The Gangs In The UK


I’m guessing that Tookie’s anti-gang message has not been received at UK schools yet:

Schools are failing to tackle the growing problem of gangs in the classroom because they fear accusations of racism, according to a study.

The gang culture permeating schools is bringing drugs and stolen goods into the playground but is often going unchallenged, according to Dr Ikhlaq Din, a Bradford University researcher.

His findings, published in the latest edition of the Race Equality Teaching journal, follow a warning earlier this year by school inspectors that one in five secondary schools in England was concerned about “gang behaviour” among pupils.

Based on interviews with teenagers at three schools in Bradford, the West Yorkshire city that was the scene of race riots in 1995 and 2001, the study revealed that being part of a gang allowed pupils to do virtually “what they wanted” in front of other pupils and even teachers, whose authority was limited.

“Because the gang members are from a minority ethnic background, schools may be reluctant to deal with gangs for fear of accusations of racism,” said Dr Din. “Schools host a hidden economy where illegal activities like selling drugs and stolen goods can be carried out away from the public gaze.”

[…]Teachers are seen as having little authority and can even be targeted by gang members. When pupils are disciplined, they claim they are being discriminated against, according to one female pupil.

“I’ve seen teachers get picked on, sworn at by these lads,” said the 17-year-old.

“They can’t really do anything because the kids will make something up against the teacher.

“On one occasion, this lad stabbed another pupil and the police were called in to school. His mates were cheering him. What’s the worst that can happen to them? They get suspended or excluded. These lads are not scared of that – they would say that the white teachers pick on them because they are Pakistanis.”

Does any of this sound similiar to whats going on in the US? Damn right it does. Take no responsibility for your own actions, blame it on race is the motto everywhere it seems.

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