The Fascist Professor


You may have heard about the moonbat professor (I know your surprised to see those two words together, a Professor who is a moonbat…no way!) who made comments to a conservative student in a email that soldiers should turn their guns on their officers:

Warren Community College English professor, John Daly, said that “Real freedom will come when soldiers in Iraq turn their guns on their superiors.” Rebecca Beach, a freshman at Warren Community College in Washington, New Jersey, received this unexpected reply to a recent email she sent the faculty at her school announcing the appearance of decorated Iraq war hero, Lt. Col. Scott Rutter, on Thursday, November 17 to discuss America’s accomplishments in Iraq.

The whole idiotic email:

Dear Rebecca:

I am asking my students to boycott your event. I am also going to ask others to boycott it. Your literature and signs in the entrance lobby look like fascist propaganda and is extremely offensive. Your main poster “Communism killed 100,000,000” is not only untrue, but ignores the fact that CAPITALISM has killed many more and the evidence for that can be seen in the daily news papers. The U.S. government can fly to dominate the people of Iraq in 12 hours, yet it took them five days to assist the people devastated by huricane Katrina. Racism and profits were key to their priorities. Exxon, by the way, made $9 Billion in profits this last quarter–their highest proft margin ever. Thanks to the students of WCCC and other poor and working class people who are recruited to fight and die for EXXON and other corporations who earning megaprofits from their imperialist plunders. If you want to count the number of deaths based on political systems, you can begin with the more than a million children who have died in Iraq from U.S.-imposed sanctions and war. Or the million African American people who died from lack of access to healthcare in the US over the last 10 years.

I will continue to expose your right-wing, anti-people politics until groups like your won’t dare show their face on a college campus. Real freedom will come when soldiers in Iraq turn their guns on their superiors and fight for just causes and for people’s needs–such freedom fighters can be counted throughout American history and they certainly will be counted again.

Prof. John Daly

Ok, this supposed intelligent professor is stating that the figure of 100 million deaths caused by Communism is a lie.

Lets see:

USSR – 61 Million
China – 45 Million
Cambodia – 2 Million
Vietnam – 1.6 Million
North Korea – 4 Million

Works out to a bit more then 100 Million. For this idiot to claim that Capitalism has killed more then 100 million people is absurd.

Did you think the school would be upset with this professor?

Young America’s Foundation exposed Warren Community College’s radical Professor John Daly, who in an email to student Rebecca Beach, vowed to intimidate those students who host conservative speakers and called for American soldiers in Iraq to murder their superiors.

Instead of admonishing the professor’s intemperate attack on a student’s right of free expression, Warren Community College President William Austin said Prof. John Daly has “first amendment rights” to harass Rebecca. Furthermore, the President is trying to bully Rebecca into silence. He said Rebecca, not Prof. John Daly, is ruining the college’s name by going on talk radio and television exposing Daly’s mean spirited email.

In an interview with the Express-Times, a local New Jersey paper, Daly stood by his email to Rebecca. He told the paper that Rebecca’s conservative group is an “ultra right-wing, possibly fascist, group.”

Surprise surprise…the school leadership isn’t upset with their employee, but actually condone what he has said. Only in America.

The funniest thing about this jerkoff’s statement above is that he calls Rebecca’s group Fascist, while engaging in Fascist activity. Guess this school really screens it’s employee’s huh?


I do believe the press may have gotten to these guys, since yesterday they announced:

The Board of Trustees of Warren County Community College will convene an emergency meeting of the Board, Tuesday, November 22, 2005 at 6:30 PM. This meeting was called by Board Chair Edward Smith.

The Board of Trustees intends to consider the welfare and rights of its students, the college community, and the public in lieu of recent events. The Board will also consider personnel issues.

The college President, Dr. William Austin reiterates his statement that comments made by Mr. Daly are his own. The opinions Mr. Daly has expressed do not represent the views of the community college, administration, faculty, staff or students, nor do his views align with the college’s mission and core values.

College President Dr. Austin said, “The Board of Trustees meeting is scheduled for the first legally available date.”


Administrators at Warren County Community College said Friday they were investigating the classroom conduct of an adjunct professor who e-mailed comments about the Iraq war to the founder of a conservative student group.

“I personally find Mr. Daly’s e-mail disgraceful and offensive, yet I must maintain that the college be a place for free expression, ideas, and open debate,” college president Will Austin said in a statement.

English Professor John Daly, a member of the anti-war group International A.N.S.W.E.R., e-mailed WCCC freshman Rebecca Beach on Sunday, responding to her request to tell his students about a campus visit by retired Lt. Col. Scott Rutter, a veteran of the Iraq war and now a Fox News commentator.

Beach founded the campus chapter of Young Americans for Freedom, a national conservative activist group. Her group, and the conservative Young America’s Foundation, brought Rutter to campus to speak about his experiences in Iraq.

In his e-mail to Beach, who was not his student, Daly wrote that he believes the war will end only when American soldiers turn their guns on their commanding officers.

And even more:

Press Release:

November 18, 2005

Contact- Freeholder John DiMaio


As a county freeholder for five years I have become a supporter of Warren County Community College during my time in office. Recently, a part-time adjunct instructor, Mr. John Daly responded to a student’s invitation to attend a student club event sponsored by Young Americans for Freedom. After reading Mr. John Daly’s e-mail response I feel personally offended and believe that no student of our college should have to endure such an outrageous assault. Further, I feel our troops and our leaders have been wrongfully maligned. As a leader in Warren County concerned with the use of our tax dollars, I am even more offended that our taxes have gone to support his malicious rhetoric.

However, I can assure all Warren County residents that this part-time adjunct instructor for the college does not represent the views of the college, President Austin, or the board of trustees, many of whom I voted to appoint.

I have complete confidence in the College administration and their ability to investigate this situation and handle it judiciously and expeditiously. The college President has assured me that the investigation has been elevated to ensure the safety of all concerned. Warren County Community College has become a college that serves our community and one that we should continue to proudly support. As college liaison, I am continuously in communication with President Austin and he is keeping me well informed. Although I cannot personally be satisfied with the outcome at this point, I know that he, his administration, and the Board will resolve this issue as quickly as is legally possible.

It appears that they may be coming around to seeing what a Fascist, hateful, little pathetic man this Professor is. I won’t hold my breath tho.

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This assclown should be fired immediately. However, since he’s just an adjunct professor, you can bet he won’t be asked to return, at least I hope so.

I must protest. You call this person a “jerkoff.:

I submit to you, sir, that this person has neither anything to jerk, or the equipment that encourages same.

John Daly is an asshole, It sickens me to know these leftist wackos teach our college students with communistic bulling tactics. I would go on but my words will only get nastier.

It’s been about a year since this story first broke.
Living not too far from the College Daly was working at when this happened, and having friends who were both students AND faculty at that college, I took a particular interest in this case.

What troubled me most was the fact that there was never very much info on this Daly character to be shown to the public.

What does he look like?

Where did he go after resigning?

What is he up to now?

Well, one year, and lots of sweat and investigation later, I may be the only person around that actually HAS this information.

In the interest of keeping track of thugs like this guy, I can tell you that John Daly is currently residing in Miami, FL. He is still a very active member of A.N.S.W.E.R., and still a rabidly anti-american self-styled socialist douche.

To the best of my knowledge, he is not now teaching, nor has he since this scandal. (Though I am not 100% certain of this)

I also happen to have found what is possibly the only source of photos of him. They are on his own myspace page, and can be found at the following URL.

Looks like a real badass, doesn’t he?
Except what kind of real man uses his authority to threaten
a female college student?

In any event, now we know where he is, who he is and what he looks like. Just for the record.