The Dimwit Named Reid


We have come a long ways when a partisan hackjob like Sen. Reid can summon a AP reporter into his office, rant on and on about how evil Bush is and then get the reporter to write it like a press release for his campaign. I mean he even wrote his own headline. No bias here.

President Bush is a stubborn man, refusing to adjust failed policies at home and abroad, and acting like he’s still running for president instead of serving as one, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said.

“President Bush and his sidekick Cheney have been very, very stubborn and quite mean-spirited at times,” Reid said in an interview with The Associated Press.

“I think he should be a commander in chief and not a campaigner in chief. This whole administration can’t get out of the campaign mode,” the Nevada Democrat said late Tuesday.

“Let them start governing a little bit. They are great at campaigns. Bush’s brain, (White House chief of staff) Karl Rove, is a very good campaigner.”

Reid, who has sharpened his criticism of Bush over the past month, said Bush’s stubbornness is apparent not just in his refusal to budge on the war in Iraq “but on everything we do.”

“Look what’s happening to our economy. He won’t back off on his efforts to ruin Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the Peace Corps,” the senator said.

Oh give me a break you blowhard. The economy is doing great BECAUSE of Bush’s policies. The war is going great BECAUSE of Bush’s polices. The public is being misled BECAUSE of people like you who don’t report all the good things being done by our troops.

For Reid to even utter the line that Bush is in campaign mode is ridiculous. The Democrats have been campaigning non-stop since Gore lost his ass to Bush. When the war was good, they we’re all for it. When they smell blood in the water, they are all of sudden against it. Then they try to rewrite history by claiming they never said going into Iraq was a good thing.

Republicans countered that Reid is the one who continues to play partisan politics with the war in Iraq and other issues.

“Sen. Reid has a taxpayer funded, self described “War Room” inside his Capitol office that has relentlessly attacked the president since January,” said Brian Nick, spokesman for the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

“Sen. Reid has personally used the Senate for nonstop partisan attacks while he and the Democrat leadership offer no agenda of their own,” he said Wednesday from Washington D.C.

In an our-long interview in his Reno office, Reid expressed mixed feelings about his role as the primary mouthpiece for Senate Democrats in criticizing Bush administration policies.

“I made it as far as I have by not being a partisan, but right now I have a job to do,” said Reid, who was elected to the Senate in 1987 after serving two terms in the House.

Not being partisan, are you freakin kidding me.

[…]He said when Democrats were in the majority in 1994 they implemented “a real deficit reduction plan that put this country on the road to economic vitality that had never been seen before.”

Hmmm, 1994…what happened that year? Um…does CONTRACT WITH AMERICA ring a bell you dimwit?

Anyone notice these guys have been crying and whining about the “campaign mode” since Bush and Cheney decided enough was enough and attacked back against the lies of the left?

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