Liberals Punked By Republicans


Oh man, what a great post by Bob Newman, describing the liberals as hypocrites who think the 1st amendment only applies to those who agree with their point of view:

I was on the air last night when the House Republicans decided it was time to pull the liberals? punk card. In a brilliant conservative stratagem that revealed to America just how spineless the Democratic Party has become, only three left-wingers voted for an immediate surrender to al Qaeda in Iraq. Those were the only three Democrats to vote for capitulation to Osama. It was a classic case of “put up or shut up.” The Dems shut up.

None of the three was Rep. John Murtha, whose transparent stunt the day before in calling for the United States to lay down in arms, retreat, surrender and then negotiate with al Qaeda, blew up in the Dems? faces for all the world to see. Murtha himself refused to vote for his own cowardly demand.

The theatrics were laughable. Rep. Harold E. Ford Jr. of Tennessee, feeling like a tough guy, charged Republican Rep. Jean Schmidt when, at the podium, she told the House of a call she had just received from a Marine colonel who said only cowards cut and run, and that Marines never do.

Ford, being a violent, intolerant liberal wanting to beat up a woman, tipped his hand very nicely. Now we all know how he feels about that whole disgusting freedom-of-speech thing. Of course, had that Marine colonel been at the podium, Ford would have known better than to charge the Leatherneck, which would have instantly resulted in Ford?s graphic demise. The wannabe bully of women made many wonder if he has assaulted and intimidated women before last night?s thwarted attack. I found it fascinating how Ford was vehemently defending a liberal colonel?s opinion but attacked the opposing opinion of a conservative colonel.

As my previous column on Murtha shot to #1 on Google when the words “Murtha” and “traitor” were typed in, I was receiving hundreds of emails from irate liberals furious with a Marine willing to express an opinion different from their own; the opinion that victory and killing terrorists wherever we find them is far more desirable that retreat, surrender and negotiation with an enemy that has killed more than 5,000 Americans in four years. Death wishes and threats of extreme violence were part and parcel of some of the emails from the peace-loving liberals. One woman expressed how sad she was that my name isn?t on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, aka “The Wall.” (I am not a Vietnam vet.) A fellow from Honolulu threatened to come to Denver to beat me senseless. He hasn?t shown up yet. Most liberals wrote to say I have no right to my opinion; they feel the 1 st Amendment applies only to Americans who share their opinion. And nearly all who wrote to express their hatred and intolerance said that a decorated combat veteran must never be challenged on his beliefs. Odd how they ignored my status in that very genre.

I wonder where the liberals got the notion that liberal veterans must be granted a free pass for life and never be held accountable for the words and actions after military service. Curious how liberals do not feel the same about conservative veterans. In reality, no veteran should be given such a pass. Past deeds should have nothing to do with current and future deeds and words.

Speaking of not backing up one?s bravado, what does it say about Murtha, a retired Marine Reserve colonel, when one day he demands in an embarrassing tirade that the Marines immediately retreat and surrender to al Qaeda, an act he demanded be followed by formal negotiations with al Qaeda, and the next day he refuses to vote for his own demands? Such a lack of intestinal fortitude is almost unheard of in Marines, who have a 230-year history of backing up their words with actions. The enemy bodies forming a trail of destruction from Tripoli, Belleau Wood and Iwo Jima to Khe Sanh and Fallujah attest to that fact.

You can count me as one Marine who believes Murtha should be stricken from the Marine Corps roll. No Marine would EVER call for surrender, would EVER call for running and cowering like cowards, or would EVER say ?Our troops have become the enemy?

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Funny how they can dish it out but run crying when it’s thrown back at them Sissy….btw, love your blog.

These Blue Staters are so touchy about their “absolute moral authority.” T shirts here.

So lame that Retardicans would again dare to call a decorated vetran, who actually cares for our troops unlike the GOP and other administration cowards-who balked at doing their duty, a coward. They just suck-like how they govern. Fiscally irresponsible and morally bankrupt.

Democrats must be going insane. Do they really think that ALL of us are so stupid to forget that they have waged a campaign of insults and false accusations against Bush,and nearly every Republican in the most hostile, harsh and bitter way ever since Bush was elected?

And when we answer their calumny they feign this righteous indignation as if we had just called them all those wretched names with which they assault our ears on a daily basis.

I’m sorry, but the new tone is DEAD! If this nation is to be divided, so be it. Let us take the 55% of the people who see it our way and VOTE that way in 2006.

Let the she cats howl all they want. I could care less.