How Many Were Maimed Again?


Just gotta highlight this post by Mudville Gazette that just illustrates how the Democrats will lie to get their way:

The Honorable John P Murtha, D Pa, is concerned for me:

Because we in Congress are charged with sending our sons and daughters into battle, it is our responsibility, our OBLIGATION to speak out for them. That?s why I am speaking out.

Okay, he’s concerned for all the troops, and because of that I’m willing to help him out.

In his speech demanding our immediate surrender in Iraq he cited this statistic on casualties over there: “Over 15,500 have been seriously injured”.

He’s been visiting them in the hospitals, and that’s awesome. But he may have gotten that bit of numerical intel from British sources – specifically the UK’s Telegraph, who recently claimed

While much was made of the US death toll recently reaching 2,000, little has been said of the 15,000 who have returned home mutilated.

You see, that’s not quite right.

There have indeed been over 15,500 wounded. But of those, 8375 returned to duty within 72 hours – so although those wounds weren’t funny perhaps those wounds weren’t quite serious either. Still, 7347 troops have been wounded severely enough to require over 72 hours recuperation. Furthermore, 2,791 Soldiers were wounded seriously enough to require evacuation to Stateside Army Medical facilities. And 280 amputees have been treated in Army facilities as a result of the war. A lot of unscrupulous types who just want to pretend to “support the troops” ignore these facts in favor of the less correct (and more impressive) claim that 15,500 troops have been seriously wounded, or maimed, or mutilated. The real numbers are big enough – I just can’t understand why some feel the need to pad them.

After learning and sharing accurate information, there’s another great service The Honorable John P Murtha (D, Pa) can perform for those wounded heroes. It seems a lot of unscrupulous types are actually trying to use them for political gain. Shocking, but true, and you can read about it here. Given the amount of attention he gets in the press The Honorable Mr Murtha could certainly help expose these sorts of people for what they are.

Anyhow, I think it’s important for serious guys like Representative Murtha of Pennsylvania who support the troops above partisan political gain to spend a few extra minutes every once in a while uncovering the readily available facts. Otherwise, unscrupulous opponents might level charges that they’re manipulating those facts, or even lying to drag the country out of the war.

And I can never say it better then Dafydd:

I am so tired of this Democratic Party. It has never been worse than it is today. I am so tired of the lies, the smears, the hysterical fear mongering, the faux tears, the ersatz outrage at imagined slights. I am so tired of Nancy Pelosi’s snide asides; she literally said today that John Murtha had shown “great courage” by “speaking truth to power.” I rib you not: she used those very words. She has become a walking parody of a radical San Francisco feminist.

I am tired of the rot that reaches out and touches every member of that party, no matter how sane he was before the 2000 election. The miasma of corruption that follows Democrats around, like the cloud of dust permanently hovering over Pig Pen, has reached out a tendril and struck again… and I am utterly disgusted by it, never more so than today.

They have become the party of whiners, the party of cowards, and the party of unethical behavior as Rep. Murtha’s upcoming troubles will illustrate.

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