Only 24% Republican


Can the bias be anymore apparent?

New CBS News poll out tonight. Highlights:

* Bush job approval at all time low of 35%
* Bush favorable rating at 33%
* Right track 27%, wrong track 68%
* Congress job approval 34%
* Congressional Dem favorable rating 41%, Congressional Republican favorable rating 35%

Now for the numbers behind the numbers. Take a look at the composition of the respondents:

Total Respondents (Unweighted) = 936
Republicans = 259 (27.67%)
Democrats = 326 (34.83%)
Independents = 351 (37.5%)

Now look at the weighted sample:

Republicans: 223 (23.80%)
Democrats: 326 (34.79%)
Independents: 388 (41.4%)

Um, hello! Out of everyone who was polled (a whole 936 people to tell the world what America thinks) only 24% we’re Republicans….and somehow this is representative of the USA? And what is up with the oversampling of Independents? How many Independents do you know who are Conservative? I can’t name one, they are all liberals who are scared to call themselves liberals.

But still, the network that brought us Rathergate will announce this poll as if it’s REAL news. Sigh.

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