It’s About National Security


Old Soldier writes at Mike’s America about the Democrats partisan attacks that undermine our Country:

A political party once adopted the mantra, “it’s about the economy, stupid'” as a national campaign motto or slogan and was quite successful because, at the time, the economy really was a concern of the American people. Well, today, it’s not about the economy – that’s doing great. It’s about national security; and the very same party that coined the original phrase has decided to ignore the people’s paramount concern by playing politics and reducing the issue to “the war in Iraq.” Well, it’s not about the war in Iraq, either; it’s about national security, stupid.

The Democrats are being unbelievably partisan to the point of actually behaving in a treasonous manner; to the point of being dangerous to the security of this country. Through their diversionary and divisionary tactics, Democrats are attempting to override the paramount national security concern through less significant issues: Bush lied, about weapons of mass destruction, a reprise of Vietnam, Iraq is a quagmire, demands for Iraqis to assume responsibility for its own security, and on and on. To a certain extent, the Democrat’s rhetoric is beginning to work, because to the detriment of national security the war focus seems to be narrowing to Iraq. It certainly helps to have the main stream media acting as their megaphone; echoing their destructive divisive rhetoric.

[…]The Democrat’s irresponsible political tantrums attempting to focus the people to some smaller ancillary facet of this overall war threatens the very support needed to win this war. It directly undermines the very heart of this nation. Their dissenting comments foster hope in our enemy that we will cave and withdraw. It also sends a very clear message to our brave troops that their mission is not important; that the blood they leave on the battlefield is of no matter; that their comrades’ lives were expendable. This is the height of arrogance and elitism within the Democratic Party. The House GOP was right to force the Iraq Withdrawal vote to make the Democratic representatives put up or shut up. Overwhelming (99.3%) the vote supported not withdrawing. Now, THAT sends a message to our troops!

Some, such as Powerline, believe the GOP should have forced a vote on the Murtha resolution since then the Dem’s would not have an excuse for the way they voted. I do not agree. This vote was to show our troops that we support them, and we will not let ANYONE make a Vietnam out of this war. This vote was forced to show the world that Murtha’s cowardice is not universal in this country, and even better it was forced to stop the damage done to our troops morale by Murtha. It gave our troops a boost and shot a artillery round into the Al-Jazeera’s of the world.

Check out the rest of Old Soldier’s post, much more where that came from.

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