Some Real Class


Real classy to blame other’s for the awful campaign you ran:

It’s all George W. Bush’s fault.

Doug Forrester, in his first postelection interview, laid the blame for his loss in the governor’s race last week directly at the feet of President Bush. He said the public’s growing disaffection with Bush, especially after Hurricane Katrina, made it impossible for his campaign to overcome the built-in advantage Democrats have in a blue state like New Jersey.

“If Bush’s numbers were where they were a year ago, or even six months ago, I think we would have won on Tuesday,” Forrester said. “Katrina was the tipping point.”

[…]”I don’t think that there’s any candidate that has ever received such a pounding,” he said.

The low point in the race was supposed to be the high point.

“Election night was emotionally much more difficult because we came in quite confident we were going to win,” Forrester said.

Early reports from towns and precincts the campaign targeted showed Forrester running stronger than expected. “I had a call at 7 o’clock from one of my campaign managers saying, ‘Governor, we did it,'” he said.

Three hours later, Forrester was on the phone, congratulating Jon Corzine and preparing his concession speech. “The transition was so abrupt,” he said.

[…]Danny Diaz, an RNC spokesman, said, “These local races have always been about local issues.” He added that Forrester was fighting an uphill battle from the beginning because Democrats in New Jersey have 300,000 more registered voters.

“The Forrester campaign ran a tough race and spoke to important issues. It’s something he should be proud of, the effort he put forth,” Diaz said.

As for the $35 million of his own money spent on the campaign, Forrester said he has absolutely no regrets about dropping such a “sizable” chunk of his fortune.

“When your children admire you for spending their inheritance, you either have a great cause or great kids — or both,” he said.

I mean come on, using the ex-wife of your opponent to smear him, classless and clueless.

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Mr. Forrester is not the only one with reservations about the President’s popularity: Representative J.D. Hayworth, from Arizona, said last Tuesday that he wouldn’t want Bush campaigning for him.