We Don’t Need No Stinkin Guns!


Only in Europe will they send Police officers to armed robberies without guns. Geez louise: (h/t The Steel Deal)

Police officers in Scotland should be armed when responding to incidents involving firearms, according to the Scottish Police Federation.

The call followed the death of Pc Sharon Beshenivsky, who was shot in Bradford on Friday while responding to an armed robbery at a travel agency.

But the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland said arming more officers was unnecessary.

Acpos president Peter Wilson said the nature of policing was “unpredictable”.

This guy is brillant….law enforcement can be unpredictable, who woulda thunk it? I suppose they thought the robbers we’re using nerf guns.

[…]Mr Wilson said the issue of officers carrying firearms was complex and it was sometimes up to them to make the assessment at the scene because of limited information available to their radio controllers.

He said: “Sometimes it means waiting until back-up arrives or waiting until firearms arrive.

Oh come on man, you can’t always wait for backup to arrive, especially if someone is getting hurt. Should they just tell the victim’s families that they had to wait 5 minutes while their loved ones were murdered because all they carry is these purty sticks?

“But it’s unpredictable in most instances what might evolve, that’s the nature of policing.”

Again, brillant!

Mrs Beshenivsky, 38, a mother-of-three, was fatally shot on the day of her daughter’s fourth birthday.

Her colleague Teresa Milburn, 37, was injured in the shooting.

Both officers were probationers with less than two years’ service.

Six people have been arrested in connection with the shootings.

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We, in Canada , sure don’t need no stinkin’ guns. Unfortunately Bush/Rice renegged on their word to make illegal gun smuggling across our border a priority. We’ve just gone through the ” year of the gun” in Toronto —– a terrible anomaly since we instituted a complete gun registry and we’ve always outlawed handguns ( except for law-enforcement, collectors and registered sport clubs — at the time of the gov’t fall the latter two were to be made also illegal ). We are about to elect a Bushite – Conservative “new” gov’t that would drop gun registry and the proposed expansion of handgun ban. I guess Bill O’Reilly was right ha ha for once when he called Canadians “retarded cousins”. Conservatives are gun-n-bible toters , rednecks and sickos. This is a very sad time in Canada for those who are moderates/progressives, i.e. : anti-gun.

But..but.. this is BRITAIN! The crooks don’t have guns, the government says so!

Side note, Jeff Cooper once wrote of a friend who was touring different LE agencies in Europe and went through a shoot/don’t shoot simulator in one country, I think France. A guy with a sub-gun and mask jumped out and he put two in the chest. They immediately stopped the run and lectured him on his error; i.e., ‘We don’t shoot to kill, we shoot for legs’.

Against a terrorist with an automatic weapon, yet…