The Traitor Murtha


I just have to comment on Congressman “Traitor” Murtha’s recent comments:

Most U.S. troops will leave Iraq within a year because the Army is “broken, worn out” and “living hand to mouth,” Rep. John Murtha told a civic group.

[…]Murtha predicted most troops will be out of Iraq within a year.

“I predict he’ll make it look like we’re staying the course,” Murtha said, referring to Bush. “Staying the course is not a policy.”

Murtha, 73, the ranking Democrat on the House Appropriations defense subcommittee, expressed pessimism about Iraq’s stability and said the Iraqis know who the insurgents are, but don’t always share that information with U.S. troops. He said a civil war is likely because of ongoing factionalism among Sunni Arabs, and Kurds and Shiites.

He also said he was wrong to vote to support the war.

“I admit I made a mistake when I voted for war,” Murtha said. “I’m looking at the future of the United States military.”

Amazing! I have lost all respect for this man, for his past deeds and his present deeds.

What do you think this idiot would have said in 1942 when are Military was really against the ropes? Most of our Navy had been sunk at Pearl Harbor, the Germans were sinking merchant ships, and our ground troops were barely treading water.

Should we have just surrendered then?

Which brings me to Ann Coulter’s recent article:

When Democratic Rep. John Murtha called for the withdrawal of American troops in the middle of the war, Republicans immediately leapt to action by calling Murtha a war hero, a patriot and a great American.

I haven’t heard Republicans issue this many encomiums to one man since Ronald Reagan died. By now, Murtha has been transformed into the greatest warrior since Alexander the Great and is probably dating Jennifer Aniston.

In response to Murtha’s demand for the “immediate withdrawal of American troops” ? as The New York Times put it ? President Bush called Murtha a “fine man, a good man” who served with “honor and distinction,” who “is a strong supporter of the United States military.” He said he knew Murtha’s “decision to call for an immediate withdrawal of our troops … was done in a careful and thoughtful way.”

Vice President Dick Cheney called Murtha “a good man, a Marine, a patriot.”

[…]On the House floor, both Republicans and Democrats repeatedly gave Murtha rousing standing ovations. There was so much praise for Murtha that one of his Democratic colleagues asked him if he still had to attend Murtha’s funeral.

What is this? Special Olympics for the Democrats? Can’t Republicans disagree with a Democrat who demands that the U.S. surrender in the middle of a war without erecting monuments to him first? What would happen if a Democrat were to propose restoring Saddam Hussein to power? Is that Medal of Freedom territory?

I don’t know what Republicans imagine they’re getting out of all this love they keep throwing at Democrats. I’ve never heard a single liberal preface attacks on Oliver North with a recitation of North’s magnificent service as a Marine. And unlike Murtha, who refuses to release his medical records showing he was entitled to his two Purple Hearts, we know what North did. (These Democrat military veterans are hardly shrinking violets when it comes to citing their medals, but they get awfully squeamish when pressed for details.)

We also know what Rep. Randy Cunningham, R-Calif., did to earn his medals. One of only two American Navy aces that the Vietnam War produced, Cunningham shot down five MiGs, three in one day, including a North Vietnamese pilot with 13 American kills. Cunningham never did something as insane as proposing that we withdraw troops in the middle of a war, but this week he did admit to taking bribes.

And yet, no Democrat breathed a word of Cunningham’s unquestioned heroism before rushing to denounce him as “the latest example of the culture of corruption” ? in the words of Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

[…]The only Republican congressman who did not offer to have sex with John Murtha on the House floor was Jean Schmidt, R-Ohio. While debating Murtha’s own proposal to withdraw American troops from Iraq in the middle of a war waged to depose a monstrous dictator who posed a threat to American national security, Schmidt made the indisputably true remark that Marines don’t cut and run. (She was right! Murtha voted against his own proposal.)

Schmidt’s precise words were: “I received a call from Col. Danny Bubp. He also asked me to send Congressman Murtha a message, that cowards cut and run, Marines never do.” Bubp later said ? pointlessly ? that he was not calling Murtha a coward. Neither was Jean Schmidt. (These guys are very brave facing down the VC, but cower before the MSM.)

Now Schmidt is Emmanuel Goldstein, subjected to the liberals’ Orwellian two-minutes hate, and not one Republican will defend her. If Republicans were one-tenth as rough with the congressman who wants to withdraw troops in the middle of a war as they are on a congresswoman who calls it cowardly to withdraw troops in the middle of a war, we might have a functioning Republican Party.

This man needs to be exposed for the traitor, the coward, and the idiot that he is.

Some believe that this is all cover for an indictment coming his way soon. This way he can blame the indictment on the Administration trying to get rid of him for his comments. Nice. You notice he only started becoming this vocal when it was revealed he steered business to his brother’s lobbying firm, KSA, and helped Pelosi get a big project for her district which directly benefitted a relative of hers.

Republican lawmakers say that ties between Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.) and his brother’s lobbying firm, KSA Consulting, may warrant investigation by the House ethics committee…

According to a June 13 article in The Los Angeles Times, the fiscal 2005 defense appropriations bill included more than $20 million in funding for at least 10 companies for whom KSA lobbied. Carmen Scialabba, a longtime Murtha aide, works at KSA as well. KSA directly lobbied Murtha’s office on behalf of seven companies, and a Murtha aide told a defense contractor that it should retain KSA to represent it, according to the LA Times.

In early 2004, Murtha reportedly leaned on U.S. Navy officials to sign a contract to transfer the Hunters Point Shipyard to the city of San Francisco, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. A company called Lennar Inc. had right to the land, and Laurence Pelosi, nephew to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), was an executive with the firm at that time.

Murtha also inserted earmarks in defense bills that steered millions of dollars in federal research funds toward companies owned by children of fellow Pennsylvania Rep. Paul Kanjorski (D).

Contact this coward at:

Phone -814-535-2642 — 202-225-2065
Fax – 814-539-6229 — District, 202-225-5709 — Washington

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Hopefully one day I can meet you and I will do just that, call him what he is, a coward and a traitor…


What a retard.

I’m a very bad Quaker for saying this, but I think the world would be a better place if Congressman (no, not “senator”) Murtha bloodied the nose of the next little twirp who calls him a “coward”.

And if you ever had the nerve to call him a “traitor” in my presence, you’d get one from me, Sir.

Pussy Communist

Medals- No mention of a Combat Action Ribbon, Bronze Star probably an End Of Tour Award.

RVN service-1 yr as Regimental Intel Officer, Major I believe. How often did those guys get out of the Regitmental CP?

Curiouser and Curiouser


Murtha’s Murky Past…

Here’s some stuff I dug up with a cursory search on the Internet about John Murtha and his shady dealings. Also notice how he seems to be intertwined with Nancy Pelosi and her crime family… From the Washington Post talking……