Paris Burning Again


The religion of peace strikes again in France.  This time a couple kids killed themselves by riding stolen mopeds into a police car and the Muslims riot:


Molotov cocktails were thrown, and cars and plastic bins set on fire following the tragedy in Tolinette, a notoriously crime-ridden district of Villiers-le-Bel, some 20 miles north of the centre of the French capital.

One police station was set alight and another, in a neighbouring suburb, was ransacked after youths threw cocktails, and set bins alight and upturned cars.

Officials said seven police and one firefighter had were injured and there were fears the violence, which spread to the neighbouring town of Arnouville-les-Gonesse, could also take hold in other poor, suburban enclaves.

The boys who died were said by locals to be “aged between 12 and 13”.

Police insisted that their car had not been chasing the boys, and that the officer driving suffered facial injuries in the incident, which happened soon after dusk.

But the violence had grim echoes of the disturbances which followed the electrocution of two youths in a sub-station as they fled police in the nearby suburb of Clichy-sous-Bois in late 2005. It directly led to two months of serious rioting across France, with a state of emergency being declared.

After last night’s deaths, residents in Tolinette said cars were being burnt out, with police fleeing the scene.

One local, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “Around 100 rioters have burn at least two cars, but the forces of law and order are nowhere to be seen.

“There were four police cars here, but they’ve retreated. They were charged by the rioters. Some rioters are climbing up to electric cables to try and break them and put the whole district into darkness.


Police said there were reports of “small groups attacking shops,
passers-by and car drivers” to rob them. One suspect carrying jewelry
from a looted store at Villiers-le-Bel was detained.

I love this sentence:

Relations between youths and police are traditionally tense in some
Paris-area suburbs, some of which are dominated by immigrants.

“Some of which”


The difference here is that Sarkozy is in power.  Will he take the weasel way out, as Chirac did, or will he ensure that law and order is practiced?

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I hope, for the sake of civilization and Europe in general, that Sarkozy regains control of France’s streets and cities. 800+ “ZUS” (translates to “Special/Sensitive Urban Zones”) where the police will not go without armored vehicles in France is disasterous.

First though, the media must stop intentionally mislabeling these islamofascist rioters as “youths”.

Though they might be Muslim by ancestry, whence the description of them as “Islamofascists”? The issues in play here are primarily racial and economic, not religious, and I don’t think there’s even a hint of a religious tinge to these riots, or any hint of ideology either.

Racial and economic? Hardly. These “youths” already get preferential treatment and education. “Racial” issues only apply to the people these bigoted “youths” are attacking.

From story after story, report after report, this IS about the spread of Islam by the sword. France’s problems also resonate through Continental Europe and the UK.

“Paris Burning Again”