First France, Now Denmark


UPDATE 2-4-06 1000hrs

I’ve notice alot of traffic to this post written last Novemeber while searching for news on the Muslim cartoon idiocy. I have a new post here that goes into that news.


While Paris burns it appears those belonging to the Religion of Peace now want the rest of Europe:

As Muslim riots spread across France, Denmark is also beginning to see its own Islamic Intifada. In Arhus, Denmark, young Muslims were heard chanting, ?This land belongs to us!?

A masked spokesman for the rioters told Danish reporters that Muslims were tired of being oppressed and harassed and warned the police to stay away. “This is our area. We rule this place,? he said.

The riots have increased following a cartoon in Danish paper The Jyllands Pos involving Mohammed. Rocks and firebombs have become commonplace in many neighborhoods and firefighters are afraid to enter them to put out the fires.

Will the Dutch capitulate to the Muslims as the French have done?


Guess this answers my question:

A Danish daily’s decision to print twelve cartoons featuring Muslim prophet Mohammed could prove costly for Denmark. Experts fear the caricatures could increase the risk of Denmark becoming the target of a terror attack.

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May these innocent cartoons be spread aroud the world and shown everywhere, in order to show solidarity in the name of the highest good of all: Free Speech. The right to call things by their right names, even if it is painful to many people.

Let’s not remember the Holocaust’s of the past, but be warned about the Holocaust to come, if Mohammed and his living incarnations on earth are not stopped from conquering the world through terror, through threats, through immigration, through UN and “anti-racist” legislation, through the restriction of free speech.

The 12 famous Mohammed / Muhammed / Mohamed Cartoons created by Danish artists for the newspaper Jyllands Posten.

There is so much talk about them, but who has actually seen them all?

All 12 Muhammed Cartoons & English translation of texts.

ummm…. isn’t it about time Western democracies started deporting these gasbags BACK to their native lands?

The amazing thing is the near complete blackout in our press about the news coming out of Denmark. They are dropping the ball on France as well, but for Denmark there has been nothing.