The Negotiations On The “Science” Of Global Warming


We could only wish….yes, I’m an evil bastard to many on the left but I would never wish these greens would hold their breath until death, never I tell ya.


A major report on how global warming will dramatically change life on Earth will likely read less dire about massive extinctions than scientists originally wrote.

Participants in marathon negotiations over an authoritative climate change report, due out Friday, said government delegates have weakened the original language in the report.

A final draft of the report — written by scientists before government officials edit it — says "roughly 20-30 percent of species are likely to be at high risk of irreversible extinction" if global average temperature rises by 2.7 to 4.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

That part has been "diluted," said retired scientist Ian Burton attending the session on behalf of the Stockholm Environment Institute.

Another delegate said the amended version hedged on the sweep of the original text, inserting a reference to species "assessed so far."

Negotiations on "science".   I love it.  I guess if you start with a report that smells no matter what you do, no matter how many negotiations you have, no matter how many celebrities talk it up, it still smells.

And guess what’s back….bringing up WWII and Hitler when talking about the "science"

Vandeburie compared the world’s current situation to the Munich peace conference in 1938, when Britain and France had a choice between confronting Hitler and appeasing him: "We are at the same moment. We have to decide on doing something or not."

What a crock.

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I would advise any lefties who really do want to help the earth to join:

It’s the voluntary human extinction movement.

Of course I realize that “voluntary” in lefty world is a first step towards “compulsory” but it will take them a while.

Another thing they can do is stop breeding. I say let’s save the planet, free abortions and birth control for all liberals.

What?? Science can be “negotiated?” If there was a “consensus” then why is there any need to “negotiate?”

Its not science, its a religion with these people.
And isn’t it sickening that the only Hitler-esque thing lefties will stand up to is the idea of an environmental doomsday? If there were a real Hitler, they would choose to appease. So in honor of lefties everywhere, we should all choose to take that route with the pending “crisis.”

Don’t confront. Appease. It will all go away soon.

What’s especially interesting is the wide range of scientists who object to the hysteria. They get no publicity because it doesn’t match the IPCC’s agenda. The IPCC reportedly controls billions in scientific research dough, so that’s probably one reason. Also, many on the IPCC panel have, in the past, positioned themselves to benefit directly from so-called carbon-offset trading… to the point where left-wing environmentalist groups have routinely pilloried the IPCC for its conflicts-of-interest.

But you’d never know any of that if you relied solely on newspapers for your news. And they wonder why print media is sinking faster than Michael Moore’s rowboat.

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