The AP & Hamas


Fresh on the heels of Patterico’s catch of our MSM using enemy propaganda to report news comes this report from the AP: (h/t LGF)

Israeli troops killed a Hamas militant Friday who was filming the group’s operations in Gaza, Palestinian medical officials said.

The governing Hamas movement often films its battles and operations against the Israeli Army, later broadcasting the footage on its television station and releasing it to other media outlets.

On Thursday, a 64-year-old Palestinian grandmother from Jebaliya blew herself up near Israeli troops, lightly wounding two of them. Eight other Palestinians were killed by troops Thursday, six of them militants.

The Israeli military has been operating in northern Gaza for months, in an attempt to eradicate Palestinian rocket squads, so far without success. On Wednesday, after the death of the second Israeli civilian in a week from Palestinian rockets, the government ordered the army to step up operations in Gaza.

Kind of suspicious wouldn’t you say? If the AP knows enough about this guy and the Hamas operation to know that they sell propaganda footage to “other media outlets” then it stands to reason that they know who he is and who he sells his product to.

Could it be to the AP?

A commentor on LGF found the name of this guy:

Ayman Joudah, 21, from the Jabalya was killed by an IOF sniper when he was trying to cover the clashes between the Palestinian resistance and the IOF invading troops to the east of Jabalya, in the northern Gaza Strip.

But Charles found this name kinda suspicious seeing that the name given is exactly the same as one of the militant wings inside Al Aqsa Brigade:

Ayman Joudah armed group, one of the military wings of the Al Aqsa Brigades, declared that its fighters shot and killed, on Saturday morning, an Israeli soldier in Beit Hanoun, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.


Clashes also erupted in Kafr Dan, a village northwest of Jenin, between a group of Israeli soldiers and Palestinians on Monday morning. Ibrahim Aabid, the leader of a Fatah-affiliated armed faction called the ‘Ayman Joudah’ group, was shot in the thigh and taken to hospital for treatment.

Be that it may, this is one more example of the media getting their news from terrorists. How many times have we seen the doctored photo’s sold to Al-Reuters? Or the LA Times spinning a tall tale from the enemy?

But people are still lazy enough to believe it all. I mean if it’s in a newspaper or on the evening news it has to be the truth right?


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