspian Sea and in developing countries such as Nigeria, where environmental concerns are equally important, it’s hard to explain why the United States should rule out careful, environmentally sound drilling off its own coasts.

And do I smell the faint odor of approval of nuclear power?

But all this talk of drilling, squeezing oil out of shale, as Mr. Bush proposed, and pushing for more nuclear power is a welcome widening of a larger and necessary discussion.

This is the kitchen table issue this year, and if Obama has the Post backing the other guy’s proposals, he may be starting to circle the drain already.

Also find Bill Dupray at The Patriot Room

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Are we cherry-picking? I think so.

“Like Mr. McCain, we do not support drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, which Mr. Bush advocated Wednesday. That pristine area, with its varied and sensitive ecosystems, should be preserved. “

Dupray, BHO’s not outright opposed to nuclear power. However he’s also not “for” it without some caveats. Typical mud on his actual stance, eh?

But according to his energy plan on his website, he’s got a few issues that have to be addressed before he’d grant his blessings:

It is unlikely that we can meet our aggressive climate goals if we
eliminate nuclear power from the table. However, there is no future for expanded nuclear without first addressing four key issues: public right-to-know, security of nuclear fuel and waste, waste storage, and proliferation. Barack Obama introduced legislation in the U.S. Senate to establish guidelines for tracking, controlling and accounting for spent fuel at nuclear power plants.

Naturally, like most Obama’s legislative efforts, the Nuclear Weapons Threat Reduction Act of 2007 was merely introduced, and died there. So we’d all have to ask, does Obama have to have some sort of legislation in place before he allows nuke plants built? In which case, we’ll be waiting a long time for this Congress to actually be productive….

But even hard core leftists on the issue have been slowly evolving in their ‘tudes. As of last April, Obama, Pelosi and Clinton took a slight “right” turn to join Mac in supporting providing incentives for nuke power plants as part of an overall energy plan for greenhouse gases. That leaves the differences between the two candidates majorly about drilling for oil… to which BHO is still opposed. Mac opposes ANWR but considers other arenas in play.

That WaPo is actually starting to think more positively about *not* throwing oil under the bus politically, thereby throwing BHO’s energy policies under the bus in effect, is downright mind blowing. Guess that high price per gallon is getting under their keyboards afterall, allowing some sane rationale to poke thru.

“Circling the drain?” Yeah, that’s what a fifteen-point-lead usually means–that he’s circling the drain.

Uh huh. This particular ass clown could come out and repeat, word for word, what Bush and McCain have said tommorow and be hailed as a visionary.

WHY WON’T THE MEDIA INVESTIGATE THIS STORY. OBAMA IS SO WRONG FOR THIS COUNTRY! “To be honest with you, its not so much whether you believe me or not, as much as you hear me.”

-Larry Sinclair at the National Press Club, Washington, D.C., June 18, 2008

Larry’s words, my post! http://www.larrysinclair.org/press.html

ANWR is a frozen wasteland. The notion that it would somehow be destroyed by drilling on less than 1/2% of the area is ridiculous. Typical leftist doublespeak. The real question is whether McCain will be smart enough to make drilling/nuclear the truly major issue it is. Pounding on it 24/7 could well mean the difference in the election. But given his rank stupidity, along with that of most of the rest of the rep party, I’m not exactly optimistic. Anyone dumb enough to buy into the global warming hoax is not likely to be bright enough to take full advantage of the political plum which 4.00 gas prices offer. Dems are locked into their idiotic agenda. And republicans will probably let them off the hook. Unbelievable.