Kofi Wants Negotiations With Terrorists


Kofi Annan needs to keep his corrupt self quiet about Iraq. If he thinks for one minute that President Bush would agree to negotiate with terrorists then he is far more ignorant then I give him credit for:

Secretary-General Kofi Annan late Thursday said the military actions in Iraq are not the solution to improve the situation in the war-torn country and called for negotiations instead.

“Military efforts alone cannot fully address the causes of violence in Iraq and cannot substitute for negotiated political solutions,” Annan said in his quarterly report to the Security Council on the situation in Iraq.

Annan was apparently referring indirectly to the US opening a channel with the insurgents in Iraq through its ambassador there.

[…]Irrespective of the outcome of the election, he said, the formation of a permanent government will provide a new opportunity to ensure that all Iraqis are adequately represented and made to feel that they have a stake in the future of their country. Annan said the human rights situation in Iraq continues to warrant “serious concern.” “Ongoing armed-group attacks, violent crime, arbitrary arrests on a large scale and allegations of mistreatment in detention centres constitute major human-rights violations. Due to the prevailing security situation, it remains difficult to investigate these allegations of human rights violations,” he noted.

This coming on the heels of the statement made by the lead investigator of Kofi during the Oil For Food scandal that Kofi lied:

Kofi Annan, the secretary general of the United Nations, lied about what he knew of his son’s business activities at the time of the Iraq oil-for-food programme, according to the senior investigator charged with examining his conduct.

A report published by the US Congress also alleges that senior members of the UN’s separate Volcker inquiry into the programme resisted printing any conclusion which might have forced Mr Annan’s resignation.

When the UN report on Mr Annan’s conduct was published nine months ago, it stated that there was no evidence that Mr Annan had misbehaved. The inquiry examined the employment of Mr Annan’s son Kojo by a firm called Cotecna. It discovered that the UN leader had friends at the company and had asked them to find work for his son.

The firm later won a multi-million-dollar UN contract under the oil-for-food programme. But Mr Annan said he had not known about this until after the contract was awarded.

The Volcker commission said it had no evidence to contradict the UN leader’s assertions. But the congressional report quotes former FBI officer Robert Parton, who led the section of the Volcker team examining Mr Annan, as concluding that his bosses were “unwilling to reach any conclusion that would result in significant adverse consequences for the secretary-general”.

The centrepiece of the new allegations was an account of a meeting between Mr Parton and his investigative team, and Paul Volcker, the former US federal reserve chairman.

During the meeting, Mr Parton allegedly stated that the evidence created “a reasonable inference that he [Kofi Annan] is lying”. But according to the report senior members of the inquiry team resisted the conclusion of their top investigator.

Every one of the new allegations has been denied by the Volcker team. Mr Volcker’s inquiry issued a 13-page response to the Parton allegations. It stated: “The commission acted in accordance with its procedures and did not afford the secretary general any kind of unfair advantage.”

It’s apparent to all except the most blind (which includes all moonbats) that Kofi is being protected by Volcker. Where is the outrage at this corruption?

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When you preferentially employ rapists and thieves, negotiating with killers of innocent children and civilians may seem a reasonable thing.

Paul Volcker is an embarrassment to America.