Michael Schiavo Endorsing Candidates


It appears Michael Schiavo, wife killer, has decided to start endorsing political candidates:

Michael Schiavo is making political endorsements?

[…]In a statement distributed earlier this week by the November Group, a Democratic political consulting firm in Miami, Schiavo endorsed Democrat Tim Kaine for Virginia Governor. The campaign between Kaine and Republican Jerry Kilgore is neck and neck. According to the firm spokesman, Schiavo issued the statement because “he is interested in getting more involved in the political process”.

And while Kaine has the “kiss of death” from Schiavo, President George W. Bush is expected to hold an election-eve rally for Kilgore Monday night at the Richmond airport.

Quite a comparison. The President is endorsing Kilgore. Wife-killer Schiavo is endorsing Kaine. Who would you vote for if you could vote in Virginia on the basis of who is endorsing who.

Schiavo relentlessly pandered to the Florida court system and ultimately the federal courts for an order to end his wife’s life by withdrawing her feeding tube. Pinellas County probate court judge George W. Greer not only issued the judicial order to remove the feeding tube but forbid any attempt to feed her orally, refused to allow any swallowing tests and refused to allow any new medical testing. He even defied Congressional subpoenas and stopped Florida’s DCF, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, U.S. Marshals and the Governor from performing their constitutionally granted duties.

Terri Schindler-Schiavo died on March 31 at age 41, after an agonizing 13 days without food and water.

Schiavo angrily denounced the Republicans, especially President Bush and his brother, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, for attempting to save Terri’s life. Only five Republicans in the House voted against reinserting the tube while attorneys for her parents sought a de novo review of the case in the federal court.

[…]Schiavo has made his “informed decision” based on a televised debate Oct. 9 between Kaine and Kilgore and their responses to the question if governors should intervene in disputes within families over discontinuing life support for a loved one. There was no indication that Schiavo personally watched the debate and the Kaine’s campaign manager says Schiavo has never spoken with Kaine.

Kilgore reportedly stated that he is “not going to agree to the forced starvation of any individual if that individual hasn’t had a say”. He said that he would urge people who don’t wish to be kept alive artificially to write their instructions in medical directives.

Terri Schiavo was denied a say in her life decision as Greer consistently refused to appoint an attorney to represent her as required by Florida statutes and the U.S. Constitution. Greer never even personally visited Terri or allowed her into the courtroom. He never saw her. He had no personal knowledge of her condition because he made to effort to know. Terri Schiavo’s feeding tube was removed and she was executed as she valiantly struggled to proclaim that “IIIII wanaaaa” to live.

The response of Schiavo’s hero, Kaine was that “I don’t think governors should use their PR grandstanding to intervene in these cases”. He says such disputed should be settled in the “privacy and dignity of juvenile and family courts”. He wants to hide the process from public view, advocating secret decisions, secret courtroom proceedings. No wonder Schiavo endorses him.

Kaine, 47, is a Roman Catholic who says that he opposes abortion but that abortion is the law of the land. Kilgore, 44, says Kaine is a big-tax liberal.

In his statement, Schiavo said that Kilgore “is wrong to follow the example of a governor who did not respect me, my family or the rule of law, and I fear what may happen to unsuspecting Virginians when Mr. Kilgore disagrees with their deeply private family decisions”.

So, Michael Schiavo, you couldn’t kill your wife in private. Why would Gov. Bush ever want to respect a murderer? Rule of law? You and George Greer have the audacity to proclaim that you killed Terri Schiavo by the rule of law on hearsay evidence when you as an adulterer violated the guardianship statutes repetitively with the consort of Judge Greer?

According to Kaine’s campaign manager, Kaine has never met or talked with Michael Schiavo. Now that’s a real informed endorsement he’s made. It speaks volumes in support of Kilgore.

So now Michael Schiavo decides to get into politics. He stepped all over his wife once…then killed her, why not step all over her again and use her to further his ambition. Not surprising coming from this man.

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Guess voters took the wife-killer over the President. What does that tell you?