Time To Die Tookie


This article is hilarious. They print a bunch of the Defense accusations such as the witnesses against Tookie were not legitimate witnesses. Not surprising this piece of trash would be printed in a Bay Area paper:

What the jury saw was a musclebound hulk in a 4X jacket. What they heard about was barbaric: two cold-blooded robbery murders within 12 days, four dead and a suspect who was said to laugh hysterically as he mimicked the gurgling last breaths of one victim.

Who they heard it from: an alleged accomplice granted immunity, a jailhouse informant, an acquaintance with a checkered criminal past, a friend who later claimed police beat him into testifying.

A police expert tied a shell casing from one crime scene to a slide-action 12-gauge shotgun owned by Stanley “Tookie” Williams, but there were no fingerprints, no pictures, no bystanders to finger him. And no DNA that could bolster or silence his claim of innocence.

[…]The state’s case went like this:

On Feb. 27, 1979, Williams smoked a cigarette laced with PCP and set out with three others, in two cars, to rob. After failed attempts on a restaurant and a liquor store, they drove to a Whittier 7-Eleven store, where Army veteran Albert Owens, 26, was sweeping the parking lot about 4 a.m.

An alleged accomplice, Alfred Coward, testified that Williams ordered Owens to walk to the back of the store, then lie down. He told the jury that Williams shot out the store’s security monitor, then killed Owens with his shotgun, sawed off at the handle. The four men divided $120 among them.

The jury also heard testimony that Williams bragged of the March 11 early morning murders of three family members at the motel they ran on South Vermont Avenue in Los Angeles. The state said Williams broke the locks and smashed the molding on the door of the Brookhaven Motel, then shot Yen-I Yang, 76, his wife, Tsai-Shai Yang, 63, and their daughter, Ye-Chen Lin, 43.

There were no witnesses to the motel murders. A fourth family member, Robert Yang, awoke to gunshots but did not see Williams.

Coward was the state’s lone eyewitness, testifying under immunity in the 7-Eleven murder. Another alleged accomplice, Tony Sims, never testified at Williams’ trial. He received a life prison term for his role in the robbery-murder, in a separate trial during which he named Williams as the shooter. The third alleged accomplice, known only as “Darryl,” also did not testify.

Robert Martin, the prosecutor, said he granted immunity to Coward because he was the least culpable and unarmed — a claim scoffed at by Williams’ lawyers, who cite a host of gun crimes on Coward’s criminal record.

The jury knew of the immunity deal, but only portions of Coward’s rap sheet, which included armed robbery and carrying a loaded firearm.

Williams’ lawyers argue that prosecutors also failed to reveal that Coward was a Canadian citizen who may have given false testimony to avoid deportation. Coward is now serving time in a Canadian prison for robbery and manslaughter.

Police recovered Williams’ shotgun two days after the motel murders. They said James Garrett, a con man, pulled it from under his bed. Williams often stayed at Garrett’s house, and Garrett named Williams for the murders while police questioned Garrett about the killing of a crime partner.

Garrett testified that Williams bragged about the motel murders and also admitted to the 7-Eleven murder. Garrett’s wife, Ester, also testified that she heard Williams confess to the murders.

The jury knew some of Garrett’s questionable past, but were not told of any deals with him for leniency. Garrett, a career criminal credited with masterminding several armed robberies, would later receive probation for a variety of crimes, including extortion, over recommendations of jail time by his probation officer. He is now dead.

Robert Martin, the deputy district attorney who prosecuted Williams, insists he never struck a deal with Garrett.

“The only thing I told Garrett’s attorney — this is quite usual — is that if his judge called me and asked if he gave honest, truthful testimony, I’d say yes,” said Martin, now retired. “If … the judge learns that he testified truthfully in a murder case, he’s probably going to get some consideration.”

Prosecutors are required to tell the defense about deals with witnesses. This one was unspoken, said Williams’ attorney, Verna Wefald.

“It’s important to understand how this winking and nodding goes on with informants and prosecutors,” she said. “Nobody does this for nothing, and everybody knows how the game is played except the jury.”

Wefald said police never investigated Garrett for the murders, despite his possession of the shotgun and his knowledge of what happened.

Samuel Colemen, a friend of Williams who was arrested with him, also testified under immunity that Williams admitted the crimes to him. Later, in 1994, Coleman signed a sworn affidavit saying police beat and intimidated him into his testimony. His current whereabouts are unclear.

George Oglesby, a jailhouse informant with a grimy, violent criminal record, told the jury that Williams bragged about the killings and plotted an escape, planning to explode a jail bus with Coward aboard.

Jurors saw notes and a sketch that Williams purportedly wrote in jail, plotting the escape. A handwriting expert testified that the writing matched Williams’ penmanship.

A police firearms expert also testified that he positively matched a shell from the motel crime scene to Williams’ shotgun — testing that his attorneys call flimsy. Two shells recovered from the 7-Eleven were “consistent” with the shotgun, the expert said, but he could not make a positive match.

The defense attorney never had the weapon tested.

“It’s all informants, and that shotgun,” said Wefald. “The shotgun clearly looks like it was planted under Garrett’s bed.”

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals rejected all of Williams’ arguments about the witnesses who testified.

It found that Williams’ trial attorney “effectively called into question the truthfulness of Oglesby’s testimony through cross-examination.” The panel found that Williams could not prove that Garrett secured anything more than a hope of leniency when he testified. And it held that, even if Coleman was beaten and coerced, the time between the beating in 1979 and the trial two years later was enough to make his testimony “sufficiently voluntary.”

I love this, what does the Defense want? They claim the witnesses were bad people too. I guess if Tookie had brought the church choir with him while he murdered these people and had them videotape the whole thing…then they would be satisified? Wtf! Of course they have to rely on those who were with him during the murders since he didn’t leave any witnesses alive. In the end, he convicted himself.

If the 9th Circuit, the most liberal insane group of judges in the USA, did not find anything in the case to overturn his sentence then you KNOW they have nothing.

The lefty idiots will be out in Los Angeles tonight holding a candlelight vigil for Tookie. Guess we missed their vigil for the victims.

Activists seeking clemency for convicted killer and Crips gang co-founder Stanley “Tookie” Williams will hold a candlelight vigil today in front of the restaurant founded by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Schwarzenegger has scheduled a private clemency hearing Thursday with Williams’ lawyers and prosecutors.
The rally will be held at Schatzi on Main in Santa Monica, according to Danielle Heck of the Save Tookie Committee-LA.

Schwarzenegger no longer owns the restaurant.

[…}His supporters believe Williams, who has maintained his innocence and hopes to become the first California condemned murderer to be granted clemency since 1967, has redeemed himself in prison through his work encouraging young people to stay out of gangs.

They also contend Williams, who is black, was convicted by a jury without any black jurors on circumstantial evidence and questionable testimony by jailhouse informants.

Which is a lie. There was one black on the jury, William James McLurkin, juror #12. His death certificate lists his race as Black. Even one of the juror’s, Larry Sabala, has provided a sworn affidavit which confirms that one of the jurors was Black. His exact quote: ?one of the jurors who served with me was a Black man. It was obvious to everyone that he was a Black man.?

Prosecutors say Williams never accepted responsibility for the murders of Albert Owens, a Whittier 7-Eleven employee, and the shotgun murders of Thsai- Shai Yang, Yen-I Yang and Yee Chen Lin at a South Vermont Avenue motel less than two weeks later.

In a 50-page response to Williams’ petition for executive clemency, Los Angeles County prosecutors wrote that “this cold-blooded killer, Stanley Williams, now seeks mercy, the very mercy he so callously denied” the four murder victims.

Included in the response were letters from law enforcement officials and two family members of one of his victims, all urging Schwarzenegger to let the execution proceed.

If Arnold gives clemency then he might as well switch over to the Democratic party, he will be done as a Republican.


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