Finally They Vote


RIGHT ON REPUBLICANS! It’s about time.

I love how they are going on and on about this being a cheap political ploy but lieing about our President was not? Give me a break. Your lies have all been about votes, you political whores.

When Reid shuts down the Senate it’s “because they want answers”, but when we do shut it down it’s a political ploy.

I also loved Murtha’s reading lesson from selective letter’s he has received. Notice how none of them are from the troops…rather from families. What a dumbass.

UPDATE 1952HRS pst

That Saturday Night Life bit was funny. One speaker was speaking as if they we’re debating the Murtha resolution or the Hunter resolution and the Dan Ackroyd looking guy said “that is up for debate”….ROFL. The idiots went apeshit.

UPDATE 2003HRS pst

Now that was a real hero, what a speech from Sam Johnson.

And when he ran out of time he asked for more time, the Speaker asked if anyone objected to 3 more minutes and one jackass said yes. The speaker asked him to stand and be recognized and the coward didn’t do it. Cowards, all of em.

UPDATE 2015HRS pst

Who is the douchebag Republican that voted to withdraw our troops? 1 republican so far voted for passage, 2 Democrats

How much you wanna bet the MSM play’s endlessly the traitor Murtha speaking while not showing one second of Sam Johnson’s great speech?

UPDATE 2024HRS pst

John Linder is the asshat Republican that voted yea.

Bob Wexler, Jose Serrano, and Cynthia Mckinney are the Dummycrats.

UPDATE 2026HRS pst

Rofl, one more Republican voted yea and then a few seconds later both of them changed their votes.

UPDATE 2030HRS pst

Final tally:

6 Democrat cowards decided to vote Present instead of taking a side. Like I said, cowards.

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