Jihadi Videos Given Out In American Mosques


We have become complacent in this country….4 years after 9/11 and many people have forgotten. Maybe this kind of stuff will wake them up but I’m not hopeful:

For the last three weeks, we have been sending individuals into mosques in different parts of the United States to collect the literature that is being handed out. Over the past twenty one days, we have collected a large supply of literature that was being handed out both officially by mosque leaders, and unofficially by other attendees.

Most of the material handed out were tracts promoting Islam, or discussing Ramadan. Approximately 40% of the material was anti-US. Much of that spoke about jihad in ephemeral terms, calling for Muslims to support those in jihad, but without openly calling for violent action.

This past week, the types of literature being distributed took a decided turn.

On Friday, just two days after three luxury hotels in Amman, Jordan, were rocked by near-simultaneous blasts, some were taking advantage of the Friday prayer services at several mosques in the US and were handing out DVD’s of jihadi material in what appeared to be a random fashion.

Our first indication of this came on Friday afternoon, when one of our associates attended the Friday Jumaah prayer service at an Atlanta-area mosque, as he has been doing for several weeks as part of an investigative project.

As the men began to disperse from the prayer service, our associate was handed a DVD by a young man, in his early 20’s, who appeared fluent in both English and Arabic.

The young man did not appear to be associated with the mosque. Our associate asked the Imam who the young man was; the Imam claimed that he did not know him.

The DVD’s were being handed out from a messenger-style bag hanging across his shoulder. Our associate estimated that at least 2 dozen of these DVD’s were handed out.

The DVD is labeled in both English and Arabic. The English title reads “Lessons from the Qu’ran”. Our associate accepted the DVD, and contacted me immediately.

Preliminary examination of the DVD revealed the following contents:

? Video file from this summer of Adam Gadahn where Gadahn makes specific threats against Melbourne, Australia, and Los Angeles

? Video file of Dr. Ayman Zawahiri with English subtitles taking credit for the London attacks

? Video file of Mohammad Sidique Khan, one of the London subway bombers, where he claimed the UK government had committed atrocities against Muslims and he was inspired by Osama Bin Laden

? Video file of Osama Bin Laden from October 2004, with English subtitles.

? Video file in English showing what is alleged to be US attacks on Fallujah with chemical weapons

? Video of the “Winds of Freedom” video tape released by Zarqawi’s group

? Video of British Imam Abu Hamza calling for participating in jihad

The DVD also contained a program which provided the user with the three most commonly used translations (technically called interpretations) of the Qu’ran in English.

The only organization mentioned on the DVD is Global Islamic Media Front.

The DVD’s appear to have been recorded on a personal computer, with labels apparently printed on an ink jet printer; they do not appear to have been mass produced.

We have so far been able to identify a total of five different mosques where these DVD’s were apparently handed out.

It is important to note that these DVD’s almost certainly fall under the protection of “free speech”; all of the material is readily available for download at dozens of websites. However, the fact that they are openly being handed out at US mosques in Virginia, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Illinois less than forty-eight hours after the Al Qaeda attacks in Amman, Jordan, appears problematic to this writer.

This is yet another case of our freedoms, our civil liberties, being used against it.

Is anyone paying attention?

But it’s Bush’s fault isn’t it?

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OMG, linked to that is the site of the investigator/author. If you haven’t yet, please read this.