West Chester [PA] Rally 05/10/2008



A fresh spring day greeted the gathering of Sheepdogs for our weekly pro victory/pro troop rally. Our side presented an inspiring sight on the Swope corner – flags, signs and smiles all around. This was reflected in the numerous honks and waves from passing cars during our rally. Each week we send a message of hope (no, not the Obamized version) to the public and pray it will catch fire elsewhere on another little corner on Main Street, USA.

Come Join Us!

Every Saturday 10:45 – 12:45

Corner of High and Market Streets West Chester, Pa 19380
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Do Sheepdogs like Gitmo?

The story behind this picture is this – last week, 18 yr old college freshman Jamie noticed the peaceniks holding a “Close Gitmo” sign, so she found our “I Love Gitmo” sign held it.

A few minutes later, one of the peaceniks crossed the street to confront Jamie, the old hippie thought the sign was offensive (after all, they watch propaganda films made by communists and other organizations that brainwash them into thinking Gitmo means torture) and she proceeds to harrass Jamie about her sign. Jamie, to her credit, never said a word, she just stared at the lady like she had 2 heads.

Being as “loving Gitmo” is so offensive to the so-called “peace” protestors. We decided that all of us would hold “I Love Gitmo” signs this week.

Thanks to all our troops who serve honorably (or have served) at Gitmo. We appreciate that you guard these evil jihadists who deserve to be there and who only want to kill us.

Thanks to Skye for all her hard work in covering our rallies and thanks to all the Sheepdogs who come to West Chester every week and stand together in support of our brave and noble troops.

yay, i love torture!

americans are some of the dumbest people on the planet.

i mean, let’s look at ONE FACT ALONE.

they voted in george bu$h!!



Why is it the libtards are so obsesses with torture? One would think that this is a recreational habit they enjoy and vote Dem.

They obsessed with torture because they’re MASOCHISTS, Skye! :o)

John McCain wants to close the Guantanamo Bay detention camp. No matter what happens in November, you’re fighting a lost cause there.