Fighting Back!


It’s about time:

One of the centerpieces of President Bush’s counter-offensive against his Iraq war critics will be a Republican National Committee commercial focusing on a speech given by former President Bill Clinton.

U.S. News & World Report says the RNC ad will spotlight Clinton’s Feb. 17, 1998 speech on Iraq, where the former prez “guaranteed” that Saddam Hussein would use his weapons of mass destruction.

“Let’s imagine the future,” Clinton said seven years ago. “What if [Saddam] fails to comply [with U.N. sanctions], and we fail to act, or we take some ambiguous third route which gives him yet more opportunities to develop this program of weapons of mass destruction and continue to press for the release of the sanctions and continue to ignore the solemn commitments that he made?”

Clinton warned: “He will conclude that the international community has lost its will. He will then conclude that he can go right on and do more to rebuild an arsenal of devastating destruction.

“And some day, some way, I guarantee you, he’ll use the arsenal.”

Other soundbytes from Democratic flip-floppers will feature WMD warnings from Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.


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You said it; It’s about time.