Thinking One Way, Saying Another


It’s about time a liberal came out and admitted that they will say anything to get elected: (via Newsbusters)

It was a classic “gotcha” moment.

Ellen Ratner, the short, liberal side of The Long & the Short of It on Fox & Friends Weekend, just let the liberal cat out of the bag. Discussing the Democrats’ approach to Iraq withdrawal proposals, Ratner admitted:

“If you got [Dem leaders] in a room off camera everyone agrees, but people are trying to look tough on security so the Democrats can win the House back in 2006.”

Jim Pinkerton, the long, conservative side of the equation, pounced on this rare bit of Dem candor:

“Viewers should note that Ellen basically said that Democrats will think one thing and say another.”

Host Julian Phillips, who moderated the debate and is hardly a Bush administration shill, scored the point for Pinkerton:

“Ellen, Jim has something on you on that one.”

Continued Phillips: “I’ve got to agree with [Pinkerton] on this. I’ve been talking about this for the last month or so: the Democrats really don’t have a viable plan for what to do with Iraq.”

So typical of these liberals. No backbone to stick with a argument, instead they will pander to any motto that gets them into office. Let’s take a look at the timeline of the left’s arguments so far:

First there was: “Bush’s father should have kicked Saddams ass in 1991”
Then there was: “Clinton’s military was responsible for the early successes in Iraq and Afghanistan”
Then: “Bush sent our troops into Iraq without body armor”
Then: “Nigergate”
Then: “Bush Lied”
Then: “The Democrats did not see the same intelligence that the Administration saw”
And finally: “Pull out Now!”

Sound about right?

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This isn’t the first time that Miss Rattner has spoken so revealingly. In the same Long and Short of It format right at the start of the Iraq war she ACTUALLY SAID that she hoped our side was not successful because it would be good for Bush, as she put it. A week later, after a LOT of comment and uproar, she apologized.